Thursday, September 11, 2014

Traditional Goes Non-Trad: Mooncakes with a Twist at Vikings

Vikings celebrates the Mid-Autumn festival with a cool non-traditional tradition...

Every weekend for the month of September, Vikings offers a line of innovative and unique mooncake creations, along with traditional mooncakes, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. Savory, sweet, and definitely different, adding to your list of must-try dishes at Vikings.

Vikings updates the traditional mooncake with a continental twist, with unusual combinations to perk up the Mid-Autumn festival. Like the imaginative Beef Bourguignon Mooncake with Choron Sauce (L) and Minced Goat Cheese Mooncake with Mango Coulis (R), a non-traditional blend of flavors that's different. Really different. The subtle sweetness of the traditional bean paste stuffing seem to work pretty well with the savory beef and the minced goat cheese mooncake, something I didn't expect. After a few more bites, the flavors blur between something familiar and new.

Crusty Shrimp Cheese Mooncake (L) and Asado Mooncake (R) is another unique pair, and the flaky pastry shell of the Crusty Shrimp Cheese Mooncake give it a distinct continental twist. The savory asado mooncake, with a more traditional shell, delivers an overall sweet note. But the flavors are subtle, and easy, as the more familiar flavors of the traditional mooncake still emerges after a few more bites.

The Salted Lotus Mooncake, with more traditional flavors, will also be available, offering comforting and familiar flavors.

With each piece containing a salted duck egg, the flavors are bolder and more pronounced than the first four mooncakes. Great with some hot tea.

For dessert, Wild Berry Cheese Mooncake (L) and Choco Trifle Mooncake topped with sweet mango (R), elegant and innovative sweet treats combining chocolate and cheese with the nutty bean paste. It's a mooncake, but then again, it's not. But that's what makes it so much fun.

Traditional mooncakes are also available, just in case you want something familiar. But if you're in the mood to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with something new, fun, and different, then head over to Vikings. Traditional or non-traditional mooncakes? Have fun, have both, available on weekends for the month of September at Vikings.

Vikings Luxury Buffet is located at the 4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Building D, SM Megamall, Julia Vargas corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City or call 656-3888, 656-4888, and 656-5888 for inquiries. 

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