Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Get Ready for Amazing Values and Exciting Selections from GrabFood Signatures

The leading super app in Southeast Asia, Grab, leads the way once more with the launch of the newest brand from GrabFood offering value and variety to its loyal users with GrabFood Signatures...

GrabFood Signatures is the latest innovation from Grab featuring a wide selection of curated merchant partners offering exclusive deals for the app's users. The need to adapt and evolve with changing consumer habits is crucial to remain relevant in these challenging times, and GrabFood Signatures faces the new normal head on with its innovative new concept seamlessly weaving value and variety for an engaging user experience. All it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device to explore the wide range of tasty options and special discounts from GrabFood Signatures that you won't find on any other delivery platform. Like P 100 OFF for a minimum order of P 550 from participating restaurants under GrabFood Signatures and starting April 7 to 11, as much as 30% Discount on select meals from participating merchant partners. Grab your phone and start scrolling...

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some of the emerging consumer habits from the lingering quarantine experience. GrabFood elevates the game with their new GrabFood Signatures featuring a wide range of dining options conveniently delivered to your doorstep along with exclusive only-from-GrabFood offers for even more value. The extensive line-up of restaurants under GrabFood Signatures include familiar names like Conti's, Cafe Mary Grace, Cake2Go, J.Co Donuts & Coffee, Starbucks, Sinangag Express, Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes, Mann Hann, WildFlour Burger, Cibo, Andok's, Turks, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Koomi, Angel's Pizza, Kimono Ken, North Park, Big Al's Cookie Jar and Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings. All your favorites plus P 100 OFF from a minimum order of P 550 and up to 30% Discount on select meals from participating restaurants under GrabFood Signatures starting April 7 to 11, it's a deal you just can't pass up.

GrabFood Signatures makes it quick and easy for you to enjoy all your favorites in one app as well as explore even more options with its wide variety of restaurants available for delivery. Staying home in the NCR Plus Bubble, despite its many challenges, forced many of us to take stock and appreciate what really matters. But its also in times of isolation that the nagging craving for the food we love hits. And that's where GrabFood Signatures comes in to satisfy all your cravings bundled with incredible deals too. 

Fried Chicken fixes everything, right? Scrolling the long list of restaurants leads you to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, one of many dining options included in GrabFood Signatures.

You just can't go wrong with fried chicken for a comforting meal at home. Tapping to make your final list of orders is fast and easy for a smooth user experience from menu selection to check-out on GrabFood Signatures, and the real challenge is restraining yourself from constantly adding on a wide variety of tempting options. But that's all part of the fun and the experience with the GrabFood Signatures app, made even better with the exclusive discounts. That 30% Discount on select items goes a long, long way in adding value to your GrabFood Signatures experience. 

And just like that, your order from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is well on its way to satisfy your fried chicken cravings. Any day and any time, GrabFood Signatures is there to satisfy your cravings. And with special deals to make it even sweeter.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen offers a selection of burgers and sandwiches for a hearty snack option featuring crisp and juicy chicken, succulent shrimps and fish for healthier seafood alternatives. With all bases covered, you simply have to tap in your pick for delivery.

The Fish Burger (P 132) offers delicate notes with a tasty deep-fried fish patty draped in a crunchy batter for contrasting textures with lettuce on a pillow-soft bun... 

...while the Shrimp Burger (P 139) packs some serious flavors with the briny sweetness of plump shrimps wrapped in a delicately crisp layer of crunchy breading. Just like the Fish Burger, the breading does not hide the subtle notes of the seafood and you can enjoy the clean yet rich notes of the fish and shrimps with each bite.

If you love crispy and juicy chicken prepared in the classic Cajun Louisiana style with its rich blend of spices and seasonings, you'll love the Chicken French Quarter Burger (P 186) that comes with Cajun Rings (or you can opt for the Cajun Fries) and a regular drink.

Slathered with their proprietary Special Sauce and slabs of smoky bacon, the Chicken French Quarter Burger combines textural contrasts and bold flavors with each bite announced by an audible crunch. The delicate notes of juicy chicken punches through followed by the blend of seasonings and the distinct smoky flavors of bacon perfectly finished by the creamy Special Sauce. 

You can order the Chicken French Quarter Burger a la carte (P 130), but going for the ComboDeal (P 186) with your choice of Cajun Fries or Cajun Rings plus a regular drink makes it a complete meal in itself.

That delectable crunch Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is known for is highlighted with their specialty 3-Piece Chicken Tenders (P 139) which comes with Cajun Fries or Cajun Rings, Hot Ranch Sauce (or your choice of sauce) and a regular drink. 

As a snack or light meal, the Chicken Tenders by Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has everything you love about their specialty fried chicken. From the tender and juicy chicken to that familiar and comforting crunch, the Chicken Tenders are an absolute must-try.

The long Chicken Tenders are deceptively filling, but it's the juicy chicken and crunch that will have you going for another piece. A dip in the Hot Ranch Sauce gives the Chicken Tenders a soothing heat to tease the palate while the Cajun Rings completes the dish.

Can't decide whether to go for Cajun Fries or Cajun Rings? Why not have both for a minimal add-on cost.

Then, there's the fried chicken that endeared Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen to fried chicken lovers in the US and over thirty countries worldwide. And you need a bucket to satisfy a serious fried chicken craving, nothing less. That's because the discounts offered on GrabFood Signatures makes it a winning deal. 

The 8-Piece Chicken Bucket (P 370.30 from the original price of P 529 for savings of P 158.70) is good for four, but if you love fried chicken, you'll want this bucket all to yourself. So get two buckets. The special discount makes it a smart option worth your attention with GrabFood Signatures.

And the cuts are huge, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen just won't have it any other way. Prepared and cooked in their patented method, a loud crunch announces your first bite followed by the rich blend of seasonings and the juicy and savory notes of tender chicken. A dip in their thick gravy adds even more flavors with each bite. Delivered fresh and hot at its flavorful peak, it's an all-day winner chicken dinner conveniently delivered by GrabFood Signatures. It's fried chicken just the way you like it, juicy with that perfect finishing crunch. 

Complete your 8-Piece Chicken Bucket from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen with their Cajun Rice (P 39), soft and fluffy Cajun-spiced rice with flavorful New Orleans-seasoned meats and spices along with extra Gravy (P 19), Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce (P 14) for that contrasting sharpness, Extra Hot Ranch Sauce (P 14) for just a little heat and creamy Ranch Sauce (P 14) for that perfect fried chicken experience at home. 

The Cajun Rice just makes it a complete meal and the different sauces makes each bite of the fried chicken refreshingly different. Think of it as your supporting cast to a sumptuous feast bannered by their specialty fried chicken.

Dining at home doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple with a bucket or two from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and why not, the huge discounts exclusively only from GrabFood Signatures bring more bang for your buck. 

Pair your fried chicken feast with their unique buttermilk Heart Biscuit (P 49) served with a packet of honey then cap your meal with their sweet Hazelnut Biscuit (P 59) and White Chocolate Biscuit (P 59) for that uniquely southern vibe at home. A craving for fried chicken, satisfied by Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and delivered to your doorstep by GrabFood Signatures with value-packed discounts makes staying at home just a little bit easier. Sometimes, we need the comforting flavors of familiar dishes to hug both the palate and mind in these difficult times. And Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and GrabFood Signatures team up to satisfy any fried chicken craving in a snap. Or just a few taps on your mobile device. 

GrabFood also offers Daily Deals on the app for even more value. GrabFood Signatures is an innovative concept that combines variety and value in a seamless experience. And just in time too for the challenges of the new normal. Stay home. Stay safe. And just open the app in your mobile device for a value-packed home dining experience without the fuss with GrabFood Signatures.

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