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An Easter Weekend Staycation at F1 Hotel Manila

Every year, I always look forward to another memorable staycation at my second home...

And for the past five years, F1 Hotel Manila has been home being one of my blog's first posts. That's five great years. And a milestone for F1 Hotel Manila. F1 Hotel Manila celebrates five successful years in the industry, and I've been fortunate to go along with the ride. 

From my very first staycation at F1 Hotel Manila back in 2013 for the launch of the long-running LuzViMinda culinary festival (check out all my posts on F1 Hotel Manila's LuzViMinda Food Festivals here at Simply Awesome: The LuzViMinda Filipino Festival of Flavors at F1 Hotel Manila, the second edition here at A Sneak Peek at F1 Hotel Manila's LuzViMinda 2 Buffet, the third edition at An Epic Celebration of Local Flavors at F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy, local regional flavors at Discovering Lotlotan at F1 Hotel Manila's LuzViMinda Buffet Dinner, and last year's edition, Classic All-Filipino Flavors with F1 Hotel Manila's LuzViMinda 4 Heirloom Recipes Festival) to last year's holy week staycation (more on my previous posts, A Palm Sunday Weekend Staycation at F1 Hotel Manila and Good Vibes: A Bonifacio Day Staycation at F1 Hotel Manila), it's just good vibes all around. Throughout these five years, my blog has also evolved, growing up along with F1 Hotel Manila. Going back to F1 Hotel Manila is pretty much like going home, greeted by the same warmth and smiles from the staff who've become friends over time.

And it's always great to be back. F1 Hotel Manila's courteous staff is the first link in a long chain of memorable experiences threading your stay at the hotel. And for five years, F1 Hotel Manila has maintained the familiar high level of service making each staycation a welcome escape from the urban grind.

No need to drive out of the metro for that Lenten escape, it's all here at F1 Hotel Manila. F1 Hotel Manila offered their Easter Room Packages bundled with their luxurious Suite rooms. Packages included their City Suite at P 5,400 net and Fort Suite at P 6,600 per night. The special Lenten offer included 30% off on the hotel's Easter Egg Hunt on April 16, 2017, Sunday at the Infinity Ballroom. Guests can also enjoy the hotel's facilities like the use of the swimming pool and gym, unlimited broadband WiFi access and more. Like my previous staycations at F1 Hotel Manila, going back to the hotel for another Easter weekend offered yet another opportunity to reconnect with old friends.

The spacious Suites at F1 Hotel Manila is your private sanctuary and home away from home, with its luxurious configuration that's also ideal for families. A separate living area and work space ensures you have everything you need for that perfect staycation at F1 Hotel Manila.

That Easter Weekend, F1 Hotel Manila offered lighter buffet options for lunch and dinner at F All-Day Dining. Affordably priced at P 888 net person, the special Lenten offering included a main dish of your choice, prepped ala minute, and served fresh to your table along with a sumptuous spread of salads and desserts.

Executive Chef Decker Gokioco and his team weaves in that final layer to complete your F1 Hotel Manila staycation experience with his sumptuous array of tasty dishes at F All-Day Dining. For this Easter Weekend staycation at F1 Hotel Manila, Executive Chef Decker prepared a light yet flavorful Lenten menu...

Start with seasonal garden-fresh greens including Iceberg, Romaine, and Lollo Rosso with corn, red onions, tomato, cucumber, beetroot olives, and diced fruits with Ranch, Caesar, Balsamic Italian, Thousand Island and Roasted Sesame dressing, along with Carrot and Squash Soup or Hot and Sour Soup (R).

At F All-Day Dining, guests were served a light Lenten Lunch buffet with a choice of one of three main courses a la carte style during the Easter weekend. Each dish is prepared ala minute, and served fresh from F All-Day Dining's open kitchen.

The main dishes included the light yet flavorful Burnt Coconut Mahi-Mahi, Kewpie and Garlic Chili served with Winged Beans and Steamed Rice, combining the fresh flavors of the mahi-mahi with the distinct notes of burnt coconut and garlic chili without overpowering the fish. It's the delicate balance of flavors that make this dish special.

The crisp and tender Chicken Kushikatsu with sweet Mango Sauce is another tasty option, with skewered chicken deep-fried to crunchy perfection. The juicy chicken and the crisp outer layer provide textural contrasts, with the subtle notes of the chicken kicked up by the tart and refreshing mango sauce to complete the flavors. You'll want some extra rice with this dish.

Or go with the Tiger Prawns with Panko Sesame Crust, keeping with the seafood theme of Lent. The fresh and plump prawns deliver a tasty snap with each bite, followed by a briny sweetness and crunch from the panko crust. Fresh and clean, uncomplicated flavors, just what you need for Lent. 

After the main dishes, cap your Lenten feast with F All-Day Dining's decadent desserts, like the Mocha Cake...

...the nutty Brownie Brittle (L), or the  Green Tea Cake (R), great with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Think of it as a well-deserved reward after a long and busy week, an indulgence you owe to yourself. So just go with the flow and enjoy sweet little bites for a sweet note to your Easter weekend staycation.

Not to be missed is the Halo-Halo Station, stocked with everything you need to make the perfect Halo-Halo. The Lenten Menu and buffet was available from April 13 to 15, 2017.

The staff at F All-Day Dining made sure we enjoyed another leisurely lunch, while the station chefs prepared plate after plate of savory dishes. F1 Hotel Manila is after all, BGC's Home of Happy Experiences, and the staff makes sure they live up to the monicker with a smile. It really feels like F1 Hotel Manila.

Later that evening, Executive Chef Decker Gokioco and his team whipped up another savory seafood feast for a Lenten dinner at the hotel's elegant function room, with Marinated Crab Meat Salad with Nachos...

...light and tasty starters paired with a comforting bowl of Prawn Bisque (L), a rich and hearty soup bursting with bold flavors followed by a whisper of soothing heat. Fresh Haricot Verts with Lemon Zest (R) was also served along with the main dishes for the evening's buffet dinner... the inventive Fish and Squid Churros with Tartare Sauce, crisp sticks with delicate flavors of seafood capped by the creamy tartare sauce. The lightly crisp outer layer contrasts with the soft fish and squid, releasing a bold and briny sweetness with every bite.

Black Pepper Crabs topped with scallions, chili, and garlic add to the festive mood of the evening. Go ahead and use your hands...

But Executive Chef had another must-try dish that evening, the Phyllo-Crusted Salmon with Okra Frites, Soy and Sesame Sauce and Garlic, with tender slab of premium salmon wrapped in a paper-thin sheet of unleavened dough. Topped with crisp salmon crackling and crunchy okra, it's another well-executed dish with a rich play on textures and balanced notes. The creamy salmon, with its buttery texture, is complemented by the soy and sesame sauce. Seconds? Absolutely.

For dessert, Poached Pears, Citrus Jelly, Mango Mousse served in shot glasses...

...and Orange and Cashew Nuts Sans Rival Bites cap yet another memorable staycation at F1 Hotel Manila.

The next day, F1 Hotel Manila treated hotel guests and the kids to a fun Easterrific Adventure Under the Sea Easter Egg Hunt at the grand Infinity Ballroom, with fun-filled activities like egg hunts, magic shows, balloon twisting, bubble shows, glitter tattoo, and egg decorating, with giveaway loot bags and brunch buffet.

Mornings at F1 Hotel Manila are always special. Maybe it's the warm smiles at the reception of F All-Day Dining. Maybe it's the bacon. Or both.

French Toast, pancakes, and waffles, if you can't decide, make it easy on yourself and have all three.

Bacon, garlic fried rice, scrambled eggs, and a spicy vinegar dip. Mornings are always special at F1 Hotel Manila. And there's more. For the whole month of May, F1 Hotel Manila offers fun-filled room and buffet packages for groups and families for the perfect summer weekend getaway. Indulge in F1 Hotel Manila's Seafood Splash at F All-Day Dining with a weekend feast from the day's freshest catch for only P 1,699 net. Bundle it with F1 Hotel Manila's "Fun"tastic Weekend Room Package for families paired with activities for the kids like outdoor movie nights, the weekend Play Zone with board games like Jenga and even a life-sized Snakes and Ladders, and dessert-making workshops. Limited room promotions are available at P 4,800 net for a Deluxe Room and P 5,400 net for a City Suite, inclusive of buffet breakfast for two plus the use of hotel amenities and facilities. Or why not give mom a treat with F1 Hotel Manila's Mother's Day Room Package from May 10 to 17, 2017, at P 6,700 net per night at the City Suite. And this comes with a relaxing one-hour in-room massage for mom too. Here's to a great five years with F1 Hotel Manila, and looking forward to even more good vibes at my second home in BGC...

F1 Hotel Manila is located at 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call (02) 908-7888 for inquiries and reservations. You can also send an email to

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