Friday, October 23, 2015

Food Trippin' at Robinsons Place Las Pinas: Good Eats at Borgo Cafe

Comforting Spanish and Italian classics, with generous portions and reasonable prices. Throw in some really good steaks and you've got Borgo's Cafe...

One of the south's homegrown and local favorites, Borgo Cafe serves its signature cuisine at Robinsons Place Las Pinas. And yes, bring your hearty appetite as well...

With the sprawling and airy Veranda of Robinsons Place Las Pinas behind it, Borgo Cafe can also be accessed directly from the ground floor of the mall. Either way, get ready for some seriously good eats with Borgo Cafe's extensive menu offering a wide variety of Spanish and Italian flavors. And some hefty steaks too.   

Named after the Italian word for borough, or a new town outside the walls of an old town (similar to the French bourg or the German burg), Borgo Cafe draws inspiration from classic Spanish and Italian flavors, adding its own inventive spin, like the aptly named Angels & Demons (P 355), a creamy and spicy pasta dish topped with grilled prawns and tender chicken fillet in a rich sauce with chili.

There's just something about a creamy and spicy blend that makes you go for more. And Borgo Cafe's Angels & Demons is one of those dishes. The spice levels are not too overwhelming, but it leaves a soothing heat that lingers long after the first bite, the kind that just makes you go for yet another bite of the firm and chewy pasta draped in a rich and creamy sauce. The tender chicken fillet adds its own unique notes to the dish, capped by the smoky and briny sweetness of the plump grilled prawns for rich flavors.

The heat from the chili is perfectly tempered by the rich cream sauce for balanced flavors. The hefty serving makes this ideal for sharing, unless you're one real hungry dude.

No dining experience at Borgo Cafe is complete without one of their signature steak dishes. The Butcher's Steak (P 289 Solo/P 529 Sharing), with slabs of US Angus Hanging Tender laid on creamy mashed potatoes with vegetables and served with peppered gravy, should satisfy your craving for beef without busting your wallet...

And it's a pretty impressive sight, with the thick yet tender slabs of US Angus Hanging Tender piled high and delicately laid on creamy mashed potatoes with vegetables. Drizzled with a thick pepper gravy, it's a comforting and complete dish.

Perfectly grilled, simply slice a piece of the US Angus Hanging Tender, revealing a juicy pink center delivering a flavorful punch of beefy flavors. Follow it up with some mashed potatoes and vegetables to complete the flavors. The huge portion adds more bang for your buck, with all the rich flavors of a hearty steak meal.

At Borgo Cafe, you can also enjoy a bowl of fresh salad and soup of the day as part of any signature main dish, adding even more value to your meal.

And Borgo Cafe's kitchen had even more flavorful surprises in store, like Jack's Bone-In Belly Barbecue, a whole tender slab of pork belly with a sweet and smoky barbecue glaze, served with rice. The pork belly is juicy and flavorful, with the charred ends adding even more flavor. A meal in itself, and another winning dish from Borgo Cafe.

Spanish flavors are then served next. The Arroz Mixto (P 499 Sharing), a comforting paella-style dish with saffron, pimiento, tomatoes, chicken, mussels, prawns, clams, and chorizo. Its another impressive dish, and tastes as good as it looks.

The mix of different ingredients combine for a flavorful blend of rich flavors, recreating the home-style and rustic flavors of the classic Spanish dish. The rice is soft, fluffy, and moist, infused with all the flavors of the assorted ingredients. Squeeze some lemon for even more flavor, and go for another scoop.

Each dish served delivered real and honest flavors, with excellent value for money. And there's more. Cap your feast at Borgo Cafe with their playfully inventive Chocolate Lava Cake with Chili Caramel (P 185) served with vanilla ice cream. The contrasting blend of salty, sweet, and spicy combine for another interesting combo that works. And it's the perfect ending to your dining experience at Borgo Cafe.

Things are really cookin' down south, with homegrown favorites leading the way at Robinsons Place Las Pinas. Borgo Cafe's young owner, Ryan Mendoza (center), is flanked by Executive Chef JR Ramos (L) and Chef Roj Granda (R), ready to serve their signature dishes on your visit. If you find yourself in the south, with a sudden craving for some good eats, make a turn and head over to Borgo Cafe at Robinsons Place Las Pinas...

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Borgo Cafe is located at the Ground Floor of Robinsons Place Las Pinas, Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon Uno, Las Pinas City or call 893-6478 for more information and 212-1212 for deliveries. 

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