Monday, September 12, 2016

Inspired Local Flavors, Pokeballs, Pizza, Pasta, and More at Brooklyn's New York Pizza

Longganisa and salted egg on a pizza. Smoked fish on pasta. And Pokeballs transformed into a pizza. Who knew you could find all these, and more, at a pizza joint. Well, you Brooklyn's New York Pizza.

Brooklyn's New York Pizza shares its new dishes inspired by classic local flavors alongside its signature pizza and pasta dishes for a refreshing and new flavor experience. It's comfort food with a uniquely local spin, and Brooklyn's New York Pizza shows just how versatile pizza and pasta can be with their playfully inventive new dishes.

Start with Brooklyn's New York Pizza's signature Buffalo Wings (P 298) to get you in the right groove as you settle in to the casual and relaxed vibe at the joint along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. The wings are perfectly tender and juicy, capped by a lightly crisp outer layer bursting with rich, mildly sweet notes with just a whisper of heat to complete the flavors.

The Pesto by the Bay (P 159-Solo/225-Super Size) combines the nutty flavors of traditional pesto with the distinct notes of the smoked fish for an interesting take on pasta. I was told a few drops of vinegar would bring out even more flavor, and it does. It seemed funny at first, but the sharp notes of the vinegar works really well with the smoked fish.

Inspired by the recent Independence Day celebrations, Brooklyn's New York Pizza's The Patriot (P 328) was supposed to be a special seasonal offering, but its now part of the regular menu by popular demand. And rightly so, you just can't go wrong with three types of longganisa, garlic rice and a pair of sunny side-ups. It's a meal you can enjoy any time of day.

Local flavors take centerstage once more with Brooklyn's New York Pizza's La Filipizza, a rustic crust topped with longganisa, salted egg, kesong puti and tart tomatoes. The bold and mildly sweet notes of the local pork sausages and the salted eggs give this pizza a uniquely local spin, familiar and comforting, yet refreshingly new and different at the same time. And you guessed it, a light drizzle of local vinegar enhances the local flavors. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised sometimes, making food trips and discoveries so much more special.

And just when you thought the Pokemon craze was at its peak, you'll find this now iconic logo in a pizza. The Pokeball Pizza, topped with cheese, pepperoni and black olives, Brooklyn's New York Pizza's response to the global phenomenon.

The familiar design gives you two distinct flavors, cheese and pepperoni, punctuated by the sharpness of the olives for even more flavors. And if you can't seem to catch a Pokemon, have the Pokeball Pizza instead, and this should energize you in your next hunt for the elusive Pokemon.

Then, you can always rely on a classic at Brooklyn's New York Pizza.  The signature all-time favorite, the Cheese Pizza (P 246-Manhattan 10"/P 405-Queens 14"/P 630-Brooklyn 18"), has everything you like in a pizza, from the perfectly charred crisp and rustic crust to the blend of cheeses for that comforting slice of pizza. Pizza and pasta inspired by local flavors, the classic pizza, wings and longganisa, and even the Pokeball, you can find it all here at Brooklyn's New York Pizza.

Brooklyn's New York Pizza is located along Tomas Morato Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City or call 376-7676 for inquiries.

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