Sunday, January 20, 2019

Taking it Slow and Easy: Sunday Lunch at Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant

Time, and the lack of it, always seems to recalibrate itself on a Sunday. Like a default reset button, a slow-paced Sunday allows you to recharge and reboot in time for the week ahead. And there's nothing like a good meal to celebrate the end of another week... 

...with time to spare to savor each bite. It's time for lunch at Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant.

Take in the weekend vibe with a soothing Fresh Fruit Shake (P 100) and prepare for a light yet flavorful Sunday feast at Nanka Japanese Latin (for more on Nanka Japanese Latin, see my earlier post, There's Something About Nanka Japanese Latin in Quezon City...).

Start with Nanka Japanese Latin's Salmon Sashimi... open up and coat your palate with the sweet, buttery and briny richness of premium salmon.

Follow with even more fresh and clean flavors with a salad. The refreshing Kani Salad (P 235) is another tasty starter with succulent shredded crab sticks and crunchy tempura batter for both contrasting flavor and texture, sesame, scallions and masago tossed in spicy mayo dressing and laid on fresh and crisp lettuce

Vibrant Latin flavors arrive with the next course, the Japanese Corn Elote (P 225) with sweet Japanese corn draped in creamy and spicy chili mayonnaise, cilantro and cheese. Each bite delivers rich flavors and textures, with the natural sweetness of the corn complimented by the chili mayo for delicately balanced notes.

Starters done, time for the main courses. The Ebi Furai (P 375) has that crunch and briny sweetness from plump and crispy panko-crusted prawns on finely shredded cabbage served with creamy chili garlic sauce...

...while the Pork Shogayaki (P 355) is a savory dish with tender braised pork belly and mushrooms topped with grated ginger, onions and jalapeno on a bed of fresh cabbage, both sumptuous and satisfying options at Nanka Japanese Latin. The fork tender pork releases a juicy and savory richness tempered by the sharp notes of ginger, onions and jalapeno, while the Ebi Furai has that crunch and flavor you love.

Cap your feast at Nanka Japanese Latin with their signature Miso Custard (P 200), an indulgent layered dessert with decadent and creamy white chocolate, rich chocolate custard and white miso on a buttered cookie crust. Satisfied and recharged, the week's end is a welcome and much-needed change of pace, made even better at Nanka Japanese Latin...

Nanka Japanese Latin is located at 1810 Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City or call +632 517-9677 and +639 776-218-472 for more information and inquiries.

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