Thursday, September 29, 2016

#ZomatoXABSCBN Marikina Food Crawl: Korean Flavors at Kim Chee Korean Cuisine

Marikina gets a taste of Korean Kim Chee Korean Cuisine.

The second stop at the #ZomatoXABSCBN Marikina Food Crawl highlights authentic Korean flavors at Kim Chee Korean Cuisine, with table-top grilling as part of the dining experience. The varied and diverse culinary offerings in Marikina provide so many dining options, and if it's Korean you want, it's Kim Chee Korean Cuisine.

Located at the C & B Circle Mall along Liwasang Kalayaan Street in Marikina Heights, Kim Chee Korean Cuisine offers a variety of traditional Korean favorites, with all meals good for sharing. So bring your posse, and your appetite, to Kim Chee Korean Cuisine for a taste of Korea in the heart of Marikina.

As with all traditional Korean restaurants, the table-top grill is the highlight of any Korean dining experience. Kim Chee Korean Cuisine offers a wide selection of local and imported beef, pork, chicken and seafood, all marinated and ready to grill on your table.

Your meal at Kim Chee Korean Cuisine starts with traditional banchan, an assortment of pickled vegetables, including the iconic and spicy kimchi.

Pair your main dish with Kim Chee Korean Cuisine's Tofu Kimchi (P 350), a savory starter with pork, steamed tofu, and kimchi. Simply mix it all up and enjoy. The bold notes of the kimchi and savory richness of the pork are perfectly tempered by the velvety smooth tofu for balanced flavors.

Other tasty dishes include the Sei Wu Ti Gim (P 350), battered fried shrimps, like tempura...

...and the Gal Bi Jim (P 280), a savory and traditional beef rib stew simmered in a thick and mildly sweet sauce with potatoes and carrots sprinkled with sesame seeds.

And here's the beef. For your main course, fire up your table-top grill with Kim Chee Korean Cuisine's Cha Dolbaki (P 300), thinly sliced sirloin beef...

...the Seng Dung Sim (P 450), grilled beef brisket...

...and the L.A. Galbi (P 400), grilled marinated lateral cut beef ribs. The best way to enjoy the beef is to grill it just right, searing the outer layer while leaving a juicy pink center. Each dish is served with fresh and crisp lettuce, garlic, chili and fermented soy bean paste. Grilling right on your table and rolling up the freshly grilled beef with lettuce adds to the dining experience at Kim Chee Korean Cuisine. The flavors are bold and upfront, just the way it should be. If it's Korean you want, it's Kim Chee Korean Cuisine in Marikina.

Kim Chee Korean Cuisine is located at C & B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Street, Marikina Heights, Marikina City or call 209-3690 or 0933-092-0180 for inquiries.

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