Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sweet and Savory Treats by Baby Pat Ensaymada

Sweet. And savory. The classic Ensaymada, reinvented...

Baby Pat takes the classic ensaymada to a whole new level with its line of premium variants, offering a refreshing take on a classic. 

Packed in a brightly colored and attractive box, each sweet and savory ensaymada is wrapped in specific colors to identify the variant. The selection includes sweet ensaymada with a variety of sweet fillings and refreshing and new savory flavors. And opening a box from Baby Pat Ensaymada is always a treat...

The base of every premium ensaymada by Baby Pat Baby is the soft and fluffy yet chewy dough, draped in a rich layer of butter and sugar topped with cheese. The classic, and a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a thick cup of Spanish-style chocolate, and you've got a winning pair. Then, Baby Pat takes the classic and adds her own inventive spin with a variety of flavors for a new and exciting flavorful experience. Like Baby Pat's Premium Latik Ensaymada, infused with the local latik, the sweet and syrupy caramelized coconut cream, for a whole new ensaymada experience.

The addition of the caramelized coconut cream adds a new layer of flavor, with the sweet and nutty notes of latik delivering a new dimension of sweetness. Different and special, this one's a winner.

The Cinnamon Raisin Muesli Crunch is another unique variation, with sweet and complex notes. Just leave it to Baby Pat, with her many creative variations reflecting the versatility of the ensaymada. And there's more...from Baby Pat's Savory Selection, the Premium Vigan Longaniza Ensaymada is a sweet and savory blend combining the garlicky notes of the local pork sausage with the sweet butter and cheese dough. The mildly spiced local sausage is perfectly tempered by the ensaymada's sweetness for balanced flavors. 

And it's a combo that works. I fondly recall enjoying ensaymada with savory ham paired with hot chocolate for brunch during childhood, and this one brings back all those memories. Other flavors from the Baby Pat Premium Savory Selection include Majestic Chinese Ham, Sweet Ham with Salted Egg, Spam, Bacon Cream Cheese and Herbs, and Adobo

The Ube Queso de Bola is another flavorful spin, combining the sweetness of purple yam with the salty notes of cheese. As you slice the soft dough, one can see the purple swirls of yam inside weaving its own distinct flavor for a seamless blend in every bite. 

The nutty, sweet and mildly salty combo brings out the flavors of the filling and the buttery dough, for another new flavor experience. 

But there's more. Baby Pat has even more flavorful surprises up her sleeves, like the Nutella Ensaymada, with the soft dough draped in everyone's favorite hazelnut and chocolate spread. With its bright orange wrapper, this one's easy to spot. Baby Pat even has an equally indulgent  Speculoos variant as well... 

Other Premium Specialty Ensaymada flavors include the Classic Queso de Bola, Tablea, Salted Egg, and Peanut Butter ChocNut. Go for a dozen or two, and experience a whole new way of enjoying the classic ensaymada. 

Fir orders and more information on Baby Pat Premium Ensaymada by Pearl M. De Guzman, call 0923-975-9777 or (02) 775-1231. For other ensaymada flavors and specialty bread, you can also visit their FB Page here at

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