Sunday, September 25, 2016

Take Two at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

Going back for seconds at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant...

After sampling the signature set menu of Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant during the formal preview (more on the lunch preview on my earlier post, All Set for Teishoku at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant), I'm back for more. This time, for a taste of the other dishes. Read on for a peek at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant's extensive offerings...

Aside from their signature set meals, Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant also offers a variety of side dishes like the Asari Sakamushi (P 220), fresh clams steamed in sake, perfect starters before the mains.

The briny sweetness of the plump clams are infused with the mild yet sharp notes of the sake, giving it depth and enhancing its clean and fresh flavors. Drizzle some lemon for even more layers of flavors, and your dining experience at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant is off to a great start...

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant's version of Karaage (P 295), Japanese-style fried chicken, is another must-try dish. Tender and juicy with a crisp outer layer, each bite delivers rich flavors and textures, capped by the smooth Japanese mayo.

Served with a side salad, it's another perfect starter to pair with your set meal at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant.

But don't forget to start right with a refreshing salad. The Ontama Salad (P 290), garden-fresh greens topped with Parmesan cheese and slow-cooked egg with your choice of dressing including Sesame, Caesar, or Shoyu-based vinaigrette, is another play on flavor and texture with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts. The Caesar dressing adds a creamy richness to the clean notes of the mixed greens, enhanced even more by the distinct notes of the Parmesan and the equally rich slow-cooked egg.

For the mains, the Teriyaki Salmon Teishoku (P 540) is a light, healthy and flavorful option at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, with stir-fried salmon and vegetables draped in a sweet teriyaki sauce served with steamed white rice, miso soup, tamago, and Japanese pickles. The bold flavors of the sweet teriyaki glaze do not overpower the buttery notes of the salmon for a delicately balanced dish.

But if you're craving for beef, Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant's Sukiyaki Teishoku (P 550) should do the trick, a traditional beef hot pot with assorted vegetables and noodles simmered and stewed in sukiyaki sauce.

The rich notes of the tender and thinly sliced beef are kicked up a notch by the sweet and savory sukiyaki sauce for a traditional Teishoku set meal.  And it's the little details, like the intricately knotted noodles (L), that make your dining experience at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant even more special. 

The savory blend of beef and pork in a juicy patty is another favorite in Teishoku-style meals, and the Wafu Hamburg (P 335) offers comforting flavors. Topped with minced radish and spring onions, the best way to enjoy and appreciate the dish is to slice a piece and enjoy it on its own, then add some radish and spring onions, before pouring the sauce to savor each individual flavor. After a few bites, pour the sauce and mix everything together, perfect with a bowl of steamed white rice.

There's just so much more to try at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, and going back for a third visit sounds like a plan. Experience authentic Teishoku-style meals at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, now open at SM Megamall...

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant is located at the 3rd Floor, Bridgeway, Building B of SM Megamall, or visit their website at and their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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