Monday, November 7, 2016

Bringing Home Real Farm Freshness...with Holly's Chocolate Milk, Yoghurt, and Kesong Puti.

Got milk? And some yoghurt and kesong puti too...

Bringing home real farm freshness is easy...with Holly's 100% Premium Farm Fresh Milk. Chocolate, yoghurt, and kesong puti, each made with the freshest milk from the finest Holstein-Sahiwal milking cows for pure, rich, and clean farm fresh flavors in handy and convenient PET bottles and vacuum-sealed packs. Read on and bring home some real farm freshness...

Processed and bottled with the highest quality standards, the delicate and creamy notes are locked in with absolutely no artificial preservatives or additives, just pure and fresh milk. And there's just nothing quite like getting your chocolate fix with Holly's 100% Premium Farm-Fresh Chocolate Milk (for more on Holly's 100% Premium Farm Fresh Milk and other products from Real Fresh Dairy Farms Inc, see my previous posts, A Flourishing Social Enterprise: Real Fresh Dairy Farms Celebrates Eight Flavorful Years... and my visit to the farm on my other post, At The Source of Carmen's Best's Freshness at Real Fresh Dairy Farms).

The distinct notes of the chocolate add depth, capped by the creamy all-natural flavors of pure fresh milk. Each comforting sip coats your palate with a smooth yet indulgent richness that can only come from the purest and freshest milk.

Another tasty option is Holly's Milk Low-Fat Yoghurt, with its silky creaminess layered by hints of subtle sweetness and vibrant tart notes. Healthy and refreshing packed with rich flavors, it's a well-deserved yet guilt-free indulgence that not only taste good, it's good for you too. It's great as is straight from the bottle, or pair it with fruits and cereal drizzled with honey.

A soft and warm pan de sal becomes a creamy treat with Holly's Milk Kesong Puti, a local white cheese. Soft and delicate, each bite releases a comforting richness that just brings back so many fond memories of childhood summers. Made with pure and fresh milk from Holstein-Sahiwal milking cows as its base, the flavors are noticeably creamier than the usual commercial variety. And that's what you can expect from Holly's Milk. Ready to bring home some real farm freshness? Just look for the blue logo of Holly's, now available in selected supermarkets. 

For more information on Holly's Milk, visit their website at

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