Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Heat Rises: At Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's HEAT

Eight seasoned specialty chefs. Eight signature dishes. One epic gastronomic experience...at HEAT.

Prepare for an all-new level of fieriness at Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's all-day, buffet restaurant, as HEAT raises the temperature with a bold new concept for a refreshing and new culinary dining experience with HEAT Rises. The already impressive buffet spread at HEAT gets even hotter with the inclusion of signature dishes executed by Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's top chefs.

The eight specialty chefs present their own modern and inventive spin on their favorite local dishes, with Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, German, Italian, Indian, and Filipino flavors to complement the lavish buffet spread at HEAT taking you on an epic global culinary journey. At the elaborate open-theater kitchen set-up of HEAT, you can find themed live interactive stations featuring both creative, modern and traditional cooking styles prepared by the skilled chefs. 

My dining experience at HEAT began with the vibrantly-colored and delicate rolls meticulously prepared by one of Edsa Shangri-La's top chefs. Japanese master Chef Yusuke Hino served his Signature Maki and Magic Cube Rolls, colorful rolls with premium tuna and tamago, laid out on a massive flat stone slate.  

Each delicate roll or cube contained premium tuna with soft and fluffy tamago in an intricate pattern with perfect zen-like symmetry. The outer layer of the various cubes are covered in different colored fish roe, with a more elaborate cube (top center) featuring alternating patterns of rice and fish roe. Like all Japanese cuisine, the signature dish first feeds the eyes with its vibrant colors and patterns, and master Chef Yusuke Hino does that with his maki and cubes. And it tastes as good as it looks, with the light and soft tamago blending with the juicy tuna.

The parade of global flavors continued with Chef Andy Liu's masterful execution of a dimsum classic, his Curry Seafood Dimsum served on a large bamboo steamer. The delicate flavor and texture of the seafood, draped in a rich curry sauce, bursts in your mouth with intense notes. The paper-thin, almost translucent dimsum wrapper is soft and chewy, just the right texture. With two excellent starters done, it was time to sample the signature mains at HEAT...

Executive Chef Tobias Unger draws inspiration from traditional family dishes with his hearty Cheese Spatzle, a rustic and comforting homestyle dish paired with another cherished family recipe...

...the flavorful Curry Sausage served on a hot iron skillet. Both dishes pair well together, with the sharp notes of the richly flavored Curry Sausage contrasting with the creamy Cheese Spatzle covered in Emmental cheese. Executive Chef Tobias Unger, who sat with us, then recalled fond childhood memories with his signature dishes, which makes these dishes even more special. Each of the chefs have created not only special dishes, but dishes that have a special place in their lives. 

Italian Executive Chef Marco Ghezzi shared his Spaghetti Alle Vongole, the traditional seafood pasta dish. The rustic simplicity of the dish delivered rich and bold homespun flavors, with the olive oil, clams, and minced garlic weaving delicate yet pronounced notes for a real Italian classic.   

After traditional and authentic European flavors, Executive Chinese Chef Tony Sum offered his own take on the Singaporean classic, the iconic Coffee Spare Ribs. The tender pork ribs, each one covered in a thick and sweet glaze with its distinct deep coffee notes, perfectly captured and recreated the richness of this Singaporean dish. 

Executive Sous Chef Roxanne Castillo, the only female and Filipino chef in the line-up, shared her own inventive spin on a Filipino classic, Adobo-Marinated Prime Rib with Garlic Yorkshire Pudding and Adobo Beef Jus. It's an intriguing combination, with the sweet and sour adobo, but Chef Roxie pulls this one off perfectly. 

The intense flavors of the adobo marinade do not overpower the rich beefy notes of the premium prime rib, leaving just enough of the traditional adobo notes for a uniquely local and savory twist. The prime rib is perfectly roasted, remaining fork-tender and juicy. Adobo will never be the same for me again, not after Chef Roxie's Adobo Marinated Prime Rib. At HEAT Rises, you can expect some playfully inventive and flavorful surprises on your culinary journey of global flavors.    

Chef Fanishwar brings the flavors of his native India with Tangdi Kabab, Pomfret Tandoori, and Choley Bhaturey, with its rich blend of spices. The chicken is juicy, with a light layer of crispness on the outside, punctuated by the intense notes of the sauce for rich yet balanced flavors. But there's always more at HEAT. You may even get the chance to meet and interact with their top chefs at their respective stations, request a special dish, or simply let their personal recommendations guide you in your culinary journey. Then, there's the rest of HEAT's impressive buffet spread, featuring the very best of global flavors represented in the countless live stations and open-theater set-up. 

For dessert, Pastry Chef Martin Frowd presented his indulgent Raspberry Molten Brownie Double Shot Vodka Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce, elegantly plated on a stone plate, to cap our feast. Cheesecake with vodka and raspberry sauce in a dropper, covered in thick molten brownie...a perfect ending to an epic feast. Eight top chefs, eight signature dishes, one epic and memorable dining experience at HEAT.  

After sampling all eight signature dishes by Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's top chefs, it was time to hit the impressive buffet spread at HEAT. Fresh, plump prawns and mussels, sauteed in garlic and butter, just can't get any better than that. Ready to turn up the heat in your next visit to HEAT? Simply visit Edsa Shangri-La, Manila's HEAT and let HEAT Rises take you on culinary discovery of global flavors...

HEAT is located at the Lobby Level, Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, Tower Wing, 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, or call 633-8888 ext. 2740/2741 or email heat.esl@shanri-la.com for reservations.

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