Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Sweet Halloween with J. CO Donuts & Coffee

Halloween just got sweeter at J. CO Donuts & Coffee...

...with its new and indulgent limited edition Halloween donut creations. And just in time too, with Halloween just a few weeks away.

Jackie Chunk, Avocado DiCaprio, Snow White, Berry Spears, Mr. Green Tea, Choconuttzy, Green Tease (L), and Al Capone (R), just some of the signature donuts form J. CO Donuts & Coffee that have endeared the brand to its loyal consumers. Now, you can add two more flavors to your growing list of favorites at J. CO...

This Halloween, J. CO adds its own sweet spin to the much-awaited holiday with The Nutty Dracula, a soft donut draped in white chocolate with rich peanut butter filling garnished with dark chocolate and strawberry sauce. With its toothy smile, you'll find The Nutty Dracula hard to resist. At J. CO's Promenade Branch in Greenhills, fresh batches of The Nutty Dracula were given the final touches with the dark chocolate and strawberry sauce design.

The rich white chocolate adds a creamy layer of indulgent notes, along with the equally creamy peanut butter filling, capped by the tart notes of the strawberry sauce for contrasting flavors rounded out by the dark chocolate. You'll definitely go for big bites of The Nutty Dracula.

Trapped in a Web is J. Co's second limited edition flavor for Halloween, covered in Chocolate Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate spun in an elaborate design, filled with Tiramisu Cream. At the store, I observed J. CO's skilled team executing the intricate design, doing quick work on dozen after dozen of the new donuts. And this one tastes as good as it looks.

If you enjoy chocolate and tiramisu, you get a double dose of both with J. CO's Trapped in a Web. The creamy top layer of chocolate tiramisu delivers the familiar flavors of tiramisu, followed by the rich filling of tiramisu cream for a solid one-two punch. Each bite delivers a rich and comforting web of flavors, perfect when paired with J. CO's signature JCoccino. J. CO Halloween Donuts are now available at all J. CO branches, for only P 42 each, P 252 for half a dozen, P 380 for for one dozen, and P 592 for two dozen donuts. Halloween just got sweeter with J. Co's new limited edition donuts, perfect for snacks, a light meal, or pasalubong to friends and family. But better hurry, these two limited edition Halloween treats from J. CO will only be available until November 2, 2015.

J. CO Donuts & Coffee is located at Unit 107, Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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