Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back to Basics...at Grace Park.

From farm to table, seed to plate, the finest and freshest local organic and artisan produce are the essential ingredients in a culinary advocacy plated and served daily...

...it's all about going back to basics. At Grace Park, you can rediscover the pure and clean flavors of organic, all-natural and artisan local ingredients masterfully executed in a wide array of exquisite dishes, including fresh marlin from Bohol, rich and creamy Dumaguete butter, and succulent crabs sourced from Alaminos. You can find it all here...at Grace Park.

Located at One Rockwell, Grace Park is another dining concept by Margarita Fores (L), recently named as Asia's Best Female Chef for 2016 by Asia's Best 50 Restaurants awards. The first Filipino chef to receive such recognition, Gaita Fores continues to innovate with her organic, farm-to-table dining concept at Grace Park.

And going back to basics has never been this tasty or flavorful. Gaita Fores reinvents the classic seafood sinigang with her innovative Bohol Marlin, Dry Sinigang, Muscovado Teriyaki (P 450) at Grace Park, a refreshing new spin recreating the comforting tart notes of sinigang layered with mildly sweet hints from the muscovado teriyaki without overpowering the star of the dish, the Bohol Marlin. The blend of flavors and textures re-excites the palate, an experience that happens daily and often repeated at Grace Park.

Chicken and butter takes on a whole new and flavorful level with Grace Park's Dumaguete Butter Chicken, Ilokos Garlic (P 625). The tender and juicy chicken with a lightly crisp outer layer delivers delicate notes enhanced by the rich and creamy flavors of Dumaguete butter, capped by the nutty hints of Ilokos garlic. Squeeze some lemon to complete the flavors, and you're on your way to another satisfying meal at Grace Park.

Even the simplest pasta dish, the Mezzi Rigatoni with rich crab fat sourced locally from Alaminos with lemon confit, is an experience in itself. Simple, uncomplicated, just pure and bold flavors with the freshest ingredients. The richness of the crab fat is perfectly tempered by the sharpness of the lemon confit for balanced flavors.

The Lamb Adobo Rice (P 620) remains one of the most popular dishes at Grace Park, and one bite is all you need to know why. The fork-tender and fall-off-the-bone lamb adds a savory richness to the dish, followed by the familiar flavors of the equally rich and intense adobo sauce. The soft and fluffy garlic fried rice pairs perfectly with the Lamb Adobo for another satisfying dish at Grace Park.

That day, Gaita Fores served her desserts, paired with a soothing cup of brewed coffee...

...with the indulgent Eton Mess (P 295) to cap another memorable dining experience at Grace Park. But there's more. Grace Park now offers their new Farmhouse Meals, sumptuous sets with soup or salad paired with a main dish to add to your long list of flavorful options (more on Grace Park's Farmhouse Meals on my next post, Farm to Table: The New Farmhouse Meals by Grace Park). Go back to basics with real, pure, clean, and rich flavors...at Grace Park.

Grace Park is located at the Ground Floor, One Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive, Makati or call 843-7275 for inquiries and reservations.

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