Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Spice Up Your Dishes at Home with the Savory Condiments by Nobu Head Chef Michael de Jesus of City of Dreams Manila

Just how can you punch up the flavors of your home-cooked dishes without the fuss? Easy. Simply open one these jars...

Nobu Head Chef Michael de Jesus of City of Dreams Manila shares his flavorful and savory condiments to spice up your meals at home with the Green Papaya Jalapeño Atchara, Amazu Pickled Chilies and Chili Garlic with New Style Oil for refreshing and vibrant notes. Pairing well with a variety of dishes, these handy jars are your secret ingredients and tasty sides for that perfect home-cooked meal.

We all have our favorite homemade condiments in the kitchen, and the quarantine experience allowed us to rediscover all these flavors at home paired with comforting meals. Nobu Head Chef Michael de Jesus of City of Dreams Manila recreates these familiar notes with a modern spin with his jars of Amazu Pickled Chilies, Green Papaya Jalapeño Atchara and Chili Garlic with New Style Oil conveniently packed in an attractive box. 

The special savory condiments reflect Chinese, Filipino and Japanese flavors offering limitless possibilities in the kitchen. Known for their authentic Japanese and Asian cuisine, Nobu Head Chef Michael de Jesus brings these famed flavors to your kitchen, conveniently packed in jars. 

From the sweet and and refreshing tart sharpness to soothing spicy notes, each jar offers a colorful palette of rich flavors that brightens up any dish. That's something we all need in the long days of quarantine.

Take your favorite slab of crispy roasted pork belly, a popular and well-loved staple in many households, and add a splash of intense notes with the Green Papaya Jalapeño Atchara and the Pickled Amazu Chilies. Unlike the usual and much heavier condiments at home, the atchara and the pickled chilies deliver bright notes without overwhelming the delicate flavors of the pork. The contrasting notes from the savory condiments adds refreshingly clean notes for that perfect finish. 

The sweet and sour tartness of the Green Papaya Jalapeño Atchara just cuts through the savory and unctuous richness of the crisp roasted pork belly for that balanced flavor experience. And if you want just little more heat, a bite of the Pickled Amazu Chilies should do the trick.

A massive slab of juicy Pork Chop with Pickled Amazu Chilies? That works too.

Your favorite freshly steamed minced pork dumplings are transformed...

...with a generous dab of Chili Garlic in New Style Oil. The deep, rich nutty hints of the garlic are kicked up by the subtle heat of the chili complementing the light yet flavorful notes of the steamed dumplings.

Staying home in this new normal continues to define a year of extreme challenges and uncertainty as new consumer habits emerge and evolve with the times. The often overlooked kitchen is once again the hub of family activities, and preparing home-cooked meals together strengthens the bond to sustain us in these trying times. Sometimes, adding a splash of bright flavors are all we need to get through another day. And these savory condiments by Nobu Head Chef Michael de Jesus does it without the fuss by simply opening a jar...

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