Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Flavors of El Nido: Seeing Seafood at El Nido Grill

Not having any fresh seafood while in El Nido is missing half the point of your Palawan getaway. At Lio El Nido, you'll find a variety of new dining establishments to enjoy the day's freshest catch. And the El Nido Grill is one of them...

El Nido Grill offers fresh seafood prepared just the way you like it. Steamed, fried, grilled, your call. And with so much fresh seafood to choose from, an all-seafood feast at El Nido is a natural thing to do, even mandatory. Just pick and choose your seafood and leave it to El Nido Grill to prepare your seafood feast...

Located at the expansive Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land, the 325 hectare development is the first eco-masterplanned integrated resort community in Palawan with its own airport, seaport, and transport terminal along with hotels, retail and dining establishments, and residential communities (for more on Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land, see my post on my other travel blog, Discover Lio El Nido...). With over half of the property retained as protected nature reserves, Lio Tourism Estate reflects the guiding philosophy of Ayala Land's commitment to sustainability and inclusive growth with the least impact to the environment while benefiting local communities. It's this delicate balance of nature and development that sets Lio Tourism Estate apart from the usual resort communities.

After a full day of farm tours, kayaking in a private protected lagoon, and island hopping (see my post on my other travel blog on the various eco-adventure activities at Lio El Nido here at Discover Lio El Nido...), it's time to enjoy the legendary sunset of El Nido with a sumptuous seafood feast at El Nido Grill.

Start with El Nido Grill's Grilled Squid (P 370/P 400) stuffed with onions and tomatoes, delicately grilled to perfection with its mild briny sweetness and smoky charred hints capped by the tart tomatoes and sweet onions. And if you need some pork love, El Nido Grill's Grilled Liempo (P 320/P 380) should do the trick.

A side order of Grilled Chicken (P 340/P 395)...

...and the classic sour and tart Sinigang na Liempo (P 370/P 480) with pork belly adds familiar and comforting flavors to your dining experience at El Nido Grill.

Then, the first of many seafood dishes were served, starting with the Spicy Squid (P 390), with tender fresh squid delicately cooked in a mildly sweet yet spicy sauce with chili and garlic, great with steamed white rice.

The Grilled Unicorn Fish (P 480/P 520), with its tender white meat and subtle briny sweetness capped by light smoky hints kicks off your seafood feast at El Nido Grill. The flavors are fresh and clean, just what you'd expect from the day's freshest catch.

The Grilled Lapu-Lapu (P 480/P 520) is another must-try dish at El Nido Grill, with its delicate white meat delivering a subtle sweetness with each bite. Uncomplicated, just pure, real, honest, and clean flavors, nothing beats that.

But there's more. El Nido Grill's Crabs in Coconut Milk (P 580) is another must-try dish, with succulent crabs cooked in creamy coconut milk and chili. The natural sweetness of the fresh crabs are highlighted by the coconut milk, and go ahead, use your hands.

The classic flavor combo of butter and garlic make it a natural for seafood, and El Nido Grill's Butter Garlic Crabs (P 580) will make you go for that extra bowl of rice. Seriously. Freshness served on a plate, it's as simple as that.

El Nido Grill's Butter Garlic Shrimp (P 390), plump shrimps draped in a rich butter and garlic sauce with chili is another winner. The shells of the shrimps come off cleanly, a sure sign of freshness. Change up the pace with El Nido Grill's Tanigue in Coconut Milk (P 520/P 550), and yes, pass the rice, please.

Cap your feast with El Nido Grill's indulgent Halo-Halo, and enjoy the cool evening sea breeze. Dining at the new Lio Tourism Estate by Ayala Land is just one of many exciting layers that thread your perfect getaway to El Nido. When in El Nido, make it Lio El Nido at the new Lio Tourism Estate...

El Nido Grill is located at the Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan. For more information on the Lio Tourism Estate, visit their FB Page at

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