Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Indulgence Comes Humming Your Way with The Hummingbird Cake from Flour Pot Manila

Tall layers of tempting cake frosted with sinful buttercream topped with fresh strawberries, pure indulgence hums with each slice and bite.

Known for her Rum Butter Cake and other signature cake creations like the Tres Leches Cake and Malacanang Roll, Rhea Castro-Sysip of Flour Pot Manila offers yet another decadent experience with the elegant Hummingbird Cake...

The holiday feasting the past week just got sweeter with the Hummingbird Cake by Flour Pot Manila. The tall cake was a fitting finale to another year's end, combining rich tropical flavors and buttercream with just a hint of cinnamon to cap a festive dinner. That's handcrafted indulgence from Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila.

The tall and elegant Hummingbird Cake tastes impressively good as it looks with layers of soft, dense and moist sponge cake made with fresh organic bananas and Tagaytay pineapples mildly spiced with a hint of cinnamon draped in rich buttercream frosting and finally, topped with large and juicy strawberries...

...and it's these indulgent combination of flavors from the different ingredients that weave an indulgent richness. One bite and the sweetness of bananas bring on the first layer, followed by the vibrant sharpness of fresh pineapples and capped by the velvety smooth buttercream. The Hummingbird Cake isn't overly sweet, and the fresh bananas and pineapples blended into the sponge cake provide just the right level of sweetness.   

The tall cake, with its partially draped buttercream frosting on the side, gives it a rustic yet elegant look. And slicing through the tall cake lets you know your piece of cake will need a large plate. And why not, you'll want a big indulgent slice of the Hummingbird Cake. 

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