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Osaka Ohsho: The World's Favorite Gyoza and More, Now in Manila

The world's # 1 restaurant specializing in Gyoza,or Japanese pork dumplings, finally opens in Manila. Osaka Ohsho continues to expand  its presence in the Southeast Asian region with the opening of its first branch in Manila at SM Megamall's new Fashion Hall. 

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, Osaka Ohsho brings its signature dishes, including its famous gyoza, to a local market that enjoys everything Japanese. Riding on the crest of a resurgent popularity in Japanese cuisine, Osaka Ohsho brings its unique line of gyoza and other dishes to match the growing ramen and katsu trends in the metro.

Long known as "The King of Hyoza", Osaka Ohsho began as a simple gyoza stand in Osaka way back in 1969. Today, the business has grown with more than 360 locations in Japan with a rapidly expanding presence Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.

Here's a sampling of Osaka Ohsho's range of dishes, starting with the unique Special Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (P 310, good for two), soft, fluffy and imported Koshihikari rice, a prized and sought-after short-grained rice variety milled in Japan, enveloped in a pillowy-soft omelette covered in gravy. The Koshihikari rice, egg and gravy combine for a rice dish like no other, as Osaka Ohsho serves up their other dishes...

Ebi Chili (P 375), plump prawns in a sweet and spicy sauce. There is a gradual build-up of serious heat in each bite, as the blend of spices kick in. Great as is, or with Osaka Ohsho's Fuwatoro Tenshin Han to temper the heat. 

Osaka Ohsho signature stir-fry dish, Black Vinegar Chicken (P 325), a sweet and tangy chicken dish stir fried with capsicum, onions, and lotus roots. The chicken is tender and soft, combining well with the sharply flavored sauce and fresh, crisp vegetables. 

Perfect when paired with Osaka Ohsho's Fuwatoro Tenshin Han or with one of three signature gyoza flavor variants.

Osaka Ohsho's signature pork dumplings, Original Gyoza (P 175 for 6 pcs/P 350 for 12 pcs), Cheese Flavor (P 190 for 6 pcs/P 380 for 12 pcs), and Nori Flavor (P 190 for 6 pcs/380 for 12 pcs), served with Osaka Ohsho's special sauces, the Osaka Ohsho Original, Miso, and Chili Oil. Mix them together for your own special signature blend to suit your taste. A propriety blend of Japanese flour is used to make the gyoza skin or wrapper, keeping it thin but sturdy and firm with the freshest ingredients for the gyoza stuffing for the best quality. The filling is prepared from a special mix of three pork cuts, combined with ginger, garlic, and cabbage. Only chefs who have undergone extensive training under Osaka Ohsho's master chefs are allowed to handle the gyoza. Each chef is trained to ensure consistency, with the right amount of meat held together by the supple gyoza skin creating a uniform and beautifully shaped gyoza each time. That's why you can expect the same texture and flavor from each gyoza, whether you're in Osaka, Bangkok, Shanghai, or Manila. 

Osaka Ohsho Original Gyoza, delicately seared at the bottom for a subtle crispness, and soft and firm at the top with chewy texture. Osaka Ohsho uses a proprietary cooker that gently sears the bottom while steam  finishes the top for that signature soft, chewy and crisp texture. Dip it in your Original, Miso and Chili Oil sauce blend to complete the flavors. Definitely one of the best Japanese pork dumplings I've tried...

If you're looking for something different and unique, there's Osaka Ohsho's Cheese Gyoza, with a creamy cheese sauce for a rich layer of flavor that complements the savory pork filling. The light and thin skin with its soft, chewy and crisp textures plays well with the flavored filling, which is precisely what you look for in a gyoza.

A personal favorite, Osaka Ohsho's Nori Gyoza combines the unique and traditional flavor of seaweed with their signature pork stuffing for another flavor experience. The Nori's flavor is subtle and does not overpower the delicately seasoned pork stuffing. Both the Cheese and Nori Gyoza variants allow diners to sample their favorite pork dumplings with a new flavor twist. And there's more...

Gindara Teriyaki (P 720), a traditional dish with delicately cooked cod fish covered in a sweet teriyaki sauce. The soft and tender fish contrasts with the crisp skin, and the sweet teriyaki sauce completes the flavors. 

Tonpeiyaki with Pork and Cheese (P 275),  a hearty omelet with pork and drizzled with cheese and a special sweet sauce. If there's another dish the Japanese do well, its omelets, and this is no exception. Soft, savory and creamy, a great side dish to any meal at Osaka Ohsho. 

Japanese Style Crispy Chicken Karaage (P 320 with trio of sauces/P 330 with grated radish), flavorful and perfectly crisp chicken that's great as is, or with any of the sauces. 

Mabo Tofu (P 270), a spicy tofu dish with ground pork, another great side dish at Osaka Ohsho. The delicate flavors of the tofu and pork are punctuated by the spices for a refreshing yet cooling heat. 

Black Chahan (P 250, good for two), a richly flavored rice dish that's great when paired with any of the signature gyozas or main dishes at Osaka Ohsho. 

Beef with Eggplant in Special Hokoro Sauce (P 330), another stir-fry dish, this time with beef and eggplant. The tender beef and eggplant play well with the contrasting crispness of capsicums and onions for another unique dish. 

Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce (P 290), a traditional katsu served with shredded cabbage and topped with a richly flavored miso sauce.The tender and juicy pork cutlet is lightly coated with crisp breading, and the subtle flavors are enhanced by the rich miso sauce. 

Osaka Ohsho also offers a line of signature desserts, including Japanese Parfait with Homemade Ice Cream (P 280), with fresh fruits...

...and Banana Tempura with Homemade Japanese Ice Cream (P 330), crisp, breaded sweet bananas and ice cream for another play on contrasting textures.  Osaka Ohsho's signature gyozas, and its wide range of dishes, offer another unique taste of Japan, and definitely a must-try. 

Osaka Ohsho meals are reasonably priced, with meal sets starting as low as P 270, with gyoza, miso soup, a fruit plate and unlimited Koshihikari rice. What started as a small shop located in a narrow alley off the major street near Kobayashi Train Station in Osaka in 1969 has grown into a major network of stores with a growing presence in Asia, with over 360 locations, all built by their signature Gyoza.

Osaka Ohsho is located at the 3rd Floor of SM Megamall's new Fashion Hall or text 0917-828-5011 for reservations.

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