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Lunch at Pico de Loro's Pico Restaurant and Bar

Any great escape from the metro needs good food. And at Pico de Loro's Pico Restaurant and Bar, you get that and more. 

Located at the lobby level of the Pico Sands Hotel, Pico Restaurant and Bar specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, as well as local Filipino dishes (For more on Pico de Loro, check out my previous post here at After checking in at the Pico Sands Hotel, it was time to check out Pico Restaurant and Bar...

At Pico Restaurant and Bar, you have the option to dine al fresco, overlooking the tranquil lagoon. Just the perfect spot for a cup of coffee. Or a cold beer. Or one of Pico Restaurant and Bar's many dishes. Here's a sampling of some of Pico Restaurant and Bar's signature dishes...

Start with one of Pico Restaurant & Bar's Power Juices, the Detox (P 170), a refreshing and nutritious blend of apples and carrots. Not too sweet, just right.

Then, the kitchens of Pico Restaurant and Bar goes into high gear, serving an array of dishes from starters to mains, in what seemed like a never ending parade of food. Calamares (P 300), batter coated fried squid served with aioli sauce, deep-fried to crispy perfection. Tender squid in a light crisp batter, squeeze some lemon and you just can't stop after one bite.

Callos (P 400), ox tail and tripe stewed in tomato sauce, with chorizo and garbanzo beans, a real classic. The sauce is rich and thick, and the beef is tender, almost buttery, after hours of slow cooking. Great with some bread or rice, seriously good.

Papa al Pomodoro (P 130), puree of fresh tomatoes, served with garlic bread. The fresh tomatoes gives this soup real flavors. Rich, tart, hearty and comforting, another perfect starter before the mains.

Beef Tenderloin Salpicao (P 675), imported beef tenderloin sauteed in garlic and red wine, served with vegetables. You have the option to have it served spicy, topped with fresh chili for that extra kick.

Grilled Hungarian Sausage (P 300), served with bell peppers and onions in a thick, savory sauce. The sauce has a subtle sweetness that tempers the spices of the sausage for balanced flavors.

Risotto Prawns (P 895), creamy mushroom rice topped with sauteed spinach and grilled prawns. The risotto is perfectly cooked, moist with a rich nutty layer of flavor from the earthy mushrooms that combine well with the plump prawns. A meal in itself, and a must-try at Pico Restaurant and Bar.

Rosemary Chicken (P 545, Half Chicken), roasted chicken served with rosemary garlic gravy and seasonal vegetables. The dish is good for two, or one real hungry dude, with a half chicken roasted with herbs. Tender and flavorful, the rosemary and gravy enhances the delicate flavors of the chicken.

Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon (P 550), served with barbecue sauce. Plump shrimps wrapped in bacon, can't go wrong with that. The sweet, smoky and salty bacon  blends so well with the subtle briny flavor of the shrimps in another winning blend of flavors.

Sinigang na Hipon with green mangoes, with just the right level of tartness. I've never had sinigang with green mangoes, and this was absolutely delicious. The fresh vegetables and the juicy shrimps along with slivers of green mangoes pack so much flavor.

Then, this arrived. Size definitely matters. Bulalosso (P 1,700, serves 4), beef bone marrow cooked osso bucco style, served with rice or pasta. Now this dish can feed a small army, or four really hungry dudes. The sheer size of the dish is the first thing that strikes you, as the dish is served amidst the collective "oooohs" and "aaaahs" of the group.

Slow cooked for hours, the tender beef effortlessly falls off the bone. The sauce is rich with herbs and spices, adding yet another rich layer of flavor. A little bone marrow, a piece of tender beef, and some of that rich sauce...perfect.

Bangus Belly Steak, topped with onions and garlic. Tender milkfish belly with a brown gravy like sauce that simply begs for extra rice on the side...

Pasta with Bagnet, a creative blend of crisp cracklings with pasta in a rich tomato based sauce topped with herbs, another winner.

Milo Dinosaur (P 110), dessert you can drink, a rich and creamy chocolate beverage topped with malted chocolate powder. A sweet ending to an epic feast on the first day of my Pico de Loro experience.

The range and variety of dishes at the Pico Restaurant and Bar is equally as impressive as the facilities and activities at Pico de Loro. And after a very satisfying lunch, it was time to explore Pico de Loro's many sights as my escape begins...

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