Sunday, January 6, 2019

Afternoon Churros and Ensaimada with Spanish Chocolate at Cafe Ysabel

A slow rainy afternoon after the festive new year celebrations is the perfect time to pause and reflect...and enjoy a soothing cup of Spanish Chocolate with Churros and Ensaimada at Cafe Ysabel.

For decades, Cafe Ysabel has been a part of many memorable stories and experiences. The move to a new location is a continuing story in Cafe Ysabel's enduring tale, a new chapter promising even more memorable moments.

Now in a new location along M. Paterno still within the quiet neighborhood of San Juan, Cafe Ysabel by Chef Gene Gonzalez continues to exude that elegant yet comforting old world charm everyone loved in his previous location (for more on Cafe Ysabel, see my earlier posts, Wine Not? Rediscover Comforting Local Flavors by Chef Gene Gonzalez Paired with Fine Wine at Cafe Ysabel on an inspired and curated menu created by Chef Gene Gonzalez paired with wine including surprising pairings like Capampangan buro with Pinot Noir, Kampai! The Akashi Japanese Whisky Dinner Pairing at Cafe Ysabel with Chef Gene's signature dishes paired with one of Japan's finest and rarest whiskies, Timeless Classics at Cafe Ysabel on Chef Gene's all-time favorites like the Sopa Ysabel En Croute and the indulgent Strawberry Shortcake, A Carabao Cheese Themed Dinner at Cafe Ysabel with artisan cheeses from Latteria d' Ischia and Rediscovering The Local Bread Culture: Philippine Breads by Chef Gene Gonzalez on the launch of one of his many books). The restored ancestral home now features many of Chef Gene's familiar touches, including his painted ceiling murals and other antique pieces from his former location. For Cafe Ysabel's countless loyal diners and a new generation of food lovers, you'll definitely feel right at home with the new location. Lunch or dinner...

...or an afternoon snack, Cafe Ysabel is the perfect setting the way it always has been for over 30 years. And starting from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily, you can enjoy Cafe Ysabels's Churros and Beignets with Hot Chocolate for that perfect afternoon snack. Cafe Ysabel's Churros Con Chocolate (P 188) is light and crisp on the outside dusted with powdered sugar...

...pairing perfectly with the thick and dark Spanish Chocolate. The familiar grooves of the churros allow it to be draped evenly with the chocolate when dipped delivering and indulgent richness with each bite. It's those rare moments when both the food and the venue combine for an experience you can only find at Cafe Ysabel.

The classic Cafe Ysabel Ensaimada (P 87.50) is another favorite best paired with a hot cup of thick and creamy Spanish Chocolate (P 125). The soft brioche topped with cheese is a local favorite and perennial staple to the traditional holiday feast, and Cafe Ysabel's version remains one of the metro's best.

Have your Ensaimada grilled for that warm lightly charred crisp outer layer of cheese for even more intense notes.

Better yet, why not bring home a few ensaimadas? Afternoon Churros and Ensaimada with Spanish Chocolate at Cafe Ysabel, it's days like these that that make going back to an old favorite in San Juan always special.

Cafe Ysabel is located at 175 M. Paterno, San Juan, Metro Manila or call 725-5089 for inquiries and reservations.

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