Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cocktails and Comfort Food at The Bowery

Classic comfort food levels up paired with some very cool cocktails...

The Bowery NYC Comfort Food pairs its signature dishes with new and exciting cocktails for a winning combo and a unique dining experience. From starters to mains and desserts, Chef Cuit Kaufman pairs each dish with a refreshing and playfully inventive cocktail, complementing the rich flavors of his signature dishes.

Chef Cuit Kaufman (R), the native New Yorker behind the successful Borough, brings his comforting culinary style to The Bowery with an imaginative pairing of cool cocktails and classic dishes inspired by the rich flavors of New York. It's a flavorful slice of The Big Apple right here at The Fort.

Start your dining experience with The Bowery's signature Lobster Shrimp Truffle Mac and Cheese (P 1,300), an indulgent take on the classic mac and cheese, with plump lobster chunks, shrimps, creme fraiche, cream cheese, mozzarella, truffle oil, cracked black pepper, and garlic, served on a hot skillet. Think of it as an indulgent and tasty upgrade of the usual mac and cheese, a creative spin with the bigness of The Big Apple for over-the-top flavors. The rich blend of creme fraiche, mozzarella, and cream cheese makes this probably the creamiest mac and cheese in the metro, add some truffle oil, lobster, and shrimps, and you've got a killer mac and cheese like no other.

Pair your Lobster Shrimp Truffle Mac and Cheese with The Bowery's "SSS", or the "Sixth Street Special" (P 280), a refreshing blend of turmeric, fresh citrus, Absolut Vanilla Vodka, and star anise in a sugar and salt rimmed glass. The addition of turmeric, an homage to East Village's Little India, adds a distinct note. 

The richness of the Lobster Shrimp Truffle Mac and Cheese is tempered by the sharp citrus notes and turmeric of the Sixth Street Special, cleansing the palate and preparing you for another indulgent bite of the mac and cheese. It's a balanced pairing that works, without overpowering the flavors of the dish or the cocktail. As we wait for the main course, the Bowery's Steamed Mussels (P 470) arrived, with plump mussels steamed in a Thai-spiced beer broth served with grilled sourdough bread. The spicy beer broth and the briny sweetness of the mussels also pair well with the Sixth Street Special, with the distinct notes of the turmeric, citrus, and Absolut Vanilla Vodka base lingering long after the first sip, bringing out more of the flavors of the steamed mussels.

The Bowery's Roasted Rosemary Chicken (P 480), with tender and juicy chicken laid on charred mustard greens, creamy Parmesan polenta, and red wine steeped cherries, is one of those comforting classics you keep coming back to, with its rustic and homespun flavors that just warms you any time of day. The delicate notes of the chicken with its subtle hint of rosemary is punctuated by the tart and sweet cherries, rounded out perfectly by the creamy polenta and the mild bitter notes of the charred mustard greens. The range of flavors in this one dish is best paired with another of The Bowery's unique cocktails...

Pair your Roasted Rosemary Chicken with The Bowery's inventive Margariri (P 300), a fresh citrus margarita blended with apple vinegar and red wine in a salt and sugar rimmed glass. The infusion of apple vinegar adds a refreshing sourness to the cocktail that pairs so well with the Roasted Rosemary Chicken. 

Each bite of the tender and juicy chicken is complemented by the refreshing sourness of the apple vinegar infused cocktail, making you go for another slice. The Margariri also paired well with the next main dish, the homey Turkey Meat Loaf (P 820), with slabs of tender and juicy turkey meat loaf on caramelized onion mashed potatoes ringed by braised green beans and carrots and drizzled with red wine gravy. The bright and festive colors of the dish are a visual cue of the rich flavors from the different components of the dish, flavors that work well with the sweet and sour Margariri.

For dessert, Chef Cuit Kaufman draws inspiration from a cherished family recipe, Grandma's Pear Pie (P 650 good for two or more), a rustic pie served with vanilla bean ice cream and Hot Toddy Caramel Sauce that's perfect for sharing. It's a playfully inventive take on a classic, replacing sweet apples with mildly tart pears for a sharper bite. The velvety smooth vanilla bean ice cream and thick Hot Toddy Caramel Sauce weaves its own unique layers of flavors for an indulgent yet comforting dessert.

But Chef Cuit Kaufman has more flavorful surprises up his sleeves. The Bowery's Death by Chocolate Cake (P 360) was served next, an indulgent chocoholic's dream with a layering of seven different components with chocolate creme anglaise and coca nibs. The deep, rounded and robust full-bodied chocolate notes surround and drapes your mouth with all of its chocolate goodness, setting you up with another of The Bowery's creative cocktails...

Pair your Death by Chocolate Cake with The Bowery's Swazerac (P 440), a unique twist on one of the oldest cocktails, the Sazerac. Think of it as a Sazerac with some swag, a variation of an Old-Fashioned with Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof, chocolate liqueur tear drops, Xocolat Mole and orange cream bitters served in an Absinthe laced glass. 

After dessert, have another Swazerac for the road. A classic Old-Fashioned has always been a personal favorite, and The Bowery's Swazerac does the job perfectly, with its intense and woody, smoky notes from the rye whiskey rounded out by the deep chocolate notes of the chocolate liqueur and xoxolat mole, punctuated by the sharp orange cream bitters. This calls for another round. And another slice of Death by Chocolate Cake. Comfort food and cocktails, and you can find your favorite pairing at The Bowery.

The Bowery NYC Comfort Food is located at the Ground Floor, Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive corner 29th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or call (0936) 929-6073 for inquiries.  

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