Friday, May 23, 2014

Food News: A Bigger Yabu Experience at MOA

Yabu relocates and moves to a bigger location at MOA's North Arcade Mall, promising an even bigger dining experience.

And along with the move, Yabu introduces new katsu specialties and appetizers, adding to its line of signature dishes.

Relocated to a bigger space within the same floor at MOA's North Arcade, Yabu's spacious interiors provide more seating options for groups, or even a quiet and intimate meal for two. You'll find everything you loved in the former location at Yabu's newest spot. But on a bigger scale...
Each table set-up includes Yabu's signature condiments, including the popular sesame dressing and my personal favorite, the Wasabi dressing for that extra punch in flavor. And your dining experience at Yabu begins with the ritual of grinding sesame seeds and pouring the katsu sauce... 

Start wirh Yabu's appetizer sets, with a wide range of flavors from the popular and creamy Superior Egg and Potato Salad, or the refreshing Wakame seaweed salad.

Or go for Yabu's new Chicken Salad, with shredded strips of tender chicken tossed with seasonal vegetables and edamame in a rich mustard vinaigrette, topped with crispy wanton chips. The fresh shredded vegetables deliver a subtle crispness, while the tender chicken strips and sharp Japanese mustard vinaigrette complete the medley of flavors, finished by the crisp wonton. Refreshing, clean flavors and a variety of textures, all in one bowl.

Kimuchi Tofu, soft yet firm tofu topped with fresh kimchi. The sharp and bold flavors of the spicy kimchi are tempered by the delicate and nutty notes of the creamy tofu for balanced flavors. The contrasting flavors and textures combine for a unique and flavorful dish, and if you love spicy kimchi and creamy tofu, this one's for you. Yabu now has a pretty impressive range of appetizers, with each offering distinct flavors.

Yabu's new Tori Menchi Katsu (P 385), crispy minced chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded with golden panko and deep-fried. The set comes with unlimited Japanese white rice or brown rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, cabbage with your choice of dressing and a bowl of fruit. I usually go for one of Yabu's signature pork katsu, but this new katsu was definitely a whole new experience for me. Maybe its the ham. Maybe its the cheese. Maybe its the chicken. Or simply all these flavorful components blended together in an exciting new and unique katsu creation.

The light panko breading adds that familiar layer of crispness, and the juicy chicken pairs well with the sharp and smoky notes of the ham and the creamy richness of the oozing cheese. It's a whole new katsu experience, and another flavorful addition to Yabu's growing range of katsu choices. Also available is Yabu's Menchi and Seafood Katsu Set (P 530), with pork menchi, cream dory, squid, eggplant, and pepper for even more variety.

Leave it to Yabu as it creatively reinvents your favorite katsu dish, making your dining experience always new and refreshing. And Yabu's bigger location at MOA is just the perfect spot to enjoy Yabu's creative katsu specialties.

Yabu: The House of Katsu is located at the 2/F North Arcade, Main Mall Atrium, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

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