Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Looking Through The Glass Door

 New dishes and more, and things just keep getting better at The Glass Door...

Just a few weeks after the soft opening of The Glass Door, Chef Maj Lazatin is back at the kitchen with a range of new dishes, including her take on classic favorites (check out my previous post on The Glass Door here at Here's a closer look at The Glass Door...

Our sampling of Chef Maj's newest dishes begin with a refreshing Red Sangria (P 300), pure and unadulterated, just the way it should be. Happy hour at The Glass Door is something not to be missed, as Chef Maj offers a full range of potent cocktails to get you in the groove.

After a round of cocktails, The Glass Door's signature starters were served, including Chicken Croquettas (P 220), crisp bite-sized pieces of chicken, carrots, and celery served with a rich and creamy bechamel dip...

...and Salmon Tartare (P 280), a refreshing blend of salmon, lemon, and capers garnished with fresh dill. Rich flavors and contrasting textures make these light dishes a perfect start to any meal at The Glass Door. Both starters pair well with The Glass Door's line of cocktails, and another Red Sangria sounds like a great idea at this point. Or another Old Fashioned, a personal favorite.

Then, Chef Maj serves the first of The Glass Door's new dishes, starting with the Chicharon Bulaklak (P 180), crunchy chicken innards with Chef Maj's special sauce. Perfectly crunchy with a layer of heat, the richness of the crunchy chicharon is tempered by the spicy heat for balance.

Perfect as is, or with a round of cocktails, Chef Maj has another winner in this comforting dish. The spicy heat lingers with every bite, cutting through the richness of each crunchy morsel, and you just can't stop. Seriously good.

The Glass Door's Caesar's Salad (P 240), fresh and crisp romaine lettuce topped with homemade croutons, bacon bits and Chef Maj's special dressing, another classic from Chef Maj.

Then the pasta dishes arrived, starting with The Glass Door's bestseller, Tartufo (P 375), fresh, homemade pasta with wild mushrooms and rich white truffle oil. Each noodle is flavored with the nutty and rich truffle oil for another comforting dish. The Glass Door makes their own pasta fresh daily, and you immediately know this in just one bite, with its firm texture.

Chef Maj then presents her newest pasta creation, Duck Confit Pasta (P 550), with shredded duck sauteed with two kinds of onions and mushrooms topped with homemade marmalade. The rich and buttery flavors from the duck contrasts with the textures of the sharply flavored onions for a unique pasta dish. 

For those who prefer a heftier meal, Chef Maj's new Beef Bourguignon (P 450) should satisfy any appetite. Fork-tender, slow cooked beef served with a side of mashed potatoes. The rich sauce, from the beef's own juices, add a layer of richness to complete the flavors.  

Then, Chef Maj introduces another new dish, Callos (P 450), tender beef with chick peas, slow cooked for hours in olive oil and herbs. Chef Maj returns to her experiences in classic cooking in Europe with this traditional dish. Unlike the more familiar localized version enriched with tomato sauce, Chef Maj's version remains true to the original Spanish dish, with the rich sauce created by hours of cooking. With bread or garlic rice, this one's a real winner. 

Salpicao with Garlic Rice (P 400), tender chunks of beef sauteed in garlic and olive oil and topped with chili for that extra kick. A meal in itself, just the perfect meal for a busy workday. 

And Chef Maj isn't quite done yet. Chicharrones (P 220), crunchy pork belly marinated and double cooked, served with vinegar garlic dip. Deliciously crisp, with each bite bursting with flavor, and another winner in The Glass Door's growing list of favorites.

Exciting new dishes, classic favorites with new twists, and traditional flavors. Plus some great cocktails. And things just keep getting better at The Glass Door...

The Glass Door is located at Net Square Building, 28th Street and Third Avenue, Taguig City or call 831-1256 for inquiries and reservations.

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  1. Is this restaurant new? I look forward to trying out these dishes with my family.


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