Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Food News: Ramen Bar Introduces New and Improved Ramen Broth

A new and improved ramen broth...

...and a delicious version upgrade to its bestseller. And you get a chance to try it, available only in Ramen Bar's Greenfield District branch in Mandaluyong.

Located at The Hub, Ramen Bar brings its authentic Japanese Ramen to the Greenfield District. And it's the first branch of Ramen Bar to offer its new and improved pork broth in an effort to gather more consumer feedback before its eventual roll-out to other branches.

Our sampling begins with Ramen Bar's Kakuni Buns (P 220), the perfect starter to your Ramen Bar experience. Soft buns with savory pork and vegetables in bite-sized pieces, the sweet sauce adds the finishing kick in this dish. Ramen Bar's Kakuni Buns also pair well with their signature ramen dishes.

Ramen Bar's signature RBS #1 (P 380), a rich pork-based tonkotsu broth with shoyu, tender and flavorful chasyu pork, kakuni, negi and naruto. A sip of the broth immediately tells you this is definitely an upgraded version of the original, with fresh pork bones boiled for a much longer time and the addition of Abura, or minced pork back fat, for a richer and sharper flavored broth. The result is a creamier broth with more pronounced flavors that pair well with the delicately flavored and tender chasyu pork and noodles.

The improved broth is immediately apparent as you take another sip. Like night and day, the new broth is definitely an upgrade in terms of bolder and and richer flavors versus the previous recipe. And the longer boiling times and the addition of Abura combine for a more authentic, traditional, and richer ramen experience.

The other components play well with the improved broth, with Ramen Bar's signature chasyu pork and noodles delivering the final layers of flavor and texture for a delicious ramen experience. The new upgraded version is definitely a winner, and if you enjoyed the previous version, you'll definitely love this.

Ramen Bar also offers other ramen variants, including a flavorful Seafood Ramen (P 380), with a rich shio broth and fresh squid and shrimps to complete the flavors. Serving sizes for all of Ramen Bar's variants remain substantial, just right to satisfy any hearty appetite.

The creamy rich broth and subtle flavors from the fresh seafood add another dimension to your ramen experience at Ramen Bar. As with all of Ramen Bar's servings, note the generous heap of spring onions and vegetables to add yet another layer of flavor to your bowl. I can never have enough spring onions, and Ramen Bar's toppings are exactly the way I like it.

Craving for rice? Go for Ramen Bar's Mushroom Gyudon (P 220), steamed rice topped with US beef belly, Shimeji mushroom, Oyster mushroom, and Shitake mushroom. The rich blend of mushrooms and premium US beef pack so much flavor in every spoonful. A meal in itself, this one's another winner.

Ramen Bar's Tempura, another classic. Note the size of the prawns...for even bigger flavors. And one or two pieces can be quite filling, but the crisp outer layer and plump prawns make you go back for more.

Then, cap your meal with Ramen Bar's unique and refreshing Tempura Ice Cream (P 150), vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered cereal and chocolate wafer stick drizzled with chocolate syrup.

The ice cream is delicately wrapped then deep fried for just a few seconds for that crisp outer layer while the ice cream remains solid. And note the chocolate flavored shards made from tempura batter topping the tempura ice cream. One can just imagine the speed and dexterity of Ramen Bar's kitchen as they swing back and fourth pouring the chocolate flavored tempura batter over hot oil to form the delicate shapes. And you can find all these at Ramen Bar.

As the ramen wars continue to intensify in the metro, Ramen Bar picks up the pace with its new and improved broth for its signature pork tonkotsu ramen. And it's pretty good. Go give it a try and prepare for a better ramen experience, only at Ramen Bar's Greenfield District branch...   

Ramen Bar is located at The Hub, Greenfield District, United Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong or call 570-5377 for inquiries. 

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