Thursday, October 29, 2015

The World's Best in a Cup at Dipdenza Coffee

A cup of freshly brewed coffee made from some the best coffee beans in the world, paired with a flavorful and comforting meal...all here at the metro's newest coffee shop.

Rising on the crest of the emerging coffee culture, Dipdenza offers some of the world's finest premium blends, combining established second wave coffee with the best specialized blends of third wave coffee along with a curated menu at relatively affordable prices. Come in and have a cup...and a bite.

Located at The Fort Strip, Dipdenza Coffee offers coffee lovers another option for that caffeine fix with its line of traditional and specialty brews and beverages. Sourcing its premium Grade 1 quality beans from all over the world, you can enjoy the world's best in a cup...

Francis Garcia and owner Angeli Albana (L) welcome guests to the cozy coffee shop, with its dark earth and wood tones adding a comforting warmth to the Dipdenza Coffee experience. Dipdenza's expert and skilled baristas (R) then proceeded with a demo on the preparation of a proper brew...

The wide and extensive selection of premium coffee beans at Dipdenza guarantees a perfect coffee experience, which includes the creamy Brazil Fazenda Dutra, with its distinct notes of caramel sweetness and subtle hints of milk chocolate and vanilla; the Guatemala Fancy Antigua Santo Domingo with its smoky "bourbon" and lemon notes, the Ethiopian Sidamo with its herbal aromatics, jackfruit and tea-like notes, and the vibrant Kenya Aa Asali with its pronounced cocoa and blackcurrant fragrance and fruity, caramel finish.  With its name inspired by the Italian word "dipendenza," or "addiction", Dipdenza Coffee has all the premium blends for your caffeine habit.

"You'll always get freshly-ground coffee using beans that are roasted locally," stressed Angeli Albana. "We use three different kinds of blends that are of Grade 1 quality, which means these are the best of the best coffee farmed all around the world," continued Angeli Albana.  

"All our baristas underwent specialty training and are experts in what they do. They'll be able to give you recommendations based on your taste," adds Angeli Albana. Dipdenza's baristas prepared freshly brewed cups of coffee made from premium Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans, each with its own distinct notes. The rich and bold flavors open up your palate for some of Dipdenza's signature dishes...

...starting with the Ciabatta Tuna Sandwich (P 195), with soft and tender chunks of tuna, mayo, fresh-cut tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh and crisp lettuce, and green olives with a side of chips. The blend of fresh vegetables, tuna, and mayo deliver rich yet clean flavors, a perfect light snack paired with a cup of coffee. Note that the regular and full serving include two sandwiches. One sandwich per variant, as shown above, were served for sampling purposes only.

If it's beef you're looking for, Dipdenza's Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (P 215) with tender, juicy and thin slices of beef draped in melted cheese topped with green pepper and jalapeno on a crisp baguette, is the one for you. It's a light yet savory sandwich that's just perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or a light lunch paired with any of Dipdenza's specialty coffee blends.

Dipdenza also offers unique Beef & Cheese Wraps (P 175), with a soft tortilla stuffed with shredded beef, melted cheese, green bell peppers, and fresh-cut tomatoes and cucumbers. The blend of savory and fresh notes combine for a burst of rich flavors for another tasty and filling dish.

More sandwich options include a healthy yet flavorful alternative, like the Smoked Turkey Sandwich (P 235), with sliced smoked turkey covered in mayo and honey mustard and topped with fresh-cut tomatoes, cucumbers and crisp lettuce on a baguette. All the flavors you want without the guilt. As mentioned, the dishes shown above are sampling servings and not the full regular dishes.

Aside from its specialty blends, Dipdenza also offers a variety of Frappes, Chillers/Juices, and Shakes and Smoothies, including the Premium Peanut Butter Frappe (P 160 Piccolo/P 170 Medio/P 180 Enorme), a rich and indulgent beverage with sweet peanut butter and cream.

It's dessert you can drink, with a flavorful boost to keep you on the go for the rest of the day. Other must-try frappe flavors include Cookies 'n Cream, Mocha Raspberry, and Chai Latte.

Unlike most coffee chains that serve refrigerated and packaged meals heated in a microwave, Dipdenza serves real food. Like the Pasta Bolognese with Sun-Dried Tomato (P 170), a rustic dish with a rich combination of ground beef, ham, herbs, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and onions, simmered until tender and served with buttered garlic foccacia toast. The richness of the ground beef and ham are tempered by the sharp notes of the sun-dried tomatoes and olives, rounded out by the nutty garlic notes.

Dipdenza's Creamy Chicken Carbonara (P 180) is another pasta dish with the creamy richness of the classic carbonara with tender chunks of chicken, savory bacon bits, and mushrooms. The creamy texture and flavor are punctuated by the sharp and smoky notes of the bacon bits for balanced flavors.

But if you're looking at trying something different, go for the Spanish Sardines Aglio Oglio (P 190), Dipdenza's tasty spin on the classic aglio oglio, made with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, capers, basil, mushrooms, and Spanish sardines. The medley of flavors, from the richness of the sardines to the sharpness of the capers, blend seamlessly in a perfectly balanced dish.

After a satisfying meal, have a cup of coffee. Be amazed with the creative skills of Dipdenza's baristas as they swirl artistic patterns on your cup. As you look at the emerging pattern, a fragrant aroma jumpstarts your senses in anticipation of another flavorful cup of coffee.

Noting like Dipdenza Coffee's creamy Caffe Latte (P 115 Piccolo/P 130 Medio/ P 140 Enormo) after a satisfying meal.

But there's more. Cap your meal on a high note with Dipdenza Coffee's Chocolate Lava Cake served with ice cream and whipped cream drizzled with chocolate.

You can also enjoy premium teas at Dipdenza Coffee, just ask the servers for the extensive variety of tea flavors. Ready to take your coffee drinking experience to the next level? Then head on down to Dipdenza Coffee for a refreshing caffein fix. And a bite of their tasty signature dishes.

Dipdenza Coffee is located at The Fort Strip,  28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, and is open from 8am-12mn from Sunday to Thursday, and 8am-2am on Fridays and Saturdays or call 834-6420 for inquiries.

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