Monday, September 5, 2016

Breakfast at Chaplin

Why does poetry, or Bacon Cappuccino, Salmon Milkshake and Meatball Iced Tea, have to make sense?

Named after the iconic tramp himself, everything makes sense at Chaplin. Including the Bacon Cappuccino, Salmon Milkshake, and Meatball Iced Tea. It's just the way things are at Chaplin, making it the ideal spot to enjoy breakfast all day...

Located at the roof deck of Century City Mall in Kalayaan, Chaplin exudes a casual and cozy warmth that's so inviting, you'll wish you could stay just a little bit longer. Thoughtful touches, including elegant lamps shaped like the signature bowler hat, and classic canes add to the comforting yet quirky vibe of Chaplin. 

At Chaplin, anything is possible, all you have to do is ask. Like the Bacon Cappuccino (P 145), a frothy and freshly brewed cup with the bold and nutty notes of premium coffee punctuated by the sweet, salty, and smoky hints of bacon. It's a blend that pairs well, making you wonder why no one ever thought of doing it before. Then again, poetry like Bacon Cappuccino doesn't need to make any sense, at Chaplin. But it works.

And just like the iconic tramp, Chaplin relishes in challenging the norms, and boldly venturing out of the box. The normal iced tea is given a playful twist at Chaplin with their Meatball Iced Tea, a refreshing beverage with the subtle savory hints of meatballs and herbs for another surprising combo that works perfectly. 

And there's more. Chaplin served yet another flavorful surprise, the Salmon Milkshake (P 195), a creamy concoction with cream cheese and chunks of salmon with its briny sweetness. I have to admit, it took a while for me before I took that first sip. But the day seemed right to try something new and different, and it's like that at Chaplin every day. It's all about the seamless blend of subtle flavors, with distinct layers of different notes that don't overpower the other. The first sip coats your palate with familiar creamy flavors, followed by a whisper of briny notes from the salmon capped by the cream cheese. And just like some deep and profound line in poetry, nothing has to make sense at all, elevating the experience to something sublime yet fun. Just the way it should be.  

You can also enjoy more conventional items like a freshly brewed creamy Latte (P 160) at Chaplin to pair with your hearty breakfast or brunch...

...and their all-day breakfast menu presents a whole new way of starting the day right. Chaplin offers a wide range of classic and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, each one offering unique flavors and a tasty alternative to the usual breakfast fare.

The Waffle Benedict (P 335), classic Belgian-style waffle topped with two poached eggs draped in Hollandaise and served with bacon is a comforting combo that always hits the spot.

Gently tap the Eggs Benedict and let the yolk run, adding even more rich flavors to every slice of the soft and dense waffles. The richness is perfectly tempered by the bold, smoky notes of the bacon for balanced flavors.

The Italian Bruschetta (P 385), home-baked bruschetta topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and two eggs, is a light yet flavorful alternative to regular breakfast fare, with fresh ingredients providing all the rich and clean flavors.

I was told that the young couple behind Chaplin were constantly on the lookout for satisfying vegetarian dishes in the metro. Finding none, and Chaplin was born with a healthy mix of Mediterranean-style vegetarian dishes in its expansive menu. Chaplin's Bourekas (P 280), a flaky croissant-like open faced sandwich with boiled egg, tomato and pesto sauce served with fries and a Greek-style salad is an excellent way to start your day right without the guilt. And there's nothing like starting it right with fresh and clean flavors...

Chaplin also adds a unique and healthy dish with Tunisian and Moroccan Jewish origins, the rich and tart Shakshouka, to its all-day breakfast fare. The flavorful dish brings the rich flavors of the Mediterranean with two eggs poached in tomato sauce, chili peppers, and onions blended with a medley of spices including cumin. Served with fresh baked ciabatta and Greek salad, you can enjoy your Shakshouka with Black Olives, Eggplant, and Feta (P 365), Meatballs (P 375), Plain or Vegan  (P 295), or Solo (P 220).

With its tomato and spice base thickened by the poached eggs, simply tear out a piece of the ciabatta, then dip and swirl into the Shakshouka, delivering bright and vibrant flavors for a healthy and satisfying breakfast.

And it's also the perfect base for a pizza. The Shakshouka Pizza (P 325), a rustic pizza crust topped with tart tomato sauce, red bell peppers, onions, paprika, cumin, gran masala, mozzarella, and pesto topped with eggs adds a unique Mediterranean spin to the pizza with its tart tomatoes and rich blend of spices. The crisp and chewy dough absorbs the bold notes of the shakshouka base, releasing even more flavors with every bite.

The Chaplin Breakfast (P 495) is another vegetarian breakfast with fresh baked ciabatta served with chop salad and 8-dip platter of olive relish, spicy cream cheese, shakshouka dip, feta, eggplant, tahini, pesto, and tuna served with two eggs (any style). Try each dip individually, or make your winning combo. The eggplant and shakshouka dip works well, the tuna and spicy cream cheese is also another tasty pair. And unlike the usual heavy breakfast, this one leaves you energized and satisfied without that heavy, slow feeling.

Pair your breakfast or brunch with another cup of Bacon Cappuccino (P 145), and everything slowly makes sense, just like poetry, at Chaplin.

The refreshing and soothing Chaplin Tea (P 160), with honey, ginger, cinnamon, orange slice, and mint, is another must-try at Chaplin, and the perfect ending to a healthy yet satisfying breakfast. And it really all makes Chaplin.

Chaplin is located at the Fourth Floor, Roof Deck, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca Street, Poblacion, Makayi City or call 246-9069 ext. 996 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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