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And Bring The Kids Too. At Brotzeit...

Next time you want to enjoy an ice-cold Paulaner, why not bring the kids too? You can enjoy your Paulaner with Brotzeit's new Lunch Specials and the kids can have their own fun with the new Kinder Menu...

Brotzeit introduces their New Lunch Specials, perfect when paired with your favorite ice-cold Paulaner, and the new Kinder Menu for the kids. Now on its fourth year, it just keeps on getting better with good beer, good food, and good vibes at Brotzeit.

Chef Ivan Maminta (R), Brotzeit's Culinary Director, has been busy whipping up new dishes for the Lunch Menu, including a special menu just for the kids, and we got first dibs (for more on Brotzeit's signature dishes, see my previous posts, Three Must-Try Dishes at Brotzeit and A Quick Bite and a Cold Brew: Brotzeit's New Sandwiches).

And since my very first post on Brotzeit four years ago, one of my blog's very first posts (see my post here at Prost! Good Times at Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant), going back to Brotzeit is always special. And now, you can bring the kids too for an all-new family dining experience in true Bavarian style...

Brotzeit pulls all the stops to make the little ones feel extra special with their very own menu, Brotzeit's Kinder Menu, and other special treats. You can enjoy your Paulaner, and the kids have their very own dishes. A weekend lunch at Brotzeit is now a family affair, and how cool is that?

Brotzeit's new Kinder Menu is inclusive of a refreshing iced tea and a Kinder Joy treat for an extra special meal for the kids. And just how good is the Brotzeit's new Kinder Menu? I decided to get a little help from the experts...

And the new Kinder Menu seems to be a hit with the kids, some of the toughest food critics and pickiest eaters. For them, it's really simple. If they go for a second and a third bite, then that says a lot. Just ask my buddy Tiago... pensive little princess Chiara...

...and my witty and bubbly Lia, each one giving their unanimous thumbs up to Brotzeit's Kinder Menu.

As the kids enjoy their meal, have a refreshing Original Munchner Lager (Before 6pm: P 165-0.3 Liter/P 250-0.5 Liter/P 445-1 Liter/After 6pm: P 200-0.3 Liter/P 300-0.5 Liter/P 540-1 Liter), the world's best-selling Munich Lager with its clean, clear, refreshing and crisp notes. 

And here's what's in store for the kids at Brotzeit. The Kinder Fladen (P 350), a crisp flatbread topped with cheese and smoked ham, with the creamy notes of cheese layered with the distinct smoky notes of the ham on a rustic crust. Perfect for the kids.

The Corn Dog (P 350), a real childhood classic and favorite, with your favorite hotdog coated in old-fashioned cornmeal batter and deep-fried to a perfect crispness served with pommes and ketchup. And who doesn't love a corn dog? After a second round of Original Munchner Lager, I decided to get my own Corn Dog with a generous dab of mustard since the kids won't share. And I don't blame them. One bite, followed by a sip of Original Munchner Lager, and you've got good vibes all around, as you fondly recall your first Corn Dog (or "hotdog-on-a-stick") so many childhood summers past.  

The kids can also opt for Brotzeit's Pancakes (P 350), soft and fluffy pancakes draped with cream cheese glaze and topped with sprinkles or the comfortingly familiar Chicken Nuggets (P 350), with crispy fried chicken fillet served with crispy pommes and ketchup. Brotzeit also offers a Kinder Spatzle with cheese and bacon.

And Brotzeit has a full calendar of kid-friendly activities every Saturday for the whole month of May, so book and reserve a seat now...

Time for a third round of Original Munchner Lager, and it's your turn to enjoy Brotzeit's New Lunch Menu.

The Pork Belly Sandwich (P 265), pork love on sourdough bread with crispy pork belly topped with green apple salad is the perfect light yet satisfying dish for that quick lunch. The richness of the pork belly is tempered by the mildly sweet and tart green apple salad for balanced flavors with every bite. Pairs well with a cold Paulaner too.

The hearty Baked Spatzle (P 350), a rustic cheese spatzle with spinach and feta cheese, is another tasty option for lunch. The layers of cheese and the soft spatzle combine for comforting flavors, perfect when paired with a refreshing Original Munchner Lager.

Brotzeit's All-Day Breakfast (P 320) is one dish you can enjoy any time of the day, with garlic sausage, egg, bacon, roasted potatoes, and Bavarian beans. The classic sausage and potatoes combo is given an extra punch with the bacon and egg for a classic breakfast that's great for lunch and dinner too and anything in between with a cold beer. The soothing heat from the Bavarian beans rounds out the dish.

The Brathandl (P 265), a tender roast chicken quarter with reis pilav and green peas or pommes is your classic chicken meal with that Brotzeit spin. The tender and juicy chicken, with its crisp roasted outer layer adds textural contrasts followed by burst of intense and richly seasoned flavors.

The Brotzeit Burger (P 265), with a savory meat patty topped with bacon and caramelized onions on a brezn bun should satisfy any serious burger craving. The mildly sweet and smoky notes of the caramelized onions contrasts with the savory richness of the patty, capped by the sharp hints of the bacon. And that dark brezn bun completes the dish.

The hearty Reisfleisch (P 295), stewed pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables and rice is a meal in itself, generously loaded on a skillet. The tender pork, roasted vegetables and rice combine for a satisfying dish, and all you need is a cold Paulaner.

Pair your meal with Brotzeit's traditional Onion Rings or a refreshing Side Salad (P 80) to complete your lunch at Brotzeit. Other tasty sides include the Pommes Side (P 80), crisp French fries that go well with any of the New Lunch Menu, and the Chef's Dessert (P 190) to cap your meal on a sweet and indulgent note. 

Nothing like noodles for a comforting lunch, and Brotzeit's Pan-Seared Chicken Breast (P 350) hits the spot with a tender and delicately seasoned chicken breast stuffed with bacon and onions and laid on German flat noodles draped with mushroom sauce. The chewy noodles coated with rich mushroom sauce adds layers of flavor to the delicate notes of the chicken, punctuated by the distinct flavors of the bacon and onion stuffing. 

Jaeger Schnitzel (P 350), deep-fried breaded pork cutlet with mushroom sauce and pommes, is a personal favorite. Perfectly crisp on the outside, and juicy inside, the flavors are fresh and clean, with the rich mushroom gravy and lemon adding even more flavors. A typical pork and potatoes Bavarian-style lunch with a cold brew, just can't get better than that.

And if you're still hungry, there's always Brotzeit's signature dishes. Make it a real Bavarian style feast with the Brotzeitplatte (P 2,500 good for 4-5 hungry persons), the popular Brotzeit Platter with crispy oven-roasted Schweinshaxn or Pork Knuckles, a selection of Brotzeit's signature Sausages, Pork or Chicken Schnitzel and two side dishes of your choice. This platter calls for another round of Original Munchner Lager.

Looking for sausages with a spicy twist? Brotzeit's Huhnerwurst (P 460), spicy chicken sausages with potato salad and sauerkraut, should do the trick. Another ice-cold Paulaner? Yes, please.

Cap your Bavarian feast with Brotzeit's indulgent Eiskaffe (P 180), a Bavarian-style iced coffee with a shot of espresso topped with a scoop of velvety smooth vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and almonds...

...or the equally decadent Heisse Schokolade, a rich and creamy hot chocolate made from premium bittersweet chocolate topped with whipped cream.

Or go for a liter of the Original Munchner Lager for the road. New Lunch Menu, the Kinder Menu, and the old favorites, Brotzeit is still looking good after four years, and that deserves another toast. Prost!

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant is located at 112 Streetscape, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City or call 631-1489 for reservations and inquiries.

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