Friday, November 18, 2016

Wagyu Japanese Beef: More Than Just a Meat Shop.

Why leave the meat shop when you can have your choice of the finest beef prepared to your preference right there?

Wagyu Japanese Beef at Bonifacio Global City is more than just a premium meat shop and importer of the finest Wagyu beef, it's also the perfect spot for a taste of authentic and modern Japanese cuisine using their impressive inventory of imported Wagyu Japanese beef. And the best way to sample their inventive take on authentic Japanese flavors is with Wagyu Japanese Beef's sumptuous Omakase Course Menu, featuring a selection of Head Chef Go Okura's new and creative dishes...

Head Chef Go Okura (L), flanked by owners Clar Chia-Siy and her sister, welcomed the group for the formal tasting of Wagyu Japanese Beef's special Omakase menu. The wide selection of chef's recommendations reflects Wagyu Japanese Beef's approach to modern Japanese cuisine, and leave it to Head Chef Go Okura... amaze you with his culinary masterpieces using the freshest ingredients for rich flavors. A trio of appetizers, the Moriawase Sampler, with Okra Tofu, Nanbanzuke or marinated deep-fried fish, and Marinated Crab, kicks-off your Omakase-style dining experience at Wagyu Japanese Beef. The delicate notes of the deep-fried fish are layered by the intense flavors of the marinade, while the Okra Tofu combine both flavor and texture in a seamless blend, and the marinated crab releases a burst of rich briny sweetness, opening up your palate for Head Chef Go Okura's next round of dishes.

The day's freshest catch is served next with Wagyu Japanese Beef's Sashimi, with premium Salmon, Tuna, and Hamachi. Each slice delivers fresh and clean notes, flavors you can only experience with chilled and never frozen seafood of the highest quality.

Head Chef Go Okura then offers a taste of their premium beef with the Japanese-style Kobe Beef Pot-Au-Feu. Presented in a elegant pot, the dish features the neck part slowly simmered until tender, melting-in-your-mouth followed by the rich flavors of the broth. The best way to enjoy the dish is to first pour the broth on a cup for a few sips. You can drizzle some calamansi on the broth for another sip, with the sharpness of the calamansi adding even more flavor to the broth. Next, pick a piece of the tender Kobe Beef, along with some fresh vegetables, to complete the flavors.

Head Chef Go Okura then prepared the next dish with their signature selection of imported Japanese Wagyu beef, the Wagyu Yukke, seasoned raw Wagyu beef topped with egg yolk drizzled with sesame oil and sprinkled with spring onions. The deep, vibrant colors of the tender strips of Wagyu beef releases a richness unmatched by regular beef, followed by layers of nutty flavors from the sesame oil punctuated by the sharp hints of spring onions and capped by the egg to complete the medley of flavors.

But Head Chef Go Okura has even more tricks up his sleeves. Wagyu Japanese Beef's crisp Ebi Tempura (L) is then served, with its light batter coating the plump shrimps followed by the elegantly plated Kobe Beef Cold Salad Wrap with Ponzu Gelee (R)...

The Kobe Beef Cold Salad Wrap features a thin slice of premium beef rolled with fresh vegetables and peppers topped with a ponzu gelee, fish roe, and spring onions, and this one tastes as good as it looks. No dipping sauce is needed, as the ponzu gelee provides all the intense flavors to temper the natural richness of the beef, with the fresh peppers, fish roe and spring onions adding clean flavors and texture with every bite. This one's a must-try, and a personal favorite.

A pair of seafood dishes are served next, starting with the Fried Lapu-Lapu Asparagus, a lightly battered fresh asparagus rolled with a tender fillet of lapu-lapu and deep-fried to a light and delicate crispness...

...and the Uzaku, a rustic grilled eel draped in a sweet glaze paired with paper-thin slices of pickled cucumbers and seaweed. The bold and rich flavors of the grilled eel are perfectly balanced by the sharp notes of the cucumber and seaweed salad, cleansing the palate as you go for yet another tasty bite of the grilled eel.

But you can expect even more beef dishes with the new Omakase Course Menu at Wagyu Japanese Beef, like the Wagyu Niku Maki, a savory Wagyu beef vegetable roll, to satisfy your beef craving. Lightly seared, the beefy notes of the premium beef are preserved, capped by the fresh and crisp notes of the vegetables.

And here's the beef. Wagyu Japanese Beef's Kobe Beef Stone Grill, with slices of premium chuck roll, is the highlight of the evening's dinner.

The perfect marbling of the chilled and never-frozen Kobe beef alone is enough to get your appetite going, even after being served a number of tasty dishes. The flat stone grill is then set on the table-top burner, and once the right temperature is reached, you're ready to grill your Kobe beef. As the premium beef sizzles on the flat stone grill, a fragrant aroma rises, and in minutes, it's ready. The Kobe beef simply melts-in-your-mouth, releasing a buttery richness. Drizzle it with Wagyu Japanese Beef's green tea salt, and the beefy notes punch through with more intense flavors. Just perfect.

A pair of Spicy Salmon Rolls is then served, fresh notes with a soothing layer of heat, perfect after the Kobe Beef Stone Grill.

In between bites, check out the chiller at Wagyu Japanese Beef and bring home some premium beef...

Head Chef Go Okura's inventive Wagyu Sisig topped with egg rounds up our tasty Omakase Course Menu at Wagyu Japanese Beef. it's definitely not your usual sisig, think of it as a beefy upgrade to the classic dish. And it works. The extensive variety of dishes and flavors highlight Wagyu Japanese Beef's creative approach to authentic and modern Japanese cuisine, and using the finest ingredients adds to the rich flavors. Diners can have a taste of Wagyu Japanese Beef's sumptuous Omakase Course Menu starting next week, and just leave it to Head Chef Go Okura and his selection of chef's recommendations for a memorable dining experience.

Wagyu Japanese Beef is located at Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call +63-916-243-8221 for inquiries and more information.

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