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Elegant Cantonese Cuisine at Man Ho, Now Open at Marriott Hotel Manila's New West Wing.

Marriott Hotel Manila opens its new West Wing featuring luxurious accommodations, an elegant Executive Lounge, a classic bar, and the metro's newest culinary destination...

The signature Cantonese restaurant of Marriott properties worldwide, diners can now experience traditional Cantonese cuisine at Man Ho, the newest dining option at Marriott Hotel Manila. Man Ho formally opens its doors to the public on November 29, 2016, for dinner service at 6:00 pm. Read on and take a flavorful peek at Man Ho's world-class Cantonese cuisine...

Roasted Goose, Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce, Dim Sum, Smoked Pompano, and Asparagus with Fresh Crab Meat Sauce, authentic Cantonese cuisine and just some of the signature dishes at Marriott Hotel Manila's newest Chinese restaurant, Man Ho takes your Cantonese dining experience to new heights with exquisite dishes masterfully prepared by Chef Law Wui Wing. A Hong Kong native, Chef Law Wui Wing has been cooking in Chinese kitchens since he was fifteen years old, working in some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong and Japan. Chef Law Wui Wing's wealth of experience includes stints as Executive Chinese Chef at the JW Marriott Hotel in Shanghai, the Pearl Restaurant at the Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall, and at the Marriott China Hotel in Guangzhou. As Executive Chinese Chef at JW Marriott Hotel, Chef Law Wui Wing gained recognition for the Man Ho restaurant he opened in Shanghai when it was named one of the top ten Cantonese restaurants for three consecutive years by Shanghai Modern Weekly, firmly establishing Man Ho as the flagship Cantonese restaurant of Marriot's global properties. Chef Law Wui Wing brings the same level of excellence in Cantonese cuisine to the metro with the opening of Man Ho at Marriott Hotel Manila. 

Inside Man Ho, the usual reds of traditional Chinese restaurants are replaced by deep, earthy tones of dark woods and grey stones reflecting a more formal and elegant look. The table settings reinforce the elegant feel of Man Ho, draped in natural light peeking through the massive glass walls.

The interiors exude a modern and contemporary vibe accentuated by elegant Chinese-inspired touches capped by impressive high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass windows with a view of the golf course and intricate wood carving details. Man Ho can accommodate 140 diners in the spacious interiors, with six private rooms for functions. 

Before noon that day, Chef Law Wui Wing (L) and Michelle D. Garcia (R), Marriott Hotel Manila's charming Director of Marketing Communications, welcomed guests during the media preview at Man Ho. Shortly after, Chef Law Wui Wing headed back to the kitchen to prepare Man Ho's signature dishes...

Led to our tables by the courteous and attentive staff of Man Ho, we all eagerly waited in anticipation for Chef Law Wui Wing's take on authentic Cantonese dishes. Traditional dipping sauces were then placed on the table, along with a bowl of sweet candied walnuts sprinkled with sesame seeds, tasty bites before the feast.

For the tasting preview, Chef Law Wui Wing prepared a sumptuous Cantonese feast including flavorful starters and savory mains to dessert. Since his arrival back in 2014, Chef Law Wui Wing has overseen banquets for up to 1800 people at Marriott Hotel Manila for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and other festive occasions. With the opening of Man Ho at Marriott Hotel Manila's new West Wing, Chef Law Wui Wing's elaborate and exquisite Cantonese dishes will be available to diners daily starting November 29, 2016, at 6:00 pm.

Our tasting preview at Man Ho began with a refreshing Vegetable Salad with Sesame Dressing (L) with crisp garden-fresh greens draped and drizzled with a nutty sesame dressing, and a serving of Smoked Pompano (R), with tender chunks of fresh fish delicately smoked for fresh and clean flavors capped by a subtle sweetness. 

For Chef Law Wui Wing, freshness is key in preparing authentic Cantonese dishes for bold and intense flavors. Man Ho's Japanese Cucumber is just one example of using the finest and freshest ingredients for real flavors. Sweet and crisp with a snap in every bite, even the simplest dishes come to life when only the freshest ingredients are used. "I always make sure of the freshness of the ingredients," explained Law. Chef Law Wui Wing imports many of the seafood served at Man Ho, including fresh and succulent king prawns and crabs from Hong Kong. Man Ho's pigeons and suckling pigs are also imported from China. Even on his days off, Chef Law Wui Wing visits old Chinatown to check out the fresh produce. One of his favorite items in Chinatown are imported almonds which he tediously grinds to a fine dust for his signature Almond Cream dessert.

A trio of signature dim sum were then served next, each prepared by Du Wen Bo, a specially-trained chef who worked previously at the Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall, including steamed Chicken Feet...

...the delicate Har Gao, delicate dim sum filled with plump prawns...

...and comfortingly familiar Siao Mai, steamed pork dumpling topped with crab roe, served on bamboo steamers. Chefs Law Wui Wing and Du Wen Bo collaborate on a wide range of dim sum specialties to add to your dining experience at Man Ho. At Man Ho, the steamed dumplings are only prepared and cooked upon order and served steaming hot.

Chef Law Wui Wing's take on Cantonese cuisine is characterized by his honest and no-compromise approach, using less salt and oil and absolutely no MSG in all his signature dishes, like his elegant Asparagus with Fresh Crab Meat Sauce, combining the briny sweetness of the fresh crabs with asparagus draped in a thick sauce. The flavors are subtle yet rich, allowing you to taste more of the fresh ingredients.

Next, Chef Law Wui Wing's Seafood Soup with Tofu and Caviar was served, a hearty and comforting dish loaded with fish, scallops and prawns with silky soft tofu at the center topped with caviar. The thick and flavorful broth bursts with rich flavors, enhancing the nutty notes of the velvety smooth tofu, and capped by the briny notes of the caviar for complex yet balanced notes.

The juicy and savory notes of premium beef and spicy kick of black pepper come together in Chef Law's signature Beef Tenderloin with Bell Pepper in Black Pepper Sauce, with mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, and white onions.

The fork-tender beef is perfectly cooked, almost melting in your mouth releasing its juicy flavors lining your palate followed by a whisper of heat from the black pepper sauce. Just perfect.

The delicate notes of fresh seafood are highlighted in Chef Law's next dish, the Poached Boneless Wild Pink Garoupa with Pumpkin Sauce, with winter mushrooms and broccoli in a thick and mildly sweet broth. And just like all of Chef Law's dishes, the clean notes of the fresh ingredients come through without being overly seasoned.  

At Man Ho, diners can savor the rich flavors of Roasted Goose Hong Kong Style, succulent goose in a sweet plum sauce. Chef Law applies traditional methods in preparing the dish, resulting in another must-try dish at Man Ho. "We stuff the goose with Chinese herbs," explained Chef Law, "then we put it in front of a fan for about ten hours so that the skin will be very dry before we put it in the oven." It's a lengthy process that ensures the perfect crispness of the skin, contrasting with the tender and juicy meat. One bite is all you need to appreciate the tedious work behind each dish at Man Ho.

Man Ho's Fried Rice with Beef and Egg White, soft and fluffy rice with meat, seafood, and vegetables capped our sumptuous Cantonese feast.

For dessert, Chef Law served his indulgent Western Dessert Combination, perfect with a soothing cup of tea. You can also try Chef Law's other sinful desserts, including his Buchi stuffed with Ferrero Rocher chocolate and his Sweetened Almond Cream. Explore the new West Wing at Marriott Hotel Manila and discover the metro's newest culinary destination for modern and authentic Cantonese cuisine at Man Ho, opening on November 29, 2016.

Man Ho is located at the new West Wing of Marriott Hotel Manila, No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Manila or call (632) 988-9999 for reservations. 

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