Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sariwon: A New Branch and New Dishes

Authentic Korean new dishes. Good enough reasons to drop by Sariwon's newest branch at Greenhills.

Since my first visit, I've always been impressed with Sariwon (see my previous post here at, with its extensive range of authentic Korean flavors and excellent service. And with a new branch and new dishes, things just keep getting better...

Located at the ground floor of the new Promenade wing at Greenhills, Sariwon's newest branch features two floors to accommodate families and large groups. And with Sariwon's trademark "smokeless" tabletop grilling, dining at Sariwon is always fun. 

Any dining experience at Sariwon begins with their signature Corn Barley Tea to get you in the proper groove.

Then, go for Sariwon's fresh fruit shakes, like the Apple Shake...

...or the tart and refreshing Kiwi Shake, perfect for the summer heat. Fresh ingredients, fresh flavors.

And just like my first visit to Sariwon, I'm still amazed with the paper towels served before the meal. A little water and the paper towels magically rise...very cool. It's little details like this that make dining at Sariwon unique and different.

The meal starts with an assortment of Korean Ban Chan, including kimchi, bean sprouts, marble potatoes, peanuts, radish and spinach.

The House Salad (L) and fresh greens, shiso with chili paste and garlic (R) to wrap the grilled beef are also served. The freshness of the greens add that familiar crispness and a delicate layer of flavor when rolled and stuffed with one of Sariwon's grilled specialties.

Galbi (P 695), USDA Choice Beef short ribs, grilled right on your table, with fresh enoki mushrooms and peppers. Expertly grilled by the servers right on your table for just a few minutes, then carefully sliced to bite-sized pieces, Sariwon's Galbi has always been a consistent winner. And the fun begins when you start rolling up the fresh greens with shiso leaf, garlic and chili paste...

Then, the first of Sariwon's newest dishes arrived, Soondubu Chigae (P 300), a fiery hot and spicy soup with tofu, mussels, and beef. The familiar and soothing heat from the chili adds a very distinct Korean flavor, and if you enjoy spicy food, this one's definitely a must try. The blend of soft yet firm tofu with the richly flavored beef and mussels combine for complex flavors, all tied together by the chili broth. And despite the heat of summer, Sariwon's Soondubu Chigae somehow provides a refreshing and cooling relief. Rich, bold flavors make this dish a worthy addition to Sariwon's line-up.

Galbi Jim (P 780), tender and slow-cooked stew with USDA Choice beef, carrots and radishes in a thick, sweet sauce. The long and slow cooking process results in tender and juicy beef infused with the flavors of various spices and vegetables. Drizzle some of the sauce on steamed white rice...perfect.

Dolsot Bibimbap (P 380), flavorful rice mixed with assorted vegetables and chili paste topped with an egg and served in a sizzling stone pot. The heated stone pot slowly heats and cooks the rice and vegetables, and as you mix all the ingredients, a sizzling sound releases an aroma that slowly surrounds you as you just dive in. Soft, fluffy rice with a deliciously crispy bottom and fresh vegetables enriched with egg combine for another play of different flavors and textures. A meal in itself, and a great side dish to any of Sariwon's mains.

Kimchijeon (P 280), a variation of the traditional Haemul Pajeon, made with homemade kimchi. Unlike the usual Haemul Pajeon, Sariwon's new Kimchijeon has bolder flavors spiked with the distinct and sharp notes of kimchi. The richness of the kimchi-infused pancake delivers a new and unique flavor experience, balanced by the soft and creamy pancake-like texture.

No meal at Sariwon can be complete without their signature Japchae (P 380), the classic Korean noodle dish with vermicelli noodles, pork, mushrooms, green onions, carrots and assorted vegetables. Soft yet firm and chewy noodles and a medley of vegetables and pork provide contrasting flavors and textures that simply work so well together.

A traditional and refreshing Sikhye, made from rice and malt, is then served after the meal to complete your Sariwon experience.

And just in time for summer, Sariwon introduces its new dessert, Patbingsoo (P 180), a tradtional Korean shaved ice dessert topped with sweet red beans and milk, for a cool and refreshing finish. Sariwon's new mains and the refreshing Patbingsoo are excellent additions to Sariwon's repertoire of authentic Korean flavors. And it just keeps getting better at Sariwon...

Sariwon is located at the Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City or call 650-3075 for inquiries.

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