Monday, September 15, 2014

Somethin's Bakin' Along Paseo de Roxas: Inside Nikko's Baking Studio

A homey, comforting, and rustic vibe greets you as you enter Nikko's Baking Studio, and the aroma of freshly baked desserts complete the unique experience. Somethin's definitely baking along Paseo de Roxas...

A perfect spot for a cup of refreshing single origin coffee from Benguet, savory pastries fresh from the oven, or an indulgent dessert, Nikko's Baking Studio is a welcome stop on one of the busiest avenues in Makati.

A cafe, culinary school and bakery, Nikko's Baking Studio is conveniently located along Paseo de Roxas, like a sanctuary right smack in the middle of the commercial and business district. The creative use of materials, like weathered wood combined with simple yet bold graphics is a visual cue, and you just know this is a special place.

Chef Nikko Buendia, who prefers to be called a home baker, shares her cherished recipes at her new cafe, bakery and culinary school, Nikko's Baking Studio, along Paseo de Roxas. Baking for over thirteen years, Chef Nikko brings her passion for baking to a brand new stage, offering her indulgent creations as well as baking and cooking classes. Nikko's classes are designed to be more personal in approach, featuring one dessert  per class. The studio has five individual baking stations, each one equipped with the usual kitchen appliances and none of the industrial versions so that the experience can be reproduced at home. Nikko's Baking Studio offers a full range of classes, from basic baking to savory dishes.

My experience at Nikko's Baking Studio begins with a refreshing glass of Pandan Iced Tea, not too sweet, just right, and the perfect beverage to pair with Chef Nikko's savory and sweet treats.

Chorizo Empanadas, fresh from the oven, with the rich flavors of chorizo in a crisp flaky crust.  Each bite brings both flavor and contrasting textures, and you go for more.

Meanwhile, Chef Nikko's mom makes sure everyone has more than enough empanadas and other baked treats as Chef Nikko prepares the finishing touches on the next course...

...fresh grilled sandwiches with a savory adobo filling. Two types of Grilled Adobo Sandwiches were served, the Adobo White with creamy Kesong Puti and the Adobo Red with salted egg and tomatoes offering distinct flavors. 

Then, one by one, Nikko's indulgent cakes were laid on the counter, starting with the Cookie Dough Cheesecake...

...followed by the Kahlua Mocha Cake and Decadent Chocolate Cake, each intricately prepared showcasing Chef Nikko's baking mastery. Each cake is rich and moist, unlike the usual commercial versions, which sets Nikko's Baking Studio apart from the others.

The parade of cakes continue with Chef Nikko's elegant Red Velvet Cheesecake and Pineapple Streusel Pie. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in each cake, and Chef Nikko's passion is immediately felt and tasted in each bite. 

Chef Nikko's Banana Cream Pie, layered with sweet bananas draped in cream and drizzled with caramel, is another must-try.

Decadent Chocolate Cake, a classic dessert, and perfectly executed. The deep dark chocolate notes play with the caramel for familiar and comforting flavors.

Chef Nikko also shared her other dessert specialties, including her delicate and intricate Pavlova...

...and the Walnut Baklava, with pistachios and honey in a light and flaky crust.

Then, Chef Nikko shares some simple yet creative desserts, with the Bomboloni, doughnut like balls coated in sugar served with a rich chocolate fudge dipping sauce. Simply dip or pour some of the chocolate sauce for pure chocolate indulgence.

Chef Nikko's creativity is seen once again with her Sans Rival Chips, a deconstructed Sans Rival with with soft and chewy meringue chips served with the familiar butter cream. Different yet familiar, just one of the many surprising twists you can find at Nikko's Baking Studio.

In between, grab a few S'mores to complete your sugar fix at Nikko's Baking Studio.

Decadent and indulgent cakes, pies, cookies, and savory dishes, you can find all these and more at Nikko's Baking Studio. Next time you pass by Paseo de Roxas, make a right and stop by for coffee. And some dessert. And you'll be glad you did...

Nikko's Baking Studio is located at #59A Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Urdaneta Village, Makati City or call 887-1711 or 0920-954-4960 for inquiries. You can also send an email at or visit their FB Page at

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  1. That spread of indulgence is just calling me to visit them...will try them out tomorrow.

  2. Nice blog ! Your baking studio almost contain all kind of baking items like cake, desserts, cupcakes and many more.


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