Wednesday, September 3, 2014

At Home at Marmalade Kitchen

Learn. Cook. Indulge. Welcome to the Marmalade Kitchen...

The Marmalade Kitchen is Chef Aileen Anastacio's newest concept, adding to her long list of successful ventures including Goodies n' Sweets (the Cappuccino Mousse still rocks!), publishing and others. At Marmalade Kitchen, Chef Aileen Anastacio serves a selection of personal favorites, uncomplicated and unpretentious, just classic comforting dishes. Just make yourself at home at Marmalade Kitchen, and let Chef Aileen and her staff do the rest...

Located at the new Forum Building along Federacion Drive at The Fort, Marmalade Kitchen exudes a warm and homey vibe, just the place for comforting classics and old favorites. The brick walls add a rustic vibe to the place and you just know this place is special.

At the counter, one can find a variety of homemade marmalades and gourmet vinegar packed in attractive jars and bottles, along with indulgent fresh baked desserts Chef Aileen Anastacio is known for, including her Key Lime Pie, Sticky Toffee, and Turtle Pie.

Inside Marmalade Kitchen, past the rows of tables is the Kitchen Studio, Chef Aileen Anastacio's very own culinary playground. At the Kitchen Studio, Chef Aileen Anastacio holds lifestyle classes and cooking demos for groups, children and even corporate clients. Chef Aileen also shared stories of fun children's parties combining art and culinary classes at the Kitchen Studio, and unique cooking-based team-building activities for executives. For the month of September, Chef Aileen Anastacio offers a full schedule of cooking classes, including French cooking for beginners, easy Spanish cuisine, basic pasta sauces, Thai cuisine, and just in time for the holidays, Halloween and Christmas treats (for more on Chef Aileen Anastacio's class schedule for September at Marmalade Kitchen, check out Marmalade Kitchen's Facebook Page here at  

Serving all-day breakfast, comforting mains, and indulgent desserts, you can stay all day at Marmalade Kitchen and feel right at home. As we settled to our seats, Chef Aileen Anastacio then fires up the kitchen to prepare Marmalade Kitchen's signature specialties. First up, Marmalade Kitchen's comforting Roasted Pumpkin (P 180), a thick and creamy pumpkin soup made even richer with burnt butter and topped with Amaretti cookie crumble. Not your usual pumpkin soup, Chef Aileen adds her own homey twist with the rich flavors of burnt butter topped by Amaretti cookie crumble, adding texture and just the right layer of nutty and sweet notes. This is probably the best pumpkin soup I've tried yet, seriously good.

Next, one of Marmalade Kitchen's best-selling starters, the Cauliflower Fritters (P 210), lightly breaded cauliflowers with sweet and sticky sauce, was served. Who knew cauliflower could be this good? The crisp outer layer and the fresh cauliflower, with its distinct snap, combine for a play on textures. The sweet sticky sauce completes the flavors enhancing the delicate note of the cauliflower.

We then sampled some of Marmalade Kitchen's signature breakfast dishes, part of its popular "Eggs All-Day" menu, starting with the Garlic Longganisang Hubad (P 295), served with garlic rice and eggs. The crisp longganisa, shredded from its casing, is just so spot on and perfect with the garlic fried rice and eggs for a traditional breakfast. Extra rice? Absolutely.

Aside from local breakfast flavors, Marmalade Kitchen also offers other breakfast favorites, like the Royal Benedict (P 300/P 470) with tenderloin steak topped with a delicately poached egg draped with a creamy hollandaise sauce. Simply slice it and let the yolk run and blend with the biscuit, tenderloin steak and the sauce. Perfect.

Light and Fluffy Pancakes with Bananas and Toffee Sauce (P 290), a stack of three pancakes dusted with confectioner's sugar and topped with bananas drizzled with sweet and thick toffee sauce. The pancakes are, as described, really light and fluffy, yet remains firm without crumbling. The buttery and sugary toffee sauce adds a unique spin to the usual pancakes.

Chef Aileen then serves the mains, starting with the Pulled Pork (P 360), tender pork topped with crisp onion rings, coleslaw, bbq sauce, and mayo garlic on a toasted bun, served with a side of thick-cut fries. The tender pulled pork is perfectly seasoned with sweet and smoky notes, combining well with the crisp onion rings. Pour a bit of barbecue sauce and take a big bite for a burst of flavor and finish off with some thick-cut fries. And repeat.

Marmalade Kitchen also makes their own fresh pasta for their line of pasta dishes, like the Black Ink Pasta with Shrimps (P 380), in a rich tomato cream sauce. At first glance, the dish may appear a bit dry, but one bite changes that. Totally. The noodles are just packed with so much rich flavor, complemented by juicy and plump clams and shrimps. 

For dessert, Marmalade Kitchen serves a variety of indulgent treats to cap your meal, like the Sticky Custard...

...the refreshingly tart Key Lime Pie...

...and the Fallen Chocolate Cake, a rich, moist, and decadent chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream. All perfect endings to a comforting meal at Marmalade Kitchen.

In a way, Marmalade Kitchen is like an extension of Chef Aileen Anastacio's home, serving classic favorites in a comforting home-like setting. And you just know you'll be back...soon.

Marmalade Kitchen is located at Unit 2-5 Forum South Global Building, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Avenue, Bonifacio South District, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 622-9196 and +63917-837-0959 for inquiries and reservations.

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