Friday, April 30, 2021

Al Fresco at Brotzeit For A Tipple and Take-Out

The sweeping changes due to the pandemic continues to transform our daily routine, including dining out. Brotzeit adapts to the new normal with al fresco dining, pick-up, take-out and food delivery for the new normal...

The country's leading German Beer Bar and Restaurant, Brotzeit, evolves with the times to tap emerging new consumer habits in the new normal so you can still enjoy all your Bavarian favorites with safety and peace of mind. Go al fresco dining or opt for pick-up, take-out and food delivery with safety and confidence at Brotzeit. And when that craving for a sumptuous platter of Ripperl or Honey Bavarian Ribs hits, you can rest easy as you can enjoy it one of three ways with outdoor dining, pick-up or food delivery. 

Dining at Brotzeit is now possible with the transition to MECQ Flex which now allows indoor dining at 10% capacity, but you can also enjoy your meal in the spacious open air al fresco area for your peace of mind. Following the latest health and safety protocols with its We Care Program, Brotzeit implements frequent sanitizing in all its areas so you can enjoy your sumptuous Bavarian feast without any worries. After all, that's the best way to enjoy your refreshing Original Munchner Lager. The simple pleasures of a cold beer in a bright and breezy open air space remains an appealing option, more so in this new normal. 

After a refreshing round of beer, time for sausages. The Klein Wurstplatte (P 390), a savory selection of sausages gets you right on track for that signature Brotzeit experience served with mayo, ketchup and hot mustard. Each savory bite is announced by an audible snap followed by flavorful notes draping the palate with a lingering richness.

While you're enjoying another round of beer, why not indulge in a light yet hearty meal? The Warm Crispy Chicken Salad (P 350 Small/P 495 Regular) with crisp and tender strips of juicy chicken fillet, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet corn, garden-fresh lettuce, cucumber and pumpkin seed oil drizzled with a rich house dressing always hits the spot.

One of many personal favorites at Brotzeit is the traditional Wiener Schnitzel (P 820 Veal/P 550 Chicken/P 550 Pork), a classic Viennese dish served with potato salad, apricot and cranberry sauce. Prepared the traditional way, hand-pounded and deep-fried, the Wiener Schnitzel combines both textural contrast and bold flavors in one dish. Tender and juicy with a lightly crisp breading, the side of apricot and cranberry sauce adds layer of sweet, tart and vibrant notes with each bite. 

The impressive Schweinkotelette or King Henry Pork Chop is a massive slab of pork almost an inch thick topped with indulgent garlic butter and served with crisp bacon-wrapped French beans and mashed potatoes and it's another bestseller at Brotzeit. One bite and you'll immediately know why. Perfectly char-grilled with its lattice-like pattern, slicing the thick slab is easy. A bite releases rich, unctuous notes followed by just a hint of sweetness from the honey for that perfect finish.

And the best part? You can enjoy all your favorites from Brotzeit at home with their convenient pick-up and food delivery options. The bestselling Ripperl (P 1,100), Honey Bavarian Ribs served with thick potato wedges and sauerkraut can be shared with family for a memorable home dining experience.

Fresh from the home grill to your plate, the Ripperl by Brotzeit transforms the home dining experience with family from that first bite all the way to the last. The ribs are fork-tender and fall-off-the-bone with a subtle sweetness pairing well with the sauerkraut for contrasting notes. The thick potato wedges completes the dish.

Pick another slab and feel the weight for a moment before going for another bite. They're pretty serious with ribs at Brotzeit.

The specialty Ripperl is just one of many dishes you can take home from Brotzeit. It's easy to bring home the Brotzeit experience, all you need to do are a few quick taps on your mobile device to order from a wide selection of dishes available for pick-up and delivery.

Brotzeit offers an extensive selection for take-out, including fresh frozen options of their specialty sausages. At home, all you have to do is fire up the home grill. 

Pork chop? How about the Schweinkotelette or King Henry Pork Chop for the perfect weekend feast at home?

This slab of pure pork goodness just redefines your idea of what a good pork chop is, with its scale and flavors coming together in one impressive plate. Add a dab of butter for that finishing touch and even more flavor. It just takes mere minutes to cook the massive slab of pork on the grill, around two to three minutes per side depending on your desired doneness. Slap the slab on the grill and that's it.

Tender and juicy with a solid flavorful punch, each slab can be shared at home but you'll probably want your own slab. As dining at home continues to define the new normal, let Brotzeit deliver their Bavarian specialties to your doorstep.

Al fresco dining, pick-up or take-out and delivery, Brotzeit lets you enjoy a safe dining experience with the latest health protocols in place. Until that day when we can all gather again, here's a toast raised high for all the good times and more to come at Brotzeit. 

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