Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cool Latin Vibes at Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

Kapitolyo gets a fresh infusion of vibrant flavors with a distinct and festive Latin vibe... Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, the newest dining concept along East Capitol Drive in Pasig City. Inspired by the rich culinary heritage from down south of the border and Latin America, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew offers diners one more dining option in the bustling Kapitolyo neighborhood, one of the popular foodie destinations in the metro. Read on and take a peek at their inventive Latin American-inspired culinary offerings...

During the formal opening of Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, rows of fresh and colorful floral arrangements added to the festive celebration. The spacious dual level interiors provide numerous seating options, great for dining out with friends or family. You can also find a cozy bar on the ground floor and intimate spots above on the second floor. 

Inside Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, bold and bright colors add to the cool Latin vibe with several murals created by local artists. Weathered wooden window panels and frames along with a gigantic map of South America and caricatures of a mariachi band are just some of the visual treats inside Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew.

After the priest's formal blessing and the ceremonial showering of coins, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew's own mariachi band takes over, and the kitchens are fired up for the inaugural lunch of Latin flavors. From the moment you enter Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, the visual cues trigger that unmistakable Latin feel... 

...and it's a good time to settle down with a cold beer, a cool cocktail, or a round of refreshing beverages like Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew's signature Iced Tea (L) sprinkled with chia seeds or the soothing and fresh Cucumber Juice (R) served in rustic mason jars. A few more sips, and the signature dishes were served...  

My Latin experience at Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew starts with huge platter of Nachos el Gigante (P 375), a generous serving of crisp tortilla chips, layered with beef barbacoa, tomato salsa, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, a trio of cheeses, chimichurri, and Mexican crema. The nachos are perfectly crisp, and the ideal base for the medley of rich flavors from the different ingredients. Great for sharing, but I wouldn't mind having this all to myself.

A duo of tacos were then served next, showcasing the creative culinary style of young chef and co-owner Jerwyn Rabo. The Salted Egg Shrimp Tacos (P 145), with crispy shrimp draped in salted egg sauce topped with curry leaves and slaw on a soft tortilla, infuses local flavors with the Latin vibe. The plump shrimps coated in salted egg gives this taco a distinctly Asian spin, capped by a crisp and refreshing slaw and aromatic curry leaves. The flavors pair well together with a balanced richness, but I wouldn't complain if they could just pump up the salted egg flavors just a notch higher for that punchy kick.

The Beef Barbacoa Tacos (P 145), with slow-cooked beef belly, chimichurri, pico de gallo, pickled onion, and slaw topped with tortilla crisps on a black tortilla, is poised to become their best-seller. The rich beefy notes of the slow-cooked beef belly is layered with the sharp hints of the fresh and tart pico de gallo and the pickled onion, the nutty chimichurri and the crisp slaw. The tortilla crisps add texture with every bite to complete the dish. A cold beer and a pair of Beef Barbacoa Tacos...perfect.

More savory dishes are served, including their signature Tittos Wings (P 245), crisp and juicy chicken wings coated in a sweet and smoky chipotle BBQ glaze served with Romaine lettuce and Mexican crema. Crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy inside, the delicate notes of the chicken are complimented by the sweet, smoky and spicy chipotle BBQ glaze, leaving a lingering yet comforting heat.

I've tasted numerous versions of elote, and Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew's savory Elote (P 180) is definitely a must-try, with char-grilled sweet corn brushed with smoked paprika butter, mayo lime, and tamarind spice topped with crumbled queso fresco and chicharon. The tamarind spice adds a unique layer of flavor, perfectly finished by the crunchy chicharon for both flavor and texture. Each kernel of corn releases its natural sweetness, followed by the distinct notes of the smoked paprika butter, mayo lime, tamarind spice, queso fresco and chicharon. It's a fiesta of Latin flavors on a plate.

For the main course, chef Jerwyn Rabo adds his own playful inventiveness to the classic paella with the Paella de Carne (P 320 Medio good for 3-4/P 540 Grande good for 6-8), Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew's creative take on paella with grilled chicken inasal, chorizo, sofrito, green peas, French beans and eggs. The smoky chicken inasal and the sofrito-enriched fluffy rice pair well together for another comforting dish.

Here's the beef. The 18-Hours Gaucho Steak (P 480), tender hanger steak served with a side of fresh vegetables, chimichurri, gravy, and beef bits topped with crispy onions, should satisfy your craving for beef. The beef is first slow-cooked for 18 hours in the classic sous vide cooking method, then delicately seared to lock in all the flavors. The result? Fork-tender beef with bold and rich favors, and another satisfying dish at Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew.

Looking for some pork love? The Costillitas (P 310), Cuban baby back ribs served with vegetables and House BBQ sauce, should do the trick. The fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs deliver savory notes punched up by the sweet and smoky BBQ sauce for classic flavors.

For dessert, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew follows through with their inventive style with the Tittos Ube Churros (P 210), definitely not your usual churros, made with ube and capped with white chocolate frosting on caramel and chocolate drizzle. Who would've thought purple yam and churros could be combined together for a flavorful union to cap your Latin-inspired feast at Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew. Inventive flavors that's comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different with a festive Latin vibe matched with reasonable pricing, seems like another winning concept out of East Capitol Drive.

After a satisfying meal, head out back and enjoy a few more rounds in a secret bar...if you know the password. Just punch in the password and open the red door, and continue your Latin vibe with some serious partying behind Tittos Latin BBQ & Bar...

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew is located at 16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City or call (02) 246-9069 extension 790 for inquiries and more information.

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