Monday, May 26, 2014

Buzzed at Drink Up Philippines

Your favorite imported and local craft beer, spirits, food and live bands, all in one place...

...and stirrings of a major revolution in local craft beer appear to be brewing.

Drink Up Philippines is a cool outdoor festival featuring hundreds of imported beer and local artisan craft brews, handcrafted cocktails, premium spirits and wine. Mix in some great food and some cool live bands, and you've got one great outdoor party.

But before going on an all-day, all night drink fest, one has to abide with the first rule of drinking. Don't drink on an empty tummy. And at Drink Up Philippines, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Great to see some familiar faces at the festival, including the guys at Brotzeit Bier Bar and Restaurant with their Paulaner brews and Bavarian sausages...

...and Schwenkbraten, or grilled pork with vegetables (see more on Brotzeit with my latest post here at Nothing like beer and pork...and Brotzeit's just the pace to start to get you in the groove.

It was also great to see the guys at Burgers & Brewskies, including the signature Call the Nurse Burger (for more on Burgers & Brewskies, check out my post here at Mouthwatering burgers fresh off the grill, and a few beers. Just can't get better than that.

Jeremy Slagle of Mr. D's, the French American chef behind Mr. D's Wagyu Corned Beef, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Spice Crusted Pastrami adds to the mix of meaty favors at the festival. 

Monique Monasterio and Erwan Heusaff serving up Pink Panda's Southeast Asian Diner's signature dishes and handcrafted cocktails (see more on Pink Panda take on Asian street food here at, adding a cool Asian twist to the festivities. 

With over a hundred beer brands spread out on the outdoor field, it was tough deciding where to start. And here are a few notable local craft beers that had me going for seconds. From Mindanao, Fat Pauly Ales & Lagers' Single Hop Origin Pale Ale, brewed with the finest imported brew grade malt blended with local ingredients, including water from Timoga Spring and pukyutan honey. Light, fresh and clean flavors, and real smooth. Fat Pauly's line of craft beers include Rastafa Rye Jamaican Ginger infused Rogenbier, Sultana Cafe Latte Stout, Lumad Strong Lager, Diwata White Wheat Ale with Lime and Peppercorns, and other creative out for these guys, some real creative craft beer's brewing out of Iligan.

Bogsbrew's Organic Pale Ale from from Bacolod, made from the purest spring water and the finest muscovado sugar from Negros. And there's lots of sugar in Negros, and it just makes a lot of sense to brew some real good beer with all that sugar. The combination of the best local ingredients blended with brew-grade imported ingredients result in clean, fresh flavors. The regional variety of our local craft beers, with its own distinct local ingredients, add to the diversity of flavors in this emerging craft beer revolution.

Craftpoint Brewing Company's Summer Sessions Blonde Ale, a light golden ale and the perfect introduction to craft beer. A sip releases fruity and nutty notes, with a crisp, clean and refreshing finish. If you're looking for a bolder brew, try Craftpoint's Liberation Ale with its distinct caramel sweetness and a hint of roasted nuts. Both brews are uniquely distinct, each with its own character, seriously good brews. Take the lighter Summer Sessions Blonde Ale first before the bolder Liberation Ale, so you can fully enjoy each brew's distinct flavor profile. These guys seem seriously committed and passionate with their brews, and they're having fun at it as well. Expect to hear more from these guys.

Brewed in Baguio, Xavierbier offers another impressive line of craft beer, including Dalom, a bold Brown Ale and fruit flavored beer variants. Xavierbier's Dalom Brown Ale's deep, dark hue is already a sign of bolder, more robust flavors, with a pronounced sweetness, almost like chocolate. Full-bodied, yet smooth and easy. The fruit flavored variants are lighter and sweeter, and I just can't wait for the other variants these guys will introduce.

Looking for that rare craft beer you've heard so much about? You might want to check out Beerology. The guys at Beerology import and distribute artisan craft beer from all over the world, specializing in hard-to-find brews. And they carry most, if not all, of the local craft beer brands. Catch their food truck or pop-ups for a quick round or two.

Katipunan Craft Ales, with their signature brews and creative collaborative blends offer another flavorful experience in the craft beer revolution. The fun and quirky Dear Fred, a collaborative brew with Yardstick Coffee, is one example, a classic pale ale blended with coffee. And the Signal No. 1, a boldly flavored Oatmeal Stout, easily stands out for its unique flavor. And you'll be hearing more from these guys too...

All that beer, and still so much more to try and discover. Creative, fun and a nice jab at the big boys, the local craft beer revolution can no longer be ignored. It's here. And happening right now. Drink up, and enjoy the ride...

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