Saturday, January 5, 2019

Seeing A Pair of Old Friends at Italianni's

Days like this call for some classic pasta dishes. Make that two. Time to see some old friends and favorites at Italianni's...

When it comes to seafood pasta dishes, it's always the Seafood Cioppino at Italianni's that's top-of-mind. Or the Shrimp Fra Diablo. These signature dishes from Italianni's never fail to warm up both the palate and soul, just like old friends.

The Shrimp Fra Diablo (P 510 Single/P 695 Sharing) with shrimps, garlic, spinach, asparagus and feta cheese on hearty fettuccine covered in tomato cream sauce always satisfies, it's a good time to renew acquaintances with old favorites for the new year. It's comforting dishes like these that makes Italianni's an all-time favorite through the years (for more on Italianni's, see my earlier posts, Global Fusion with Creations by Chef Josh Boutwood at Italianni's... on inspired spins on pasta and pizza like the Saigon Vongole and Uni Carbonara, Love Every Morning with Italianni's New Breakfast Menu by Chef Josh Boutwood, Start Your Day with the new Breakfast Creations at Italianni's... and Mom's Day at Italianni's).

Topped with a fresh red chili for that bold layer of soothing heat, the richness of the tomato cream sauce and feta cheese make each bite so flavorful, followed by the briny sweetness of the succulent shrimps, the nutty hints of garlic and the clean flavors of the asparagus and spinach. It's these tightly woven layers of flavor that makes this dish one of many favorites at Italianni's.

Another old favorite, the Seafood Cioppino (P 510 Single/P 695 Sharing) with mussels, shrimps, clams and calamari on soft yet firm spaghetti draped with rich marinara and white wine sprinkled with chili flakes is one dish I keep coming back to every time I visit Italianni's. The assortment of seafood delivers fresh yet vibrant notes to the dish followed by the tartness of the marinara for balanced flavors. There's just something about enjoying your favorite dish, triggering so many fond memories taking you back to the day when you first tried it. Then, and now, it still tickles your palate with all the comfortingly familiar notes you love.

A single serving is more than enough, but I swear I can make quick work on the sharing portion. Just pass me more napkins. It's good to see two old friends again, both all-time favorites, at Italianni's. And you can be sure I'll see more of my favorites at Italianni's in this new year.   

Italianni's is located at the Second Floor of Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City or call 709-2247 for inquiries. 

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