Monday, October 19, 2015

Poetry in a Bottle: A Preview of the 15th Grand Wine Experience

When everything aligns perfectly, something magical happens. It's the confluence of different and disparate elements, coming together under the right conditions, that determine the potential legendary status of any vintage. And when everything is right, one yields more than just a bottle of wine, but poetry in a bottle... 

The Philippine Wine Merchants brings together the world's best vintages and spirits for the 15th Grand Wine Experience, considered by many as the most lavish and anticipated wine event of any kind in Southeast Asia. In one spectacular evening on November 13, 2015, the Philippine Wine Merchants and the world's best converge at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, the country's largest ballroom, for an epic celebration like no other. And for one evening, everything is perfectly aligned in a seamless blend of the world's very best.

Now on its 15th year, the Grand Wine Experience has become an annual pilgrimage for wine enthusiasts, dignitaries, celebrities, top executives and high society, and this year's edition promises to up the ante and surpass all expectations. The 15th Grand Wine Experience also marks the 40th anniversary of the company behind it... 

...the Philippine Wine Merchants, one of the country's pioneer wine importers and distributors since 1975. "Vintage" is this year's theme at the Grand Wine Experience, and it simply gets better. At the special preview for the 15th Grand Wine Experience, Marriott Hotel Manila's GM, Bruce Winton, is flanked by the Joseph brothers of Philippine Wine Merchants as they welcomed guests.

The selection of wines and spirits for this year's 15th Grand Wine Experience by the Philippine Wine Merchants at the Marriott Grand Ballroom is impressive, each one carefully curated and selected for the ultimate, and grand, wine experience. From the buffet spread, the quality of entertainment, and the wines and spirits, every facet comes together for a unique and memorable guest experience.

The scale of this year's Grand Wine Experience exceeds the previous editions, with over 500 wines and spirits from the world's famous wineries and distilleries complemented by the equally elegant cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Meik Brammer and his team at Marriott Hotel Manila. This year, one can sample Francis Ford Coppola's signature wine from his Inglenook estate, one of Napa Valley's legendary wineries.

An elegant four course lunch prepared by Marriott Hotel Manila's Executive Chef Meik Brammer and his team was served, paired with selected wines from Philippine Wine Merchants for a preview of the 15th Grand Wine Experience.

For the first course, we were served the hearty and comforting Lobster Gazpacho (R) drizzled with basil oil paired with Jansz Premium NV Cuvee (L), a crisp and refreshing sparkling wine from Tasmania. The rich flavors of the Lobster Gazpacho are perfectly balanced by the citrusy notes of the sparkling wine, just perfect.

For the second course, a rustic dish of Porcini Mushrooms and Morels was served, with crisp croutons covered in a thick and flavorful broth.

The dish is completed with the pouring of thick broth concentrated with the nutty notes of mushrooms. Each spoonful delivers bold and intense flavors, with the Porcini mushrooms and morels adding even more flavor contrasting with the crisp texture of the croutons, paired with Bouchard Pere & Fils Borgogne Chardonnay

For the main course, Philippine Wine Merchants served their Montes Alpha Malbec, a Chilean classic with its deep and and intense ruby red color delivering an equally intense yet elegant and velvety smooth body with the subtle notes of plums and blackberries...  

...which paired perfectly with the Grilled Ribeye, served with potato fondant, wild mushroom jus, and fresh organic vegetables.

The bold, robust and beefy notes of the tender ribeye paired well with the Montes Alpha Malbec, cleansing the palate as you go for another slice and sip. The wine releases subtle flavors from the beef, and the beef does the same with the wine, for new flavor experiences.

It's a sensory experience that perfectly describes this year's Grand Wine Experience, which promises to uncover new flavors and new experiences, while rediscovering old favorites and enjoying new ones.

The free-flowing wine during the preview of the 15th Grand Wine Experience added to the celebratory vibe, as round after round were poured.

For dessert, the rich and indulgent Espresso Parfait with Mascarpone Cream was served, paired with the crisp Gran Feudo Moscatel, to cap the impressive four-course lunch on a high note. The creamy richness of the Espresso Parfait, with its hint of espresso, covers your palate with a butter-like mouth feel, washed down perfectly with the fresh Muscat grapes, citrus, and floral notes of the Gram Feudo Moscatel.

The selection of wines and flavorful dishes were just a preview of even grander spreads at the much anticipated 15th Grand Wine Experience on November 13, 2015.

The best wines and spirits, all on one place. All roads lead to the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila on November 13, 2015, and it all comes down to this, prepare yourself for the best time of your life at the 15th Grand Wine Experience.

This year's 15th Grand Wine Experience is presented by Philippine Wine Merchants and Ralphs Wines and Spirits and co-presented by Rustans Supermarkets, Starbucks Coffee, Store Specialists Inc., Marriott Hotel Manila, Resorts World Manila, Future Trade International, Diageo Philippines, Moet-Hennessy Philippines, Premier Wine and Spirits, Barcino Corporation, Fly Ace Corporation, Bel Mondo Italia, Emperador Distillers, Aviver International, Best World Beverage Brands, Golden Wines, Grand Cru, and Booze On-Line.

Ticket prices for this year's 15th Grand Wine Experience is priced at P 5,000 inclusive of unlimited, drink-all-you-can wine and spirits from the featured selection of over 500 wines, beers, and spirits from 23 countries plus a sumptuous buffet spread. For Tickets, contact Jorge Joseph at +63297557298, +639178537501 or email You can also visit their FB Page for more information here at

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