Monday, September 8, 2014

LULU Restaurant: Elegant Dining Comes to Salcedo Village

Somethin's cookin' at Salcedo Village...LULU Restaurant, one of the iconic dining establishments in Rockwell, recently relocated to a new spot in Salcedo Village, making it one of the must-try dining destinations in the area's culinary revival.  

After a few rounds of cocktails at Hooch (see my previous post on Hooch by LULU Restaurant here at, we passed through the sliding glass door, and entered the elegant and spacious area of LULU Restaurant's new location. The warm amber glow of LULU Restaurant's interior is welcoming and comforting, with a formal grace and elegance in contrast with the hip and cool vibe of Hooch. The unique set-up is perfect, where you can enjoy a few drinks in a proper bar before dinner at LULU Restaurant.

The all-glass facade and high ceiling add a classy and sophisticated vibe, a dramatic backdrop to the evening's elegant dinner. Previously located at Rockwell, LULU Restaurant's new space is noticeably larger, with its adjoining bar, Hooch, just right beside it separated by a sliding glass door. 

As we settled down to our table, Chef Tom Hines fired up the kitchen, as the first course is prepared. The open kitchen layout provides a unique glimpse at the flurry of activity, as the Seared Scallops on a carrot and pumpkin puree with citrus sea foam is served.

Wine was then served along with the first course, and my first-time experience at LULU Restaurant begins on a high note. The delicately seared scallops topped with a light and briny citrus sea foam finished off with a pinch of caviar is perfectly executed, with the mildly sweet flavors from the pumpkin and carrot puree complete the dish.

The parade of fresh flavors continued with Chef Tom Hines' Seared Tuna Nicoise, lightly seared crusted tuna with mesclun greens and citrus vinaigrette. The light yet refreshingly sharp citrus vinaigrette adds a flavorful pinch to the medley of leafy greens, punctuated by the bold flavors of black olives and creamy quail eggs, rounded out by the delicate flavor of the lightly seared crusted tuna.

Next, Chef Tom Hines' Citrus Glazed Mahi-Mahi on a bed of soft and moist lemon and pea risotto is served. The delicate and fresh flavors of the tender Mahi-Mahi are enhanced by the light citrus glaze, and the creamy lemon and pea risotto adds to the richness of the light yet flavorful dish.

Fisherman's Pie, a rich and comforting seafood version of the traditional Shepherd's Pie from Hooch, LuLu Restaurant's speakeasy next door, is served next. Loaded with fresh, plump shrimps and soft white fish covered in a creamy sauce, it's a great dish to pair with any of Hooch's signature cocktails.

But Chef Tom Hines has a lot more up his sleeves. The impressive Lamb Shank 12, a tender twelve-hour sous-vide lamb shank scented with rosemary and marjoram on couscous, is then served. The slow cooking process transforms the lamb shank to an amazingly fall-off-the-bone and fork-tender dish, perfectly complemented by the soft couscous.

Lulu Restaurant also serves some of the best steaks in the metro, including this US Certified Angus Ribeye, and there's more...

How about all you can eat Wagyu Rump Steak, served with mustard and sea salt? For only P 1,200, you can have your fill of premium Wagyu Rump Steaks. As much steak as you want, fired up and freshly grilled to your desired doneness. Now that's a pretty cool deal. 

For dessert, Chef Tom Hines caps the elegant meal with Lemon Glazed Yoghurt Cheesecake, Peanut Butter and Jelly Bomb, and Butterscotch Apple Crumble, with a refreshing Apple Pie Shooter on the side.

An elegant dinner in an equally elegant setting, LULU Restaurant offers a unique dining experience, and definitely one of the bright spots in Salcedo Village.

Chef Tom Hines impresses once again, and LULU Restaurant's distinct flavors and style adds to the culinary richness and diversity of Salcedo Village in Makati. A few drinks followed by an elegant dinner, make that LULU Restaurant...

LULU Restaurant is located at the Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati or call 403-4376 and 0927-375-9467 for inquiries and reservations.

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