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Sumptuous Meals at Home Made Easy with Ya Chou Foods

Noodles, dim sum, Taiwanese sausages and mantho are just some of the familiar Taiwanese dishes we love, but enjoying these comforting flavors at home may be a bit difficult with the on-going quarantine restrictions. From sourcing the fresh ingredients to long hours in the kitchen, there has to be an easier way. And yes, there is...

Emerging new consumer habits continue to define the quarantine experience where dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage become the norm rather than exception, But going through your long list of usual food delivery options can lead to flavor fatigue and burn-out. 

Why not prepare authentic Taiwanese dishes at home instead? Ya Chou Foods makes it easy with their extensive range of fresh frozen product offerings including noodles and dim sum that you can take straight out of the freezer to your pot, pan or steamer and to your plate in minutes. Authentic flavors without the fuss, that's what you get from Ya Chou Foods (for more on the authentic Taiwanese offerings of Ya Chou Foods, see my previous posts, Dining in the Next Normal: Rich and Authentic Flavors, Packed Frozen and Straight to the Pan by Ya Chou Foods on their popular bestsellers and Steamed or Fried? Mantho, Betso-Betso, Cheng Pao and More by Ya Chou Foods on my first experience with Ya Chou Foods).

Real flavors and authenticity are what sets countless food delivery options apart in a cluttered market that's continuously evolving in this new normal. Using the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes, Ya Chou Foods recreates classic Taiwanese flavors throughout its extensive product line-up to satisfy any craving without leaving home. Packed frozen, all you have to do is bring out the pot, pan or steamer and your hearty Taiwanese meal will be ready in just a few minutes. The added convenience means you don't have to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen so you can enjoy your meal.  

Ya Chou Foods combines freshness, quality, authenticity and convenience in all their packaged products. Packed and sealed, you can stock-up and store a wide variety of tasty offerings in the freezer for the long quarantine days and simply pull out a pack for your next meal at home. Noodles or dim sum and traditional Scallion Pancakes, there's just quite nothing like enjoying these favorites fresh from the home kitchen to your dining table. 

The Onion Pizza by Ya Chou Foods is Ya Chou Foods' take on the traditional Taiwanese Scallion Pancake, packed frozen and ready-to-cook. Simply sear on a hot pan until lightly browned and crisp, and it's done. The savory pancake is the perfect side to your Taiwanese feast at home, delivering fresh flavors with every bite. 

Soft and mildly chewy with a delicate crispness around the edges, top your Onion Pizza by Ya Chou Foods with fresh spring onions or leeks with your favorite dipping sauce. The fresh and clean notes of the onions cut through for a distinct flavor followed by the rich nutty notes of the pancake.

And all it takes are just a few minutes to prepare this traditional Taiwanese dish at home. That's what makes Ya Chou Foods different from the usual food delivery options as you can enjoy all the rich and familiar notes at its flavorful peak straight from pan to your plate. It's innovative offerings like these that bring back real flavors to the home kitchen.

Mention Taiwan and Taiwanese sausages pop up. Pan-fried or grilled, the fragrant Taiwan Sausage by Ya Chou Foods with its sweet and smoky flavors just transforms any meal at home either for breakfast, lunch or dinner with its savory richness. Perfect too when grilled and served with an ice-cold beer.

You'll find this popular staple in the streets of Taipei, often grilled and served in skewers. And now you can serve it at home too. Top it with thinly sliced slivers of fresh garlic for that Taiwanese touch and it's ready for the table. 

Each bite is announced by audible snap followed by the sweet savory richness of the succulent pork with mild smoky hints. Just a tad sweeter and juicier than the usual Chinese dried sausages with its predominantly salty finish, the plump Taiwan Sausage delivers a burst of unctuous notes draping the palate with its bold flavors. The fresh garlic adds a layer of contrasting and sharp notes to temper the rich porky profile of the sausage for balanced flavors. 

And it's also a great option for breakfast at home, served with garlic fried rice and a pair of sunny-side up eggs. And don't forget the slivers of fresh garlic. 

And just like all of the offerings from Ya Chou Foods, you can fire up your Taiwan Sausages straight from the freezer to the pan or grill and to your plate in minutes. Home-cooked meals add a comforting vibe and warmth to any dining experience and when you can prepare a sumptuous meal that's easy without the fuss, that's an even better deal. Now you can with Ya Chou Foods.

One of my favorite offerings from Ya Chou Foods is their selection of noodles. The fresh frozen noodles of Ya Chou Foods are included in my top noodle picks during the quarantine (more on my post here at Dining in the Next Normal: Let's Talk Noodles...). From plain noodles which you can use for soups or dry noodle dishes to variants packaged with special sauces, Ya Chou has just the right pack for you. Each pack of the flavored noodles comes with three servings of fresh noodles and three sachets of sauces for a complete meal. The savory noodles from Ya Chou Foods include Fried Shallot Noodles, Spicy Bean Noodles and Minced Pork Noodles, each one with its own distinct flavors.

From the freezer, simply drop a pack of noodles in a pot then drain. While still hot, pour the sauce, mix well and that's it. Great as is, the bite and mouthfeel of the noodles with its springy texture release intense flavors from the flavored sauce. Make it a real meal by topping it with fresh leeks and Vegetarian Dumplings, also from Ya Chou Foods. 

Each pack of noodles from Ya Chou Foods provides three individually packed noodles and sauces good for three servings, perfect for quick and easy yet satisfying family meals at home. The Fried Shallot Noodles delivers a light and delicate sweetness from the shallots, pairing well with a variety of toppings. The sauce is thick, draping each noodle evenly for rich flavors.

You just can't beat a bowl of noodles any day, and in these uncertain times, a satisfying bowl of noodles is like a comforting hug on the palate which just about everyone needs in this new normal. 

A pot and a steamer are all you need to create this bowl at home, but it's a versatile dish where you can be creative and use whatever is available in the ref or pantry.

Complete your noodle feast at home with more Vegetarian Dumplings by Ya Chou Foods, fresh from the steamer. No need to thaw the frozen dumplings, just pop it in the steamer for a few minutes. The dough is thin and lightly chewy, and the richly seasoned vegetable filling delivers a flavorful punch. 

The Spicy Bean Noodles by Ya Chou Foods offers a different flavor profile with the subtle sweetness of beans finished by a mild soothing heat. Whipping up a bowl takes mere minutes, and topping some pickled leeks and tender, juicy roasted BBQ pork completes the dish.

The noodle variants of Ya Chou Foods allows you to customize your own bowl, and you can be as creative as you want. The sweet, smoky and juicy bbq pork pairs well with the distinct notes of the Spicy Bean noodles completed by the clean flavors of leeks for a complete meal at home. 

The bold notes of the Spicy Bean Noodles hold up well with the sweet, juicy roasted BBQ pork for a satisfying noodle dish at home. Meals at home don't have to be complicated with the wide array of tasty offerings from Ya Chou Foods.

The Minced Pork Noodles by Ya Chou Foods is another hearty noodle option and one of many personal favorites from the roster of Taiwanese-inspired offerings. The thick and savory sauce packs solid flavors, but you can customize it by adding slabs of crisp pork belly and fresh leeks. Now that's one serious bowl of noodles, don't you think? 

The noodle portions are just right, with each pack good for three servings. Grab a couple of packs and store in your freezer and you're ready for the new normal. Staying home for the long haul becomes just a bit more reassuring with a few packs from Ya Chou Foods. 

I've tried the Minced Pork Noodles with a variety of toppings, including dumplings, meatballs and even slabs of bacon but the crispy pork belly just works perfectly. But you make the rules in the kitchen, and top it with whatever you like. Maybe all you need to do is dig deeper in the home pantry or freezer and discover some hidden gems for your bowl of noodles.

Say what you want, but noodles are an essential to any home kitchen. Stay home and stock up on these frozen noodles by Ya Chou Foods for a sumptuous meal at home any day and any time. That's being smart in this new normal. 

And for someone like me with absolutely no kitchen skills, these convenient products from Ya Chou Foods makes it easy to create a sumptuous dishes for the family. The fresh from the freezer to the pot and plate experience by Ya Chou Foods just makes it easy for anyone to prepare a feast at home.

Don't forget to add some of the specialty dumplings to your shopping list from Ya Chou Foods, like this savory Minced Pork Dumplings. Deep-fried, boiled or steamed, these tasty pockets of flavor are the perfect addition or side to any Taiwanese feast at home. 

Fresh from the steamer, top your Minced Pork Dumplings with fresh leeks and generous dabs of special chili garlic oil for that mildly spicy finish. And don't hold back and lay on the chili garlic sauce. 

The delicate dumplings release a savory burst of flavors from the minced pork, followed by the chili garlic and fresh leeks for contrasting yet richly layered finish. And the soft dough completes the experience with its mildly chewy mouthfeel that will have you going for another piece.  

As a side or even your main dish, the Minced Pork Dumplings are a welcome addition to any home dining table. You can also enjoy it boiled with soups, noodles or deep-fried for that extra layer of crispness. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

The densely packed and well seasoned minced pork filling adds a bold a savory punch followed by the smooth and chewy texture of the thin dough for that perfect dumpling. 

Not to be missed are the specialty Mantho by Ya Chou Foods available in the classic White Cream, Brown Sugar, Wheat, Ube, Onion and Cuapao variants for tasty bites. Just pop in the steamer...

...and serve with butter or condensed milk for the White Cream, Brown Sugar and Ube variants with a soothing cup of tea. You can also make a savory mantho creation with braised pork or the Taiwan Sausage of Ya Chou Foods that's perfect with the Onion and Cuapao variants.

Soft, dense yet light to the bite, the Mantho by Ya Chou Foods is a filling snack that you can also deep-fry for that lightly crisp crust. And talking about Mantho, do check out the promotional offers from Ya Chou Foods on their FB Page...

...and other cool deals. And better yet, you don't even have to leave home for your stash from Ya Chou Foods. 

For your added convenience, you can have your supply of frozen products from Ya Chou Foods conveniently delivered to your doorstep via your favorite go-to food delivery app, GrabFood...

...and FoodPanda with just a few quick taps on your mobile device. Ya Chou Foods, along with other food businesses, has adapted to the new normal making it easier for you enjoy their specialty products at home.

With quarantine restrictions still in force, staying home remains the safest option to curb the spread of the pandemic. The home kitchen is brought back to life, becoming the hub of family activities. Preparing family meals together becomes a much anticipated event in the new normal, and Ya Chou Foods makes it fast, easy and convenient to prepare fresh, home-cooked meals. 

For all those sudden cravings for comforting noodles. dumplings and more, Ya Chou Foods should be high on the list of your long list of food delivery options in this new normal. Preparing a home-cooked meal for your family was never this easy as you'll soon find out with your own bowl of noodles. Or a plate of dumplings. Or Onion Pizza. Or Taiwan Sausage. Or Mantho. Only from Ya Chou Foods...

For more on Ya Chou Foods, call 362 8223 or DM via their FB Page at and their IG Feed at @yachoufoods for more information, updates and orders.

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