Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blood and Sand and an Old-Fashioned at Hooch

Something old and something new. An Old-Fashioned at the newest bar in Salcedo Village...make that another round, please. 

Named after and inspired by the common slang for alcohol during the Prohibition-era, Hooch by LULU Restaurant is one of the newest bars at Salcedo Village, and a perfect place for a drink or two to end the day. Or start the night.

Inside Hooch, the well-stocked bar has everything you need for that favorite cocktail. Name it, and they'll whip it up for you in no time. Or better yet, have a chat and find out what's new. The bartenders at Hooch can get pretty creative, so why not try something new? 

At the bar, you'll find Dixie Marinas preparing a few cocktails, including some of Hooch's new concoctions... the Hoochie Mama, a refreshing mix of Bombay Sapphire, Midori, pineapple juice, rosemary, and simple syrup.

And the Hoochie Papa, a smooth blend of Maker's Mark, cherry brandy, grapefruit bitters, and brown sugar, garnished with a cherry. Each one unique and distinct, both guaranteed to get you in the groove. The best and freshest ingredients go into each cocktail, each handcrafted to perfection. You're definitely getting the good stuff here. Go sit at the elegant bar, and get up close to where the action is, and see each cocktail prepared right before you.

Later in the evening, the cool vibe kicks up a notch, as Hooch's bartenders put on a show with their own style of flair. Just whar you need to try something new. Something different. Like the intriguingly named Blood + Sand.

Blood + Sand, a bold blend of Glenalmond Blended Malt, cherry brandy, orange juice, Martini Rosso, and orange bitters. Almost immediately, one can taste the sweet notes upfront, smoothing the way for the blended malt as it kicks in with its distinct smoky hints. Sharp, fruity and citrus layers of flavor combine well with the blended malt and mellow cherry brandy for a refreshing, easy, mild-mannered drink yet with that right amount of mischief in every sip.

Ever wonder how they make those perfectly rounded ice balls? Here's one way with an ice ball press. A block of ice is simply placed on the press, place the heavy top cylinder and you get a perfectly rounded ice ball in just minutes. Pretty amazing to watch, specially after a few drinks...

And you can expect great food at Hooch. With Chef Tom Hines and LULU restaurant right beside, separated only by a sliding glass door, you get to pair some real good food with your cocktail. Like the Argentinian Hand Chopped Empanada, stuffed with savory spiced beef with chimichurri. Light, crisp, and flaky, with a flavorful and savory beef filling, perfect with any of Hooch's line of handcrafted cocktails. And that's what makes Hooch special, as you pair some of LULU's signature appetizers with your cocktails at Hooch.
Then, more of LULU's elegantly plated appetizers arrived, including the Lobster & Crab Pao, delicately poached lobster and crab with lemon mayonnaise and indulgent caviar on steamed buns. Fresh, clean flavors with a creamy finish from the lemon mayo complemented by the contrasting textures of the fresh lettuce and a pinch of caviar releasing a burst of briny flavors in every bite. 
Pulled Pomegranate Duck, flavorful strips of duck on steamed and fried buns. Sweet and savory, familiar and comforting flavors, perfect when paired with a stiff drink. The elegant little plates from LULU complete your experience at Hooch. The combination of classic flavors with an impressive selection of cocktails makes Hooch different. So sit back and relax, and prepare for another round of cocktails at the bar.  

Old habits are hard to break, and I eventually go back to an old favorite. The classic Old-Fashioned, prepared perfectly at Hooch. The refreshingly tart orange peel is wiped gently around the rim of the glass adding more flavor in every sip. The bourbon's smooth and smoky layer of flavor plays well with the refreshing citrus notes, lingering long after the first sip. Yup, make that one more round, please.    

And I'll definitely be back for you...

Great cocktails, great food, and a cool vibe. Can't wait to end the day, or start the evening, at Hooch.

And here's another reason for a toast...

Now it's possible for you to get up to 30% restaurant discounts on your bill when you book a table at Hooch using BigDish.

Hooch by LULU Restaurant is located at the Ground Floor, 125 V Corporate Center, L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati or call 0927-375-9467 for inquiries and reservations.

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