Thursday, April 15, 2021

Stay Home and Have Brunch with Discovery Primea's Tapenade on the Go Delivered To Your Doorstep

Brunch at home in the new normal can be special with a sumptuous brunch on a bun with Discovery Primea's Tapenade on the Go...

Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco of Discovery Primea unveils his latest culinary creations for Restaurant Tapenade available for pick-up, take-out and delivery with Tapenade on the Go. The new menu includes a selection of mouthwatering burgers from their Burger Library and indulgent desserts to make dining at home in the MECQ special. Read on for a tasty peek at some of Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco's tasty offerings...

Since early last year, Restaurant Tapenade of Discovery Primea has adapted to the new normal with their innovative Tapenade on the Go as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerged as new consumer habits in a lingering pandemic (for more on Discovery Primea's Tapenade on the go, see my previous post from last year, Pizza, Pasta and Paella, Delivered Straight To You By Discovery Primea's Tapenade on the Go). 

From pizza, pasta and paella, Tapenade on the Go now offers a sumptuous array of savory and tempting options including salads and appetizers, healthy wraps, tempting options from the grill, comforting Filipino dishes, Asian-inspired bowls, burgers and desserts (visit their website at for their full menu). That's pretty much everything you want from Restaurant Tapenade, and now you have the option to enjoy all these in the safety and comfort of your home.

Packed and sealed for pick-up, take-out and delivery, your orders from Tapenade on the Go remain fresh at its flavorful peak and ready-to-heat and eat. And for today's sumptuous meal at home from Tapenade on the Go, Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco's brunch-inspired burger takes centerstage on the home dining table...

Aptly named, the Let's Do Brunch! (P 520 net) by Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco is a complete meal in itself served with homemade thin and crisp chips. Smoky bacon and a sunny side-up come together in a savory burger creation for that perfect start in another day at home in the MECQ. 

Think of it as a lavish brunch in a bun, the Let's Do Brunch! is a hefty burger that's seriously loaded with all the brunch essentials including a sunny-side-up egg, American Cheddar, smoked bacon, juicy all-beef patty slathered in rich Gilarmi Signature Dressing, garden-fresh and crisp Lollo green lettuce and tart tomatoes with a side of chips. The typical burger is transformed with its fresh medley of tasty components for a cool spin on brunch. 

And it's ready to eat as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Prepare to take a big bite...

...and let the different ingredients deliver a flavorful burst of flavors. The bold and smoky notes of the thick slabs of bacon punches through followed by the juicy all-beef patty with its savory richness. The sunny side-up adds its own layer of richness along with the American Cheddar, completed by the fresh and clean notes of the lettuce and tomatoes. The proprietary Gilarmi Signature Dressing binds everything together for that perfect finish. The soft bun absorbs all the flavors from the different ingredients delivering even more flavors with every bite. It's a perfectly constructed burger with all the toppings coming together seamlessly for a richness that lingers long after the last bite.

The Let's Do Brunch! by Executive Luis Chikiamco is just one more reason to check out Tapenade on the Go by Restaurant Tapenade of Discovery Primea with its expanded offerings. Tapenade on the Go now offers fresh salads and wraps, savory selections from the grill including Porcini Ribeye, US Lamb Chop Scottadita and US Baby Back Ribs Diavola, Filipino dishes like US Angus Beef Steak Tagalog, Lechon Kawali, Crispy Pata, US Beef Kaldereta, Pancit Canton, Chicken or Pork Adobo and Sinigang, Asian-inspired rice bowls like the Katsudon Pork Cutlet, Beef Rendang, Hainanese Chicken, Nasi Goreng, Thai Bagoong Fried RicePersian Beef Kebab and Lamb Curry Biryani and burgers from their Burger Library like the classic Good Ol' Cheeseburger, The Persian, The Spanish Quarter and Korean Chicken Burger (for the full menu, visit their website at Whatever your mood or craving, Tapenade on the Go has you covered.

To complete your brunch at home, Tapenade on the Go has that covered too...

A slice of the elegant Manchego Cheesecake (P 950 net-6" in diameter good for 4-6) is the perfect way to cap a hearty brunch on a sweet note.

Velvety smooth cheesecake on a crust of homemade Graham crumbs with vanilla chantilly and draped in decadent mixed berry coulis, the Manchego Cheesecake by Tapenade on the Go completes your home dining experience.

Pair it with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and you're all set for another day in this new normal at home. Other dessert options from Tapenade on the Go include the Manhattan Milk Pie, Pecan Pie and ChocNut Pie.

Experience brunch at home with a new and different spin with the Let's Do Brunch! by Tapenade on the Go, or go for the other tempting options from the lavish array of tasty offerings conveniently delivered to your doorstep with just one quick call. 

The new normal will continue to transform the way we go about our daily routine, in the meantime, stay home and stay safe. And let Tapenade on the Go by Discovery Primea satisfy your cravings without leaving home.

For more on Tapenade on the Go by Discovery Primea, visit their Facebook Page at for more updates and their website at for their full menu or call 632 7955 8888 for orders.

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