Friday, May 30, 2014

Nanbantei of Tokyo Launches New Yakitori Dishes

A refreshing salad and three new and unique flavors on a stick. Nanbantei of Tokyo launches new and uniquely-flavored yakitori dishes to enhance your dining experience in one of the best yakitori-ya in the metro. 

Nanbantei of Tokyo's wide range of chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and vegetable yakitori specialties get beefed up with three new additions, plus a refreshing salad.

Start your meal with a comforting salad with light and clean flavors. Nanbantei's new and refreshing Shiitake Mushroom Salad (P 180), with fresh lettuce, shiitake mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, carrots and radish topped with onion leeks, served with a side of nutty sesame dressing, and a perfect start to your yakitori experience at Nanbantei of Tokyo. The fresh greens and vegetables have a crispness that add contrasting textures with the soft mushrooms and the creamy dressing. Sometimes all you need are fresh and premium ingredients to enjoy full flavors from even the simplest of meals.

Then, the first of three new grilled dishes arrived. Gyu-Tan (P 170), tender ox-tongue lightly grilled and delicately seasoned with salt, with just a hint of garlic-infused flavor. The delicate and unique flavor of the ox-tongue makes this new dish different, and the light salt and garlic seasoning is all you really need to enhance the rich flavor. Great with a cold beer.

Buta Negi (P 90), lightly grilled skewers of fresh onion leeks wrapped with tasty and succulent pork slices. The blend of flavorful pork and fresh leeks offer a unique combination of flavors and contrasting textures in every bite. Lightly salted, the subtle flavor of the tender, thinly sliced pork comes through, tempered by the sharp flavor of the crisp leeks. The small bite-sized pieces can be deceptive, as you barely notice yourself going through the skewer. And you just flash an innocent smile when someone at the table asks if there is still any left. Seriously good. 

Shrimp with Bacon (P 270), plump shrimps with a delicate sweetness wrapped in bacon. Surf and turf on a stick, the subtle briny flavors of the shrimps are balanced by the sharp notes of the bacon for another delicious blend of flavors. Perfectly grilled and lightly seasoned with salt, the new yakitori dishes of Nanbantei are definitely a must-try. And you'll barely notice yourself going for seconds and thirds...just flash an innocent smile and order another one.

And nothing goes better with Nanbantei's new yakitori dishes than a cold beer. Or Nanbantei's new  and unique cocktails with a distinct Asian twist....(see more on Nanbantei's new cocktails here at

Nanbantei of Tokyo is located at Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 621-3224 for inquiries.

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