Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bacon Love at The Quirky Bacon

Maybe it's the Tempura Bacon Salad. Or the Bacon-Peanut Butter-Strawberry Jam-Cheese combo. Or the deep-fried Ensaymada. Whatever it is, The Quirky Bacon nails it. 

No rules, just simple and honest good food. Classic comfort food that's familiar yet different, presented with a playful inventiveness that can only come from a restaurant named "The Quirky Bacon."

Chef Sharwin Tee's newest concept brings everyone's favorite, bacon, to an entirely new level with creative yet comforting dishes. Just look for the flying pig along Wilson and you're there, and prepare for a full-flavored bacon assault like no other.

Start your meal at The Quirky Bacon with its "quirky" take on the classic Poutine, Adobo & White Cheese Poutine (P 295), crisp sweet potato fries drizzled with adobo gravy and kesong puti. The sweet potatoes, adobo gravy and kesong puti give this dish a distinct local flavor. Rich flavors, definitely different.

2-4-7 Grilled Cheese Spread (P 405), with layers of kesong puti, mozarella, strawberry jam, peanut butter and smoked bacon. Chef Sharwin Tee's homage to the legendary Elvis, the 2-4-7 Grilled Cheese Spread has four flavorful spreads on pressed toast, with smoked bacon topping off all the flavors. I never thought peanut butter with strawberry jam and bacon would work, but one bite is all you need. And that's what The Quirky Bacon is all about, no rules.

Tempura Bacon Salad (P 310), breaded and deep-fried bacon strips on lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms drizzled with a sweet vinaigrette, a personal favorite. Crisp, smoky and everything good about bacon, adding a flavorful twist to your usual salad. And no need to feel guilty, the fresh greens and veggies just balances this dish...and you can probably see through my futile attempt to eat more bacon...

Homemade Fishballs with Kariton Sauce (P 260), fish fillet seasoned with five spice, garlic, muscovado, and siling labuyo with sweet spicy sauce. Your favorite street food, reinvented by the quirky kitchen at The Quirky Bacon. Soft, tender and well seasoned, another cool take on a familiar classic.

Craving for more bacon? No worries. Go for the Pork Panalo Roll with Guava Labuyo Glaze (P 440), juicy pork tenderloin stuffed with Calumpit Longganisa and wrapped in smoked bacon with sweet guava glaze and served with Bacon Java Rice. Pure bacon love.

The Quirky Bacon's Steak Platter (P 1,490 Ribeye/P 540 Chuck), Kitayama Wagyu Ribeye Grade 6 grilled to medium perfection topped with Tamarind Miso Butter and caramelized Bistek onions. Premium grade ribeye topped with Chef Sharwin Tee's uniquely flavored tamarind miso butter for a refreshingly different steak dish. The beefy flavors of the steak are retained, with the creamy butter adding just a subtle layer of flavor. Tender and juicy, just what you'd expect from Kitayama.

And for dessert, try something different. The Quirky Bacon's Deep-Fried Ensaymada-Nut, made with the classic old-style dough topped with Bulacan kesong puti and Horlicks ice cream, only from The Quirky Bacon. And it works. A crisp outer layer over soft dough, with local cheese and ice cream. And the Quirky Bacon continues to surprise...

No rules, just good food. And if The Quirky Bacon's dishes are any indication of Chef Sharwin Tee's bold approach, then you can expect even more surprises. Special thanks to Chef Sharwin Tee for an awesome and pleasantly quirky dinner at The Quirky Bacon.

The Quirky Bacon is located at 192 Wilson Street, San Juan. For more information, you can check out The Quirky Bacon's Facebook Page at

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  1. Sounds like a really interesting place.

    1. Hi Caroline, cool place and awesome food, great to hear from you!

  2. This looks very promising! And you can't go wrong with bacon, as they say =)


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