Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lush at Mesclun's Lush Hour

Forget Happy Hour. Make it Lush Hour at Mesclun...

Unlimited red, white, and rose wines, including selected beer and specialty cocktails, all for P 490 net, everyday from 5pm to 8pm in all Mesclun branches (Serendra, Eastwood, and The Linden Suites). Paired with Mesclun's selected dishes for Lush Hour, that's one cool deal.

The wine selection at Mesclun's Lush Hour include Maison Hebrard Sauvugnon Blanc, Gerard Bertrand Reserve Speciale Chardonnay, Crane Lake Malbec, Chateau Saint Thibeaud Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and Colombelle Rose, each handpicked and selected by Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara. The beer selection for Mesclun's Lush Hour include Heineken and San Miguel Premium. Or go for one of Mesclun's signature cocktails for Lush Hour. Start with the Ginger Caipirinha, a ginger-infused Brazilian cocktail with rum and lime. The ginger and lime blend adds sharp and clean flavors, complementing the deep, bold notes of rum. A refreshing start to Mesclun's Lush Hour, and there's more...

Then, go for the refreshing Mango Mojito, a smooth rum and lime concoction with sweet and tart notes from the fresh mangoes. The addition of fresh, cubed mangoes adds a distinct tropical flavor, making it smooth and easy. And fun. Drink it all the way to the bottom for a bite of the sweet mangoes.

Mesclun's Frozen Margarita, another cocktail classic that's just perfect for the late afternoon heat. Refreshing, sweet and tart, the lime and tequila blend gets you in lush mode in no time.

Looking for something sweet and tart with a little kick? Go for Mesclun's Strawberry Frozen Margarita. The vibrant color adds a festive feel, just perfect to end your day. After a few rounds, why not try some of Mesclun's signature dishes in the Lush Hour line-up...

To pair with your cocktails, Mesclun includes a mouthwatering selection of some of their bestsellers to Lush Hour, including selected appetizers, flammerkeuche Alsatian-style flatbread pizzas, and sourdough pizzas. Start with Mesclun's signature Escargots (P 345), French snails in rich garlic parsley butter, served with a crisp baguettine. The garlic parsley butter adds a rich layer of flavor to the succulent snails in this classic French dish, and just perfect with wine. Or cocktails. Or beer. Mesclun serves some of the best classic European inspired dishes in the metro, and Lush Hour is a perfect time to sample Mesclun's rich flavors (for more on Mesclun's dishes, check out my previous post here at And don't forget to dunk a piece of the baguettine in that rich garlic parsley butter...

Buffalo Balls (P 315), crisp chicken meatballs served with a rich blue cheese sauce. The classic Buffalo dish without the bones, with tender and juicy chicken and a crisp outer layer. A subtle and refreshing heat from the spices add to the flavor, balanced by a rich blue cheese sauce. Great with another round of drinks. 

Blue Cheese Salpicao (P 525), US Tenderloin with mushrooms, chili, and blue cheese sauce. Another classic with Chef Katrina's creative twist. The tender beef and mushrooms are complemented by a layer of heat from the chili, tempered by the subtle hint of blue cheese in the rich sauce. This dish is seriously good, and you'll just have to restrain yourself from requesting some garlic rice, and go for another round of drinks instead.

Portobello Mushroom Duxelles (P 395), fresh Portobello mushrooms in rich truffle oil, served with crisp crostinis. The rich nutty flavors of the portobello mushrooms are amplified by the truffle oil, for yet another perfect dish to pair with your cocktails. Add a heaping spoonful of mushrooms on a piece of crostini, wash it down with your cocktail, and repeat.

Andre's Poke (P 345), a fresh and flavorful tuna ceviche with rich soy sesame dressing and spicy Sriracha mayo, served with crispy crostini. Fresh, clean flavors and the blend of spicy and creamy notes add contrasting yet balanced flavors.

Yakuza Chicken (P 295), Japanese-style marinated and crunchy chicken fillets served with katsu sauce. Crispy breaded chicken with a creamy sauce injects familiar flavors in the mix of appetizers at Mesclun.

Charcuterie and Cheese Platter (P 845), with Parma ham, Calabrese salumi, Gruyere, and Grana Padano, served with a fresh and crisp baguettine on a wooden board. Perfect with cocktails, these little bites are a must-have at Mesclun's Lush Hour.

And as you enjoy more rounds of cocktails, it's probaby a good idea to go for some of Mesclun's specialty pizzas and flammerkeuche. Shrimps & Anchovies Flammerkeuche (P 295), one of Mesclun's authentic Alsatian-style flatbread pizzas topped with homemade creme fraiche, shrimps, anchovies, arugula, and garlic oil. A rustic and comforting flatbread topped with a blend of delicate, rich and sharp notes combine for a medley of flavors in every bite. Go for another slice, and another cocktail.

Goat Cheese Sourdough Pizza (P 345), house made sourdough crust topped with rich cream sauce, goat cheese, walnuts, and honey. The flavorful sourdough crust adds another twist to the usual pizza, with a subtle yet rich flavor complementing the goat cheese, walnuts and honey.

Unlimited cocktails, the range of dishes...Happy Hour? Make that Lush Hour at Mesclun.

Mesclun Bistro is located at the Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or call 954-2100 for inquiries and reservations.

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