Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Southern Favorites Platter at Racks

Pork or chicken? Why not have both...

The Southern Favorites Platter (P 1,295 good for four) from Racks, with a half rack of classic Pork Ribs, half Southern Fried Chicken, with your choice of any two large sides, a platter of rice (a really hefty sized platter good for four or more), and a pitcher of Coke. Classic Southwestern flavors, pork ribs and chicken, all in one platter.

For the sides, go for the Gravy Fries, thick cut country-style potatoes with a rich gravy dip. Simply dip the fries, or better yet, pour the gravy directly on the fries.

And the rich, hearty, and comforting Mac & Cheese topped with bacon bits. The creamy cheese and bacon makes this mac a great side to your Southwestern Favorites Platter.

And the Southern Favorites Platter arrived, with two slabs of Racks' original Pork Ribs and four pieces of Southern Fried Chicken. Fork-tender pork ribs and crisp, juicy chicken, just can't get better than that. Great for sharing, real good eats. And no more agonizing decisions on classic Pork Ribs or Southern Fried Chicken. You get both with the Southern Favorites Platter from Racks. One of three Family Platters, Racks makes ordering a whole lot easier for a group. Plus you get to sample the bestsellers in every platter, now that's a cool deal.

For dessert, we sampled the mini Cheesecake with cream cheese on a Graham cracker crust topped with sweet blueberry preserves, complimentary, thanks to our server Jeff. A perfect ending to cap the Southern style feast.

Great food, great value...good times. Round up the gang for a Southern-style fried chicken and pork rib feast, only at Racks.

Racks is located at PB 107 & 205, Connecticut Carpark Building, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan or call 584-2173 to 74 for inquiries.

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  1. Gerry your post made me crave so bad for Racks! That Southern Favorites Platter looks so good and generous!


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