Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rediscovering An Old Favorite At Grillery

There's more to Grillery than their signature grilled items. And seeing an old favorite just made my whole experience at Grillery even better. 

Grab a few beers and discover some of Grillery's signature dishes...

Located inside Greenhills Town Center along Granada Street, Grillery offers a full range of grilled specialties, including pork, chicken and seafood. But there's more to Grillery than their signature grilled items...

Start your meal with something light. Grillery's Balinese Fish (P 200), deep-fried and breaded fish cutlets topped with a Balinese style sate sauce, tomatoes, onions and herbs. The delicate and subtle flavors of the dory are punctuated by the sweet sauce and fresh vegetables for a medley of flavors and textures.

Grillery Liempo (P 285 Sharing/P 190 Solo), one of Grillery's signature grilled items. The thick slabs of grilled pork belly are quite a sight, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with its tender and juicy texture. Evenly cooked, it's not like the usual grilled pork that's often dry and tough, this one is soft and deliciously juicy. Together with a light and crispy outer layer of crackling, each bite is a contrast of textures. The grilled vegetables, with a light and sweet soy glaze, are a perfect side, along with another cold beer. Grillery also offers a variety of platters featuring a combination of their other grilled specialties, great for groups.

It's been a while since I had Chicken ala Kiev, and I remember childhood summers enjoying the versions from Manila Polo Club and Club Filipino. But Grillery does something special to a boneless chicken breast with its own take on a classic. Grillery's Chicken ala Kiev (P 250), tender chicken breast coated in a crisp breading with butter and herbs, served on steamed rice.

The first thing that strikes you is the size of the dish, and it's an impressive sight. Nestled above a cup of rice, the dish is just begging to be sliced, as I grab the knife. And as one slowly slices the dish, the crisp crackling sound of the breading and the buttery aroma fill the air.

And as the rich herbed butter oozes down, you finally give in and go for it. The tender chicken, the crisp outer layer of breading and the rich butter combine for familiar and comforting flavors. And the rice, now flavored with the butter, completes the dish. Seriously good.

Have a few beers, and enjoy some of Grillery's signature grilled items. Or go for a classic like the Chicken ala Kiev. Whatever you choose, you'll end up a winner at Grillery.

Grillery is located at Greenhills Town Center along Granada Street or call 654-6058 for inquiries. For more information and updates, you can also check out their Facebook page at

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