Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pure Pork Bliss at Livestock

Go get the meds ready, time for some serious pork...

A wide selection of pork dishes, the crispiest crispy pata, and the juiciest crackling pork belly this side of the metro, Livestock is definitely the place for pork. Pure pork love and pure pork bliss...

With a constant supply of fresh pork sourced from the family's hog farms, Livestock is definitely the place for pork. Inside Livestock, guests have the option to dine in one of three spacious floors, including al fresco dining. An impressive structure, this could very well be the temple of pork. 

Start with Livestock's Drunken Mussels (P 330), plump New Zealand mussels steamed in beer, fresh herbs, with finely chopped and shredded pork bits. The rich and thick broth is infused with all the flavors of the various ingredients, with the fresh briny notes of the mussels, the bold beer flavor, the fresh vegetables, and the subtle sweetness of the pork bits combine for complex yet balanced flavors. And don't forget to dip the crisp baguette into the broth.

Then, the next dish was served, Lechon Tom Yum (P 310), the classic Thai Tom Yung Goong shrimp broth with mushrooms and fresh vegetables with, guess what, crunchy lechon kawali. The spicy and sour broth is familiar and comforting, but the addition of crunchy pork belly adds a whole new dimension to this dish. Different, unique, something you can only expect from Livestock.

Livestock Caesar Salad (P 230), fresh and crisp romaine lettuce with the classic Caesar's dressing topped with shards pf parmesan and, you guessed it, crispy pork belly. The thick slabs of pork belly add a richness to the salad, and it simply isn't just a salad anymore, not with Livestock's distinct touch.

A temporary break from the rich pork dishes, and Livestock's light and creamy Mushroom Duxelles Fish Fillet (P 289) was served next, a fresh fillet of fish covered in lemon butter caper sauce topped with mushrooms. At Livestock, you also get to choose from a wide range of non-pork dishes, including beef, chicken, seafood, pizza and pasta dishes. Simply squeeze a little lemon to kick up the flavors.

Then, back for some serious pork, with the Livestock Crackling Pork Belly (P 290-300g/P 490-500g/P 895-1 kilo), probably the most tender and juicy pork belly roll I've had yet. Slow roasted until perfectly crispy, the tender and juicy pork's delicate flavors are enhanced with fresh herbs and lemongrass, giving it a subtle citrus hint.

As you slice through the tender and flavorful majestic pork belly, the sound of the breaking layer of crackling is enough to get you in a feeding frenzy mode, and you'll seriously need to restrain yourself. As you get your piece of pork, the contrasting textures of tender and juicy pork and the thin crisp layer of crackling combine for that perfect bite, and you're slowly transported to, well, a happy place...seriously good.

Rich Man's Pot (P 350), a hearty and comforting rice pot topped with 8 Treasure ingredients, including pork, pork ribs and vegetables.  A complete meal in itself, the Rich Man's Pot has everything, vegetables and pork, all in one pot.

Four-Egg Spinach (P 230), a creamy vegetable dish of sauteed spinach with century eggs, egg whites, salted duck eggs, and poached quail eggs. Light and refreshing, and just one of many non-pork dishes at Livestock.

But it's the pork dishes at Livestock that make it truly stand out. It was time for Livestock's signature dish, the impressive Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata (P 590). And what a sight. Probably the crispiest and  most tender crispy pata yet, and maybe even the best in the best metro. And the well-seasoned pork is flavorful, you don't really need much sauce.

Notice the wooden, flat popsicle stick? Livestock's Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata is just so tender and crispy, a wooden popsicle stick is all you need to slice the crispy pata. Seriously. And as the server continues to carve up the crispy pata to bite-sized pieces with the popsicle stick, we just dive right in...pure pork bliss. 

For dessert, Livestock serves its rich and indulgent Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich (P 180), a pork-infused dessert, and you just can't have it any other way. Rich and creamy caramel vanilla ice cream with bacon bits on crisp French toast. Perfect. Go whole hog, and what a way to cap an epic pig-out session.

Classic and comforting pork dishes, just the place to get that ultimate pork fix. Pure pork bliss. At Livestock.

Livestock is located at Jardin de Zenaida Compound, Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City or call 332-0409.

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