Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2017 Giving Journal

As another year comes to an end, the season of giving reminds us all of the bigger picture, and it's time to begin writing the story of your own giving journey... 

...with the new 2017 edition of The Giving Journal by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Since 2009, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's The Giving Journal has grown and evolved reflecting the philosophy and advocacy of giving. Each page is a reflection of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's commitment to its community-based social responsibility program, giving back and changing lives for the better, one page and one cup at a time...

The 2017 Giving Journal is not only your daily guide for the year, it's also your personal companion in your own journey of giving. There's a more personal feel and vibe with The Giving Journal, nurturing your own sense of giving with each page. It's all about planting the seeds of giving on a personal level, and making a real, significant, and personal difference.

Since the very first edition of The Giving Journal back in 2009, one element remained consistent all throughout its evolution, threading each edition with one common theme, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's commitment to giving and to making lives better, one cup at a time.

The 2017 Giving Journal comes in four unique designs with a specific Giving Icon featured on the cover, representing the graphic representation of how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf commits to giving back to the community through the promotion of goodwill and social responsibility. And at the end of your giving journey, one reaches a transformational change in both mindset and attitude.

Each monthly divider features inspiring typography made by a contributing artist, and each month is illustrated with sketches to symbolize The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's various commitments as a brand and how they give back to the community.

As with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's previous editions of the The Giving Journal, a special section is included for special coupons and treats.

From seed to cup, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's commitment to quality is experienced with each and every cup. And with your new 2017 edition of The Giving Journal, the seeds of giving are slowly planted as you turn each page on your way on your own personal journey of giving.

For more on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's The Giving Journal 2017 and other updates, visit http://coffeebean.com.ph/ or follow the hashtags #SeasonOfGiving and #2017GivingJournal on social media.  

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