Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flavors of El Nido: Beads and Coffee at Bead Cafe

The best way to enjoy a soothing cup of coffee is to take it slow with a leisurely and unhurried pace. It's the kind of pace that not only lets you enjoy your coffee, but also gives you enough time to complete a bracelet made with a variety of beads...at Bead Cafe.

The expansive Lio Tourism Estate at El Nido now includes a coffee shop with a cool spin to complement its growing dining and retail establishments. Bead Cafe offers premium coffee and tea, iced and blended or hot, along with colorful beads in case your feeling inspired with the island vibe at El Nido. Ready for some coffee and beads? Read on for a sneak preview...

The new Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land is the first eco-masterplanned integrated resort community in Palawan, with hotels, restaurants, retail shops and restaurants all in one expansive 325 hectare development built on the principle of sustainability and inclusive growth for the least impact on the environment while benefiting local communities (for more on Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land, see my post on my other travel blog, Discover Lio El Nido...). Over half the property will be untouched and maintained as nature reserve sites, setting Lio Tourism Estate apart from other resort communities. With its own airport, and soon its very own sea port and transport terminal, Lio Tourism Estate is self-contained with everything you need inside the property. Coffee by the beach? Absolutely.

Earlier that day, we toured Lio Tourism Estate's very own farms, where the freshest garden greens, vegetables and pork are grown and raised. It's this commitment to doing thins right that makes Lio Tourism Estate special.   And you can taste the difference.

A few minutes drive from the farms is Lio Tourism Estate's other secret, their very own private lagoon surrounded by verdant greens and lush mangroves. Kayaks and bamboo rafts are available for rent in the protected lagoon. Keep an eye out for native ducks, an indicator of the lagoon's health.

A morning filled with adventure deserves a good cup of coffee. At Bead Cafe, each table is equipped with drawers filled with a variety of beads in all shapes, colors, and sizes. After a few rejuvenating sips of coffee to jumpstart your creative side, you're just about set to create your beaded bracelet. Or necklace. Or whatever you want.

In no time, guests at Bead Cafe were intensely focused on their beads after a few refreshing sips of coffee. Definitely different, Bead Cafe adds to the casual and Bohemian vibe at Lio Tourism Estate.

A refreshing Mocha Frappe (P 130 Tall/P 145 Grande/P 165 Jumbo) is just what you need after touring Lio Tourism Estate's farms and kayaking on the lagoon...

...or a sweet Caramel Frappe (P 135 Tall/P 145 Grande/P 165 Jumbo). Then, get started on your beads, or head down the beach for inspiration. Coffee at the beach with a beaded bracelet, only at Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land, El Nido's hottest new travel destination.

Bead Cafe is located at the Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan. Check out their FB Page for more updates at https://www.facebook.com/Bead-Caf%C3%A9-El-Nido

For more information on the Lio Tourism Estate, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/LioElNido/.

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