Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Authenticity and Tradition: Taste Japan at Inagiku

A rich culinary tradition and heritage continues to thrive at one of the metro's premier Japanese establishments with authentic Japanese dishes mastered for over 150 years...

Established way back in 1866, Inagiku has become one of Japan's culinary instititutions, serving traditional Japanese dishes with the finest seasonal ingredients. And now you can experience and savor 150 years of culinary artistry and exceptional Japanese cuisine...at Makati Shangri-La, Manila

The inspiring story of Inagiku began 150 years ago in Asakusa, Japan, with their signature tempura dishes using the freshest seasonal seafood and vegetables. In 1973, Inagiku set out to expand internationally and to-date, has restaurants in Singapore, China, France, and the Philippines. At Makati Shangri-La, Japanese Manager Yoshio Ishikawa (R)...

...and award-winning Executive Chef Wataru Hikawa (L), ensure that each dish reflects the highest standards perfected for over 150 years at Inagiku. And only the finest ingredients imported from Japan are used to maintain the storied tradition of excellence at Inagiku for bold, fresh and clean flavors that make Japanese cuisine unique. 

As with all traditional Japanese dishes, each plated masterpiece first feeds the eyes with its vibrant colors before pleasing the palate. A delicate balance of flavor and texture then follows to complete the sensory experience. Executive Chef Wataru Hikawa draws inspiration from the distinct flavors of seasonal ingredients, recreating the flavors of spring, summer, autumn, and winter with an impressive repertoire of dishes starting with the elegantly executed Zensai, seasonal assorted Japanese appetizers for a medley of rich flavors.  

Executive Chef Wataru Hikawa then takes you on a culinary journey of fresh flavors with a variety of seafood dishes...

...with his Sashimi Five Kinds laid on a bowl of ice. The ice ensures you enjoy the freshest notes at its flavorful peak, with the briny sweetness of fresh tuna, salmon, hamachi, yellow tail tuna and squid coating your palate in every bite.

The Aburi Goten, with five kinds of special delicately grilled sushi, is another expression of the richness of Japanese cuisine, with fresh seafood topped with fish roe, special sauces, and torched for sweet and smoky notes. It's this play on flavors blending seamlessly that reflects Japanese cuisine's delicate balance, recreated at Inagiku. 

The creamy texture and sweetness of Inagiku's Mango Dragon Maki combines with the briny notes of the fish roe for an explosion of flavors...

....while the soothing heat from the Spicy Salmon Maki adds yet another flavorful experience at Inagiku. The intense spicy notes are perfectly tempered by the creamy and buttery flavors of the salmon, and going for seconds and thirds just seems right.

The Gindara Misoyaki maintains the natural sweetness of the masterfully grilled silver cod marinated in miso. The plating alone tells you this is special. 

The Papaya Oysters, with plump oysters grilled and draped in a rich and creamy sauce and laid on fresh papaya, is an absolute must-try dish at Inagiku and a personal favorite. The rich yet subtle notes of the plump oysters take on a refreshing new flavor with the papaya, contrasting flavors that complement without overpowering the other for a perfect pairing. 

The classic Ebi Tempura is given a tasty spin with a side of matcha salt instead of the usual soy dipping sauce. Dipping your tempura in matcha salt retains its crisp texture while enhancing its delicate flavors. It's all about masterfully weaving different flavors in a delicate balance, and Inagiku does this so well...

...like the Tofu Tosa Age, deep-fried tofu wrapped in smoky bonito flakes. The mild, nutty hints of the soft tofu is kicked up a notch by the bonito flakes for another flavorful blend. During the preview, each dish served presented a progression of flavors, starting with subtle notes to intense flavors. 

Japanese Manager Yoshio Ishikawa then prepared the next dish, the Udon Suki Nabe, a hearty and comforting hot pot dish with assorted seafood, chicken, and vegetables. Gently simmering over a low fire, the light broth slowly absorbs the richness of the different ingredients for another tasty dish.

And here's the beef. Inagiku's Usuyaki Steak, thinly sliced fork-tender beef with mushrooms and garlic, adds that layer of savory richness to another memorable dining experience at Inagiku. The bold notes of the premium beef are capped by layers of flavors from the mushrooms and crunchy garlic bits in another perfectly balanced combination. 

Our Japanese feast is capped by Inagiku's indulgent Mochi Ice Cream with Wagashi, intricate and colorful confections, best paired with a soothing cup of Japanese tea.

Authenticity and tradition, with perfectly balanced delicate and intense notes presented in a flavorful and visual feast for the senses matched by impeccable service, all weave a continuous tapestry of intricate details and touches for a memorable dining experience...at Makati Shangri-La, Manila's Inagiku. 

Inagiku is located at the Mezzanine Level of Makati Shangri-La, Manila and is open for lunch at 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. For inquiries and reservations, you may call Restaurant Reservations at (63 2) 814-2580 or simply click this link, Book-A-Table/Inagiku/Makati Shangri-La Manila.

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