Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flavors of El Nido: Global Flavors at Globy Travelling Chef

South American, Thai, Indian, Filipino and Indonesian flavors, the best of global cuisine, converge at Lio El Nido's Globy Travelling Chef...

Hit by a sudden craving for Indonesian-style Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay in the picturesque coast of Lio El Nido? Or maybe some Indian Chicken Tikka Masala? No worries. Globy Travelling Chef at Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land has it all covered to satisfy your globe-trekking palate...

Located at the center of Lio Beach Village fronting the famed beach, Globy Travelling Chef offers al fresco dining with bean bags and a view. Part of the massive Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land, the 325 hectare development is the first eco-masterplanned integrated resort community in Palawan, with its own airport and soon its own sea port and transport terminal, hotels, retail and dining establishments and a residential community. Guided by the principle of sustainability and inclusive growth ensuring the least impact on the environment while benefiting local communities, over half the property will remain untouched as nature reserve sites and open spaces (for more on Lio Tourism Estate, see my post on my other travel blog, Discover Lio El Nido...). 

Our second day at Lio El Nido began with a tour of Lio Tourism Estate's very own farms, where garden fresh greens and pork are raised organically adhering to the environmental advocacy set by Ayala Land. It's this delicate balance of nature and development that sets Lio Tourism Estate apart from the usual resort communities.

A few minutes drive from the farm is Lio Tourism Estate's other secret, their very own lagoon surrounded by lush mangroves. Kayaks and bamboo rafts are available for rent for a tranquil cruise around the protected lagoon. Keep an eye out for native ducks, a sure sign of the lagoon's ecological health.

A farm tour and kayaking in Lio Tourism Estate's private lagoon in the morning, and you're just about ready for lunch with this breathtaking view right across Globy Travelling Chef's al fresco dining area.

A fresh Banana Shake starts off your international dining experience at Globy Travelling Chef. Globy Travelling Chef offers a variety of fresh juices and shakes, just ask the staff what's available that day.

American, English, Continental or Filipino Breakfast? Or why not a Kenyan "Uji" Breakfast with oats cooked in coconut milk? Or go for an original from Globy Travelling Chef with the Globy's Breakfast (P 350), with golden-fried potato pancake topped with smoked salmon and poached egg draped in a creamy cheese sauce to start the day right.

Another breakfast option at Globy Travelling Chef is their Breakfast Panini (P 340), with fresh-baked flat bread filled with tomatoes, pesto, scrambled egg, bacon, capsicum, onion, and cheese.

For the mains, indulge in authentic Thai flavors with Globy Travelling Chef's Pad Thai Noodles (P 300), stir-fried rice noodles seasoned with fish sauce and cooked with fresh bean sprouts, carrots, spring onions, egg, and peanuts.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay (P 390) with three skewers of richly marinated chicken served with red onions, chili peanut sauce, and nasi goreng topped with egg, is a meal in itself.

Indian-style Chicken Tikka Masala (P 450) recreates eastern flavors, with tender and juicy roasted chicken chunks marinated with yogurt and spices and cooked with a mildly spicy masala sauce with peanuts, served with rice and homemade chapati bread. The thick and rich sauce pairs well with the rice, or scooped up with the chapati bread.

And here's the beef, Colombian style. The Colombian Backpacker (P 990), with juicy tenderloin grilled to medium perfection served with lemon-marinated vegetable salad and feta cheese should satisfy any hefty appetite, and recharge your body for another adventure-filled day ahead in Lio El Nido.

Globy Travelling Chef also offers a variety of pizzas, including the signature Globy's Favorite (P 450) with ham, olives, capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic on a rustic thin and crisp crust...

...and the classic Pepperoni (P 420), with pepperoni, mozzarella, tomatoes, capsicum, and chili for that soothing whisper of heat.

But if you're looking for comforting local flavors, Globy Travelling Chef also offers traditional Adobo and Kare-Kare, just in case your palate is feeling homesick. Globy Travelling Chef is just one of many dining establishments at the new Lio Tourism Estate, the hottest new travel destination in El Nido.

Globy Travelling Chef is located at the Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan. For more information on the Lio Tourism Estate, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/LioElNido/

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